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Plug Power Inc. (PLUG)

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27.74-1.04 (-3.61%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
27.80 +0.06 (+0.22%)
After hours: 07:59PM EDT

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    Be reminded of Warren Buffet's philosophy: "The big money is not in the buying and selling but in the waiting".
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    House received IRA (H.R. 5376): tomorrow pass it?
    "01:03 PM The House received a message from the Clerk. Pursuant to the permission granted in Clause 2(h) of Rule II of the Rules of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Clerk notified the House that she had received the following message from the Secretary of the Senate on August 8, 2022, at 12:57 p.m.: That the Senate agreed to S. J. Res. 55 and S. Res. 748; that the Senate passed S. 3115, S. 3606, S. 4205, S. 4458, S. 4785, and H.R. 5376, with amendment."
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    ”Ok, we did one. When can I get a thousand?”

    Sean James, Microsoft
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    Plug is on the road to $100
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    If you can think carefully about the prospects for Plug vis-a-vis Bloom Energy, you should not miss 1. Plug’s $3B cash in hand v/s BE’s poor non-cash asset of only $45M, 2. Plug’s solid major clients to hotch-potch small clients of BE, 3. The rapid and massive building of selected infrastructure projects by Plug to BE’s small hotch-potch of projects, and 4. Use of wind and solar power plants near massive water bodies by Plug to produce green hydrogen to BE’s biomass and nuclear plants in most cases availability of massive water quantity is likely to be questionable. Then, BE’s claim of 90% efficiency of its electrolizer advantage is just one minor factor that disregards many other important cost factors that are clearly going to take Plug’s prospects of attaining better profitability and business success than BE’s. Only those half educated self-appointed pundits lacking full vision of all factors unfortunately are influencing monkey traders and gullible investors to plunge into BE and cold to Plug. If you are wise and have far sighted review the factors I mentioned above and make your choice. Just be careful of vested interests misleading you. Thanks.
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    Squeeze out to $31-$32 today.
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    Citigroup analyst PJ Juvekar maintains Plug Power(NASDAQ:PLUG) with a Buy and raises the price target from $20 to $36.
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    Plug Power CEO: We'll see profitability in 2024
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    ”It is certainly only the beginning, and the adoption rate is happening quicker than most people think.”

    CEO, Andy Marsh
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    $28.78 gonna seem cheap very soon
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    Microsoft and Plug Power worked together, side by side, for two years. This resulted in a successful trial of a three-megawatt hydrogen fuel cell system just two weeks ago.
    Now Microsoft wants another thousand of these.
    Who do you think will get the order?
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    Finally listening to the call. Near the end, a question revolved around permitting, and getting to 500tpd by 2025. He asked if they were worried about that number given that they can’t always control the deadline. Sanjay said, well obviously the funnel “is much larger than that”, so they have plenty of eggs in the basket basically. These guys aren’t pie-in-the-sky anymore. They’re under-promising. Looking forward to hearing the “much larger” figure!
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    and the best is yet to come💎
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    We could easily run back to the 70's and beyond.
    Don't panic if there are slight temporary pullbacks along the way.
    The chances of some major retrace from here are essentially nil, imo. Plug's business -- or should I say businesses, meaning every channel in its fully vertically integrated enterprise -- is hitting on all cylinders as demand for green H2 is growing as fast as growing Plug's green H2 network can keep up
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    Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
    Winston Churchill

    One day we will look back at 30 and see just how inexpensive that price was.
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    Highlights from Andy’s short interview on CNBC today:
    • Analysts say the IRA will accelerate growth of the green H2 industry and boost PLUG’s product lines.
    • PLUG was on a good track prior to the IRA, it’s really just an accelerator, especially for the electrolyzer business.
    • The credits make PLUG’s business better from both a H2 demand and cost effectiveness perspective.
    • IRA now makes green H2 more cost competitive than grey. Also helps on the cost of H2 generation and the build out of the H2 network.
    • Company will improve their cost margins 2 ways: first, by becoming vertically integrated and building out their own H2 plants. This flips their negative margins when purchasing H2 from others to over 30% gain in gross margins. Second, on the service line they are seeing dramatic improvement, so they expect to be growth margin break even on service by EOY 2022.
    • Profitability expected by 2024 as Paul said on the CC yesterday and 17% OI BY 2025.
    • PLUG has over 60,000 fuel cells out there and over 185 fueling stations they have built for customers like Amazon and Wal Mart. It’s only the beginning and the adoption rate is happening quicker than folks might think.
    • Over 1.5 GW in green hydrogen electrolyzers have been booked in the last 7 months vs. 50-100 MW during all of 2021.
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    Ok IBD, you said plug was not a buy at 15, now the stock has doubled. Are you working for the shorts?
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    Willie Sutton
    Reading the comments to the new article on SA, you have to wonder the degree of critical thinking the commenters are capable of engaging in, still attacking Marsh for lack of profitability, etc. meanwhile we long term shareholders have reaped tremendous gains during his tenure.
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    'Game changer' | Shares in hydrogen-focused companies soar in wake of US climate bill's H2 tax credits

    Link in reply
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    Busting $30 pre-market, $32 by noon.