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After hours: 7:59PM EDT

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  • j
    Almost too funny... market manipulation created by years of Pfizer management’s incentives stock option... Pfizer is up .05 cents... if it was any other pharmaceutical company, with so much good news we should be in $100s...instead we are stuck between 1990s price. We need to replace board of directors with independent directors, change incentives plan for management, better yet replace all management. I still hope we finish above $40 today...with stock market up early today, is it too much to finish at $40.50?
  • T
    Pfizer stock underperformance (again and again) vs broader market is stunning. No good news, or stellar report seems to move stock prize in any significant way. Does anybody have good idea why?
  • C
    PFE just got a favorable mention on CNBC for its strong pipeline besides its vaccine revenues.
  • D
    I've read all the comments here bemoaning the fact that Pfizer hasn't moved much on phenomenal news. Well, all the griping, complaining, and wishing won't move the stock price. What will? Maybe the people on this board can organize a "Reddit/Wall Street Bets" type of united buying campaign? I've done my (extremely small) part by buying all PFE dips since the Feb. 26, 2021 low of $33.40. Not much of an organizer myself, I welcome all comments, suggestions, and offers to help set this up.
  • s
    To get some perspective on value, PFE trades at 20x earnings, AZN 36x, JNJ 30x, MRNA 120x, this is on 12 month trailing earnings, PFE is the lowest of the approved vaccine providers, one can only assume that the market does not see Covid vaccines as long term revenue source and they have low confidence in pipeline, this will bare out to be a huge mistake.... PFE maybe the best value on the street and with VIX lighting up this will prove to be a safe haven as well as a legit growth story that has not had the spotlight like Tech had in 2020...I am a buyer at these levels
  • D
    "EIGHT" members of the NY Yankees tested positive for Covid-19 AFTER getting their vaccinations (Players and staff). Everyone was shocked UNTIL we heard which vaccine was administered to AII EIGHT.......JNJ's one shot wonder. JNJ's 66% efficacy claim means as many as 1 of 3 recipients could be at risk. What are we, a third world country? Why would the Yankees (or anyone else for that matter) opt for the worst possible vaccine available in the U.S.?
  • g
    Oral Covid drug of Pfizer is announced and PFE does not move a dime. This is a mystery stock.
  • Q
    Quoc Dung
    can someone send pfe uptrend...huge $$$ reddit friends ...load more shares ...sail with us...wind is up now...we need reddit friends to make quick $50 next 2 weeks. hold your shares...keep earning $$$ spirit...🤑
  • s
    Keep manipulating Pfizer’s management. I am out, never seen the stock is moving like this since Pfizer made a lot profits so far, they got no heart for investors who invested over 5b shares in it. Bye Pfizer
  • C
    No no can manipulate PFE's next earnings quarter which should be stellar. PFE can do so much with the billions of dollars they are making on vaccine sales. I am content to wait, and I will buy the dips if it drops much below $40. Good luck!
  • M
    Wow soooo goood to finally see PFE in green and MRNA and NVAX in Red....wonder how long this will last....maybe the Reddit Wallstreet army is finally starting its March forward with the PFE banner!!!
  • f
    Quebec stops offering first doses of AstraZeneca vaccine
  • L
    India's most populous state of
    Uttar Pradesh will spend up to $1 billion to buy COVID-19 shots
    and held early talks this week with companies such as Pfizer
    PFE.N and the local distributor of Russia's Sputnik V, a state
    official said on Thursday.
  • Q
    Quoc Dung
    ladys and gents....hold all shares to beat hedge fund like reddit...robbin hood more shares please....keep buying more shares...price will be uptrend can not do it....require all to work together to get out of hedge fund manupilating stock price....we will be sure to make price skyrocketing...lets liberating pfe from hedge fund amd wall street...we need global friends well as reddit friends...require your hero to liberate pfe from manupilation...all believe in everyone's good $50 in next e weeks...Do not think oneself...lets all think and work together as a whole to move pfe price up...all effort will be awardrd with huge profits...huge profits outcome...blessfull everyone
  • j
    Pfizer should really be trading above $100 it wasn’t for this market manipulation caused by upper management and hedge fund who is able to take advantage of this...
  • j
    Good to see we close above $40... let’s see we can do that again tomorrow... option expire on Friday... if we can gap up tomorrow...
  • k
    sold 5k yesterday at 40.26
    fomo got the best of me
    bought 2k 39.98
  • M
    IMO , Albert should talk about vaccine news, approval and future plans , vaccine revenue and company growth ..
    Go all the TV channels around the world. We need more communication from pfizer.
  • M
    I am totally amazed at how AZN keeps increasing despite all the issues its vaccine is having, yet PFE can’t get it up past $40 even with SO MUCH great news coming out almost everyday!!! What gives here?? Would a stock buyback help any here?? PFE mgt. must sense investor frustration and will be more creative very soon!!!! Come on now man, we need ACTION!!!!
  • j
    European leaders postpone decision on patent waiver of COVID-19 vaccines

    LISBON, May 8 (Xinhua) -- President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said on Saturday at the end of the social summit of the European Union (EU) held in the Portuguese city of Porto that leaders of the EU countries understand that there are "more pressing issues" than patent waiver on vaccines against COVID-19.

    Speaking to journalists, von der Leyen said this topic "is important," but will be discussed "in the long term, not in the short or medium term."

    According to her, Europe should not "lose sight of the main urgencies," which are "production of vaccines as soon as possible and how they will be distributed in a fair and equitable way."

    The EU executive stressed that "the European Union is the pharmacy of the world."

    "Up to today, 400 million doses of vaccines have been produced in the European Union. And 50 percent of them -- 200 million doses -- have been exported to 90 different countries in the world. So we invite others to do the same," she added.

    According to her, "this is the best way, in the short term, to address bottlenecks and lack of vaccines worldwide."

    "We have now delivered over 200 million doses to the European people. So we are on track to achieve our objective of enough doses being delivered in July to vaccinate 70 percent of the European adult population. Close to 160 million Europeans now have already received a first shot of the vaccine, that's over 25 percent of the EU population," she noted.

    She also announced that the EU has concluded the negotiations with BioNTech-Pfizer for a new contract which secures 1.8 billion doses of vaccines through 2023.

    Von der Leyen was glad to report that the legal and the technical work on the EU travel certificate -- the vaccination certificate -- is on track for the system to be operational in June.

    The U.S. on Wednesday agreed to support waiving IP restrictions on COVID-19 vaccines at the World Trade Organization (WTO).

    French President Emmanuel Macron said during the social summit that he is "available to debate the proposal, but that this is not the solution" to increase the speed of vaccination.

    Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Saturday that the U.S. proposal to suspend patents on COVID-19 vaccines "will not guarantee an increase in the supply of vaccines."

    Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said the EU has been "exemplary" in its contribution to the COVAX mechanism, which helps the poorest countries to have access to vaccines.

    "At the European Council, we are all aware that no one will be protected until there is a global immunization. EU member states have been contributing to support the countries most in need," he said at the end of the two-day social summit.

    Twenty-four of the 27 EU heads of state and government attended the two-day meeting to set the bloc's social agenda for the next decade. The summit was hosted by the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU.