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  • J
    Have a Happy Memorial Day

    Everyone’s talking about recession, but I think that’s premature. US PMI is still over 50, which means expansion. Industrial production and capacity utilization in April were still good. Though consumers have slowed down buying goods, recent earnings reports tell us they’re spending on services and luxury items. Right now, I’m looking for opportunities in re-open services as well as quality companies that are oversold - Stephanie Link
  • P
    June 10 is final day trade for Ostko .
    Will be covered to Ostk stock or you sell now.
    I think they are doing this to get ready for tzero ipo.
    Shares of tzero might be given as dividend to shareholders of Ostk…
    Tzero will start trading sometime next month…or July.
    Things will turn around for crypto regulation etc .
    Base is being set.
    I hope mgmt bought 3 million shares at 25$..
    Next week we get updat of shares short fir May 15..add 2 million to that until May 30.
    Fast and furious remind with good news.
    Last time we went to 25$ it shot up to 128$ by Aug
    Let’s c what happens this time
  • 1
    Just saw Overstock advertise on Jeopardy it was short but millions watch the show.
  • A
    During the Medici Ventures Day the CEO of Tzero, David Goone, mentioned several times that news are about to come out, in a matter of weeks. This was on May 10th, 2 and a half weeks ago.. my expectation is that we’ll see something coming very soon! Not sure how big this can be, but things are moving
  • D
    I think I had an epiphany sitting on the couch watching the game. My deep desire for stock winners and how I articulate that is not very conducive to friendly dialogue. The stock market is serious business with people's hard earned money on the line. So I apologize for any feathers I have ruffled and wish everyone nothing but prosperity. Thanks for opening my eyes that Ostk may be a long term winner.
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    Johnathan has said company has no supply issues every thing they list they have, It will be a great Holiday here I feel it.
  • F
    Fear Munger
    “The consumer spending boom continues (based on the newly released Personal Income data).

    Real consumer spending up 0.7% in April. Even if it is flat in May & June will be 4.1% annual rate for Q2.

    Is fueled by unusually low saving rates (4.4% in Apr), excess savings being spent.”

    Not ideal from a long term point of view to see people eating up their savings, but spending is continuing -will be interesting to see where they’re spending. I think Overstock is going to have a good summer🙂
  • O
    I know it's the holiday weekend and all but @Jerry likes all the info he can get. So I was reading today about some market gurus and their stormy outlooks. Now I know opinions are like... and all that. I get it. I really do. Projecting the S&P to fall 50% more?? Down to 1900, 2500, or even 3300 would kill the market and OSTK in particular, regardless of all the positive spins I read from people here. Do I think this will happen? Maybe not a 50% drop, but a significant drop nonetheless. I'm certainly no expert when it comes to stock picking but I look around me and just see a country going in the wrong direction. China has us in its crosshairs and would like to replace us as an economic and military world leader. If the upcoming elections don't change the course of this country, that is exactly what will happen. And I see us going to war if Taiwan is attacked. I am still erring on the side of caution when it comes to my IRA and thrift savings. Everybody stay safe out there. My sons and families have been hit pretty hard now with covid. Most of all remember America First.
  • c
    I still need some TA help here. I'm in at $50 from March and was planning to just trade but when it tanked I thought I'd go long bc of sound financials. I stupidly continued to hold and given market, thinking it may be better to trade selling at high and buying dips. Thankful for this lift but I could use some TA help/insight.
    @ Marjorie - any thoughts you can share? Or anyone else?? Much appreciated!
  • J
    Last dig, forgive me, for those waiting on Apple 🍎 to go to $120, cough 😷 cough 😷 Lisa aka Cankles, and several more, it just touched $150 AH.
    Ps. I’m here to share and help, not hurt. I’m NOT smarter than anyone else, just older.
  • P
    Paul rich
    Light inventory
    Digital assets
    Ostk down due to few companies are liquid to sell add the shorting with algos and bots trading.
    Hedge funds going out of business need to liquidate assets to pay investors of what remains.
    Sometimes, ostk tied to e-commerce
    Sometimes to crypto
    Sometimes due to market conditions
    Sometimes due to margin calls of other stocks.
    If 82% owned by institutions…who are they? Unloading to fold.
    12$ cash per share
    Ostko will be out June 10..only ostk stock remains.
    112 $ to 26$ In a few profitable quarters.
    Hope mgmt buying 4 million shares at 25/26$
  • T
    I have 500 shares of Baba @ 77 (of course i watched it go to 115+and never sold) but good to see it rebounding on sound earnings..
  • R
    Rothschild world
    Business Insider
    JPMorgan backs bitcoin to rise 28% and says cryptocurrencies are now its preferred alternative asset
    Harry Robertson
    Wed, May 25, 2022, 4:53 AM
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    Stay safe everyone. i would like to thank everyone that has served our country the greatest country in the world!!
  • J
    My man Brian Sullivan said it best, the S&P and Nasdaq will be higher in 5 years and once someone puts Putin out to pasture the world takes a more positive turn. You going to sit on the sidelines and try and time the market, and miss the 10 biggest days, or methodically invest? A $10,000 investment for 15 years, 2006-2021 in the S&P 500:
    By staying fully
    invested over the past
    15 years, you would
    have earned $24,753
    more than someone
    who missed the
    market’s 10 best days.
    Time, not timing, is the best way to capitalize
    on stock market gains
    By trying to predict the best time to buy and sell, you may miss the market’s biggest gains.
    Good Luck to you all
  • F
    Fear Munger
    Best of luck to anyone who thinks small caps are staying at anywhere near these levels when the this market turns -especially the ones generating FCF without debt. I hope we avoid a recession because they ruin lives, but they are also good for strong businesses that can fill the voids left by their competitors.
  • k
    Have a good weekend boys x
  • J
    Dan my man, I hit a 52 week high today with my PSX, in your opinion, when will I hit it with KO (next week?), any chance I hit it with VZ in the next 90 days? Do you see AAPL dropping to 120 or touching 150? Finally, are you going to jump on the OSTK train, you missed the 20s, and I don't want you to miss the 30s. Or are you going to just stay off and root for me and my friends on this message board?
  • T
    If they were planning on buying back stock and they have money on hand to do it and are -not- doing it now, then I am bag holder no doubt
  • D
    Hi @Marjorie I hope you’re doing ok. Have a great long weekend.