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    NICK Charts
    Fri Sept 23 noon. No market takes out year highs or lows easily. See the S&P - sliding down to test year lows at 3,636 very fast (already 5% since Fed info Wed). By intraday early next week, there will be an attempt to hit or near this level but what will likely happen? A short term bounce that lasts probably up to 2-4 days. For you swing traders, get ready and GL. It will take nerve either way. Pick your stock and maybe make a few bones.

    I and others suggested a few high beta movers (not necessarily to hold forever, just trade). Check the post from about 8 days ago for more and feel free to suggest both short and long term picks. GL
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    NICK Charts
    Thurs Sept 22
    The Market & Your Stocks (a broad guide):
    S&P hits 3,636 - June lows
    (This will happen by EOY):
    Your stock - minus 10% to 15% or more from here.

    S&P hits “Alamo” line 3,393
    Why this number? That was the intraday high in Feb 2020 before pandemic. As if you took the blue pill and all the market gains during Covid rally never happened.
    (This level is NOT guaranteed yet. Data like CPI and Ukrainian war will tell.)

    If Alamo line hits, your stock -
    minus 15% up to 25% or more depending on how far below/fast we break IF we get to Alamo line.

    We might get lucky and stop around S&P 3,500 which was my June prediction.

    Again, many macro issues in flux but we will certainly test the June lows of S&P 3,636.

    This is a very broad guide as each stock has certain strengths and/or has fallen more proportionally already or is high beta and can fall faster. I also tweeted a simplified chart of this at MacrotrendMojo.

    For OSTK, first key test is $22, next would be $20 range.

    Like I said, I am an old dog and from 1979 to 1981 former Fed Chr Volcker raised rates about 9% to kill inflation (brutal) so this is modest by comparison.

    Again, the good news is that the bottom will bring insane, multi-year bargains for companies that work. GL
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    Bidening up America one day at a time.
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    This market is so bearish it is hard to tell where bottom will be on any stocks. Hard times a head we heard. We are in hard times.
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    Still to high for me to cost avg down more. I saw a report over 60% analyst calling for bear market next 6 months.
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    Good morning...,

    For those who are interested, Fubo was upgraded this morning and is GREEN today.

    "But on Friday, that same analyst upgraded the stock to Outperform again and maintained his $6 price target. He wrote in a research note that the current share price of around $4 is an attractive entry point for investors.

    “FuboTV has a solid head start in offering live sports programming to its subscribers, has a thriving and growing advertising business, and presents a compelling opportunity for a sports wagering company to partner with an established sports television broadcaster,” Pachter wrote."

    Good luck if you decide to jump in. I have a strong position in Fubo currently.
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    order in for 3k at 25.85. fine if I don't get it. this is a value and growth stock.
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    We're in the early stages of pain.
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    NICK Charts
    Wed Sept 21 - More important than expected 75 bps Fed rate increase (@ 2pm) is what Chrmn Powell says afterwards @ 2:30pm press conf.

    #Stockmarket wants sunshine but Powell will say more rain is needed to dampen inflation. Improving data, yes, but Powell will risk a hard landing to win.

    Not saying Powell will succeed (or if he’s oversteering), but to cut inflation, simple math says he has to continue raising rates which slows economy. But how much, how fast and when to back off?

    So many macro issues that are out of Powell’s control that will spell a successful soft landing or a hard economic crash, even if the US will still be the strongest economy in world stage. Not being a blind nationalist, this is just a fact because of our economic scale, productivity and cheaper energy.

    How bad #PutinWinter becomes with energy shortages/price spikes/public reaction is the biggest wild card. And Putin will be as brutal as necessary to win. GL
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    High spending and continuous inflow of illegals are going to be a continuous down side for this country . We know the boarder is all political. If our government we would not have vetts homeless along with many others.
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    Rumble will go public on the Nasdaq in the morning.
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    only silver lining is this stock market crash right before mid terms ensures a Red Wave. Also, big stock gains in a year.
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    OSTK going much, much lower. A furniture company that relies on new home-buyers when we've just started a major decline in the housing market? In the middle of the highest inflation in 40 years? Sell sell sell sell sell
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    Still has further downside. Bargain hunters, get ready.
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    NICK Charts
    Tues Sept 20 close: Everyone who said #stockmarket was cheap has to adjust to reality. Pre-announcement and/or warnings from bellwethers $FDX, $GE & $F show earnings must be adjusted down, even for good companies doing nothing wrong. Inflation, supply chain and currency rates hitting profits. Add looming #PutinWinter and where is the upside?

    Yes, US economy will be strongest on globe (far above China and Europe) but it’s all slowing.

    OSTK will ABSOLUTELY break below $24. Nothing against this company (I’ll let others debate merits) but it will be pulled down by market, even if a test.

    Today, Germany and Japan released HORRIBLE data. Japan had worst inflation CPI data in 8 years (accelerating by fastest pace in 30 yrs) and German PPI was worst EVER because of energy costs (caused by Putin cutting supply). I am not a globalist but these economies affect ours. Then, add China.

    China has about 50-65 million empty new homes built on loans that builders have to repay or ruin (mostly) Chinese banks. Enough empty houses for almost every man, woman and child in UK (or France). That’s a big bad debt load.

    S&P will retest year lows 3,636. When? Maybe by EOY or early 2023. I think that’s when many negative factors will coincide. Fed rates, Euro winter blackouts and China housing debt issues.

    A big turn in Ukrainian war would change things but the fall rains/mud in Ukraine will prevent many more Ukrainian wins after about another month - that’s why they are fighting hard now.

    Again, market will rally minor, then fade, minor rally then fade. GL
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    Where is Jerry? Thanks to Nick. Market is nose diving
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    NICK Charts
    Wed 2:55pm. Chart watchers: Intraday chart FYI. S&P low of day (LOD) from approx 10:30am retested late in day about 2:15pm. Shows lack of market conviction. For gains, you want opposite to happen - retest highs later in day. S&P 3,900 test soon. #stocks #stockmarket #investing #charts
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    “Lisa 3 days ago
    Shorted at $29.44”

    Wowzie woodle, looky there, Happy dave. I’m going to ride this poofburger 🍔 Down to 25 bucks and then go long next week.🩰

    “LisaLisa9 days agoReplied to a reaction
    $OSTK conversation
    @dave Here’s something to pout about. Next buy ticket set for $25.07 GTC + EXT😝”
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    NICK Charts
    It’s YOUR turn to tell us what stocks are on your mind, people!

    @raysfrom98 gives a good reminder: No one can know every stock and each new suggestion is worth a look. I have found/been reminded of many past gems by MB’s. I traded LCID late last year and it did great for me.

    Too easy to get stuck with your same same list - don’t think you know it all. Nothing against OSTK but let’s post more stock suggestions, people. We all know to do your own DD and possible risk. Your responsibility.

    So much is just timing. Market is so down, a long hold would work for many stocks.

    I will buy in 3 categories:

    Fast trade: Porsche IPO, expect volatility. Also AFRM (because it’s so far below highs) jumps big with market gains but also falls hard on down days. Day trader. CVNA in same boat. Look for good news/momentum days and buy early in day then maybe sell by close depending on market. Not long holds because they drop hard on bad days.

    Trade w/possible longer hold: TSLA, RIVN.

    Buy & hold forever on the day market crashes: AAPL and maybe MRNA for its long term future cancer plays. GL
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    NICK Charts
    Thurs Sept 15 close: Many want a #stockmarket rally but we follow data. $FDX just pre-warned on its earnings next week. “…macroeconomic trends significantly worsened later in quarter.”

    This reflects wider econ trends, will help push S&P sub 3,900 to eventually test June 3,666 closing low.

    Also add #PutinWinter weaponized energy in EU affecting US exports, currency.