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Ørsted A/S (ORSTED.CO)

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  • M
    Why is this going down so much since months??
  • R
    What do people in the US buy this under?
  • S
    Orsted got some positive financial news out today, that may serve as a support
    as for climbing again...well most people are sheep, once this excess has run out the markets will turn upwards again and Orsted is a great company for the long term
  • A
    Is this Orsted dip linked to my decr Clean energy etf? Was already wondering about that! Im still happy with my orsted stocks. I think anyway ;)
  • a
    Is it good time to accumulate more? I do not understand why this negative overreaction?
  • W
    Denmark (home of Orstead and Vestas) plans to build huge man-made "green energy" island off-shore North Sea during next 12 years...Denmark's largest ever construction project. Consider the impact and implications for Orsted, and consider that similar islands may begin sprouting world-wide, including in our own Gulf of Mexico. This is the future for electrical generation, and Orsted is in the sweet spot!
    The government has secured broad political backing for Denmark’s largest ever construction project, a $34 billion ‘energy island’.
    The government has secured broad political backing for Denmark’s largest ever construction project, a $34 billion ‘energy island’.
  • S
    and Orsted has once more announced an interesting joint venture
    combined with the current correction this is a great moment to step in, or to add
  • M
    Does the drop have anything to do with the manager transactions? I was not sure but I have seen three in the last couple days it seems like. Anyone have any ideas?
  • M
    What's up with Orsted...?
  • k
    this company deserves A LOT more respect from Wallstreet. I think it's staggering that analysts simply ignore 90% of all foreign companies. Its okay for me though, I'll simply stay long and patiently wait for the hype-train to arrive...
  • P
    Well - what a difference a few days make – That`s me sold out of Orsted 100% today - A great pity because I love the Co and I had this one down for my long term pension plan, but the Danish Govts cash grab plans have put that one off the table

    The Danish Govt own more than 50% of the company and obviously by this latest move are now looking at the Co as an ongoing Cash Cow, rather than as an independent Co - Frankly I think political/national greed is involved here - All share holders should have been looking forward to a rising Capital value (SP) and rising dividends - The Danish Govt now seems to have its eyes on reaping their own extra "Tax” dividend with other shareholders being unfairly excluded

    Orsted should have had an enviable future ( It may still have) but with the dead hand of Govt interference/greed then that is now in question for me

    The Danish Govt has seen the potential for increasing takings here & given Orsted valuable Sea Bed real Estate value and future pipeline of same, it has made its move - Likely a win win for them as this move could also crash the SP and allow them to get 100% of the Co on the cheap - Too much risk for other shareholders here now - I smell a potential and serious mugging in the offing – It may have already started
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    -A company with great financials metrics, strong alliances. It is looking in the future with hydrogen projects.
    Gains momentum with favorable worldwide policies till 2025 along with the other green companies.
    A serious goverment which has control over it. It is not yet the game of speculators so the volatility/ beta is low ! The graph looks awesome and the returns are very good. Old in the game Big thumbs up :-)
  • P
    Absolutely Brilliant stock this yin - Already Bigger than BP & heading up to overtake Shell - The Tesla of energy super majors - Total/Exxon will be in the slipstream within 4 - 7 years from now - Cheap Renewable Electricity is the future & Solar & offshore wind where its at - With deals like this one -
  • C
    How come there’s hardly anyone following/commenting here at yahoo - while all geo players are reshaping their energy infrastructures????
  • w
    Is this the same stock as ORSTED? Trying to get it on 212
  • L
    my dad always says if a stock goes down 25% it will go down 50%. He right 95% of the time so I'm out!
  • C
    "Ørsted can serve as inspiration for companies looking to attract sustainable investments – and ultimately, become more profitable."
  • C
    Any way the wind blows … This company is embracing a better future to me …
  • p
    Why is this company being traded as DNNGY and DOGEF