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Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. - Petrobras (PBR-A)

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12.35+0.91 (+8.00%)
As of 03:20PM EDT. Market open.

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  • G
    I just got myself a new Tesla Model car just few months back after started trading with Mrs. Nancy Moore Garcia.
  • P
    Anyone that sold yesterday are now losing
  • M
    If you are wanting to sell into this price but need to hold to qualify your dividends, try this. Sell call with a 14 strike out to the number of days you need to qualify your dividend. It might not be for everybody, but it works in my case. I bought shares near the 15 yesterday and have to hold them for the 60 odd days. I sold 14 calls against those shares and will gain something extra from the deal.
  • D
    ahh what a nice day...going to have a nice long night drinking/eating at a bar on the Brazilian beach with family and friends. pbr is not the only brazilian stock doing well today.
  • b
    bay n
    Just a thought. I guess I don’t understand how dividends work no matter how I read it.

    I thought if you invest in a company (buy their stock) and keep them for a period of time, then you will get the dividend when it’s time.

    For PBR, let say I bought it and hold for a quarter for the dividend, but the next day (Which is today) the share price discounted the amount of the dividend, then what do I get?

    If let say the price is going to hang around $12.5 for the whole year, then my dividend I am waiting for the whole quarter is useless.
  • S
    Just need clarification on the dividend. I sold today PBR ADR, will I get the dividend ?
  • T
    great morning to start a position here, after the dividend drop, impressive debt reduction over the last 4 years in average 15-18 bn. a year, also in 2020, great assets on hand and a nice dividend policy, let's have fun ✌️😎
  • P
    Half the average daily volume in the first half hour! … Up Big!
    Whose buying?
    Must be the big boys with that kind of volume.
  • M
    A lot of investors expect the price to go down to 11. So they sold their position yesterday or the day before.
    This game worked well in the last few quarters. Will it work this time?
    The next dividend may also be nice, like 1.5 USD. It may not drop to 11.
    We will see.
  • j
    Market-timers getting bent over twice: by share price and by the taxman. NOICE.
  • O
    Oil for America
    My Gf going to leave me, Says that I have to many PBR shares bought 9,960 now have 11,0095 .........Whooo can't wait too see how many shares are added to the account. By By Gf
  • P
    Share price adjustment; some #s approximate, but Very close:

    Dividend announced by the company July 28, 2022…
    6.732003 brl per share

    That’s 13.464 brl per usadr

    Brl present value 5.165/usd

    6.732003 brl x 2 = 13.464 brl / 5.165 = $2.60.

    $15.09 less $2.60 = $12.49
  • S
    Do PBR dividends get charged a "Foreign Tax" and "ADR" fee? I owned TTE awhile back and TD Ameritrade showed a "Foreign Tax" (hefty) and a small "ADR" fee the first time I received a div.
  • P
    Might see 13 today
  • J
    Based on the amount of dividends receivable shown on my IB account, the dividend from PBR is about $2.49 per share, which is less than the anticipated 2.60 per share. Is this because of ADR fees or BRL/USD exchange rate?
  • R
    PBR would have been up 3-5% If it wasn’t ex div BS today. I want to get this date behind us
    Tomorrow is new day
  • P
    Just Me,
    You may get that $11.90 buy, or even a little better, Just Me, if pre-market holds close to here.
    …and your guess on $12.50 was prescient!
    …your upper range $14.25, or somewhere in the vicinity, would be great to exit regarding the pbradr common, subsequently buying in cheaper😉
    Good luck!
  • S
    With heavy heart sold all my positions in PBR to lock the profits and dividend. Plan to buy when it comes down below 13.
  • B
    XOM , SHEL , BP all ex-div today , so these shareholders can sell , keep that divi , and add a second divi today buying PBR with the same capital ... maybe warren plan , who knows ...
  • K
    Today is PPS ping pong. I continue to hold and accumulate for the long term.
    Dividend $$ buys me more shares.