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    California Fuel Cell Partnership envisions 70,000 heavy-duty fuel cell electric trucks supported by 200 hydrogen stations in-state by 2035.

    SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP) released a new foundational document for heavy-duty class 8 fuel cell electric trucks (FCETs), "Fuel Cell Electric Trucks: A Vision for Freight Movement in California and Beyond," that envisions 70,000 trucks supported by 200 heavy-duty truck stations by 2035. The vision emphasizes the urgent need for policies that unlock and accelerate private investment to achieve this interim step towards a larger goal of 100% zero-emission trucks by 2045.

    "Getting to a zero-emission future requires the partnership of government and industry, and the utilization of every tool at our disposal," said Jerome Gregeois, Director Commercial Vehicles Development at Hyundai-Kia and chair of the CaFCP board of directors. "At Hyundai-Kia, we know that battery and fuel cell electric technologies are needed to meet the diverse needs of our customers."

    The vision emphasizes the need for both zero-emission vehicle technologies, and that "to truly realize a successful 100% zero-emission transition requires the unique capabilities of FCETs."

    Heavy-duty trucks represent only 2% of vehicles on California roads, yet these hundreds of thousands of trucks generate more than 9% of the State's greenhouse gas emissions, 32% of its nitrogen oxides, and 3% of its particulate emissions.

    "The successful rollout of heavy-duty, zero-emission trucks requires the interplay of several key elements. In the case of FCETs, that includes synchronizing vehicle rollout with hydrogen fueling infrastructure, and renewable and zero-carbon hydrogen production," said Joe Cappello, CEO of Iwatani Corporation of America and vice chair of CaFCP.

    With the right policy mechanisms in place, the vision foresees a self-sustaining market by 2035. The draft of a California Air Resources Board report concludes that a self-sufficient light-duty fuel cell passenger car fueling network is possible, suggesting the same can happen for heavy-duty fuel cell trucks. As the vision states: "With the establishment of the necessary market signals and conditions, members of the California Fuel Cell Partnership have confidence in the successful transition of this complex and difficult-to-mitigate emissions sector and see a path to market sustainability."

    The release of the vision document comes on the heels of the California Air Resources Board's Advanced Clean Truck rule, the world's first rule requiring truck manufacturers to transition from diesel trucks and vans to electric zero-emission trucks beginning in 2024.

    "California has set aggressive goals to achieve zero-emission fleets across vehicle categories, including cars, buses, and trucks," said Bill Elrick, executive director of CaFCP. "We can only achieve these goals through collaboration between government and private industry, and policies that promote and attract investment. The time to act – and invest – is now, if we intend to transition quickly and successfully to a self-sustaining market."
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    Willie Sutton
    Picked up shares this morning at 26.50, I am pleased. It may go lower, but unlike many here, time is on my side, yes it is.
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    Morning dip followed by a nice bounce. Fingers crossed we develop an upward trend stair stepping upwards to break our $28 enemy line. Plug will breakout bound for its true value of today anywhere from 33$-$40. It’s not a matter of if but when. These low share prices will be the golden ticket starting within 3 months and you will own the Wonka Factory in a year. 5 years and you will be so rich you can’t stand it.
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    Shorties are in trouble, Plug is pricing in bad ER with whole sector. Volume is low, not much selling except for day traders. Any positive news, this one will fly. Where are you going to find shares to cover, shorties?
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    A custom camper van maker says its supply is limited by Amazon buying up the same models for delivery vans
    The demand for vans that can double as mobile homes has skyrocketed during the pandemic.
    The owner of Cascade Custom Vans told CNN that Amazon buying up vans has constrained supply.
    The vanlife hashtag has 4.9 billion views on TikTok and 10.6 million posts on Instagram.
    See more stories on Insider's business page.
    As demand for camper vans surges during the pandemic, one business owner told CNN that Amazon's trend of buying up vans to serve as delivery vehicles has constrained the supply of vans available for use as mobile homes.

    Alexa Owens, the owner of Cascade Custom Vans, told CNN that Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transits, and RAM ProMasters, which are used by Amazon as delivery vehicles, are also popular for people seeking custom vans.

    Custom vans can be a relatively cost-effective way to travel to many different places, and some have used remote work during the pandemic as an opportunity to jump onboard the popular trend.
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    The revenue should Beat estimates !! The wild card is how far into Q2 did the higher freight cost affect bottom line … if it was only into April maybe we get to (.07) or if it goes higher to (.09) with a explanation we may be good ! Having said that (.10) or above won’t help us in the short term!!
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    If Reliance is a Plug deal, when it becomes public is it worth $10 or $100 to the share price. And SK Group, in my mind that still has not been factored in. Right now, as it stands. Plug should be $100. With Reliance $200. JMO. These numbers for Plug and its shareholders will arrive.
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    Plug Power’s presence in the city began in early 2019, renewing the area’s high-tech manufacturing job market. Now, less than a year later, the company is expanding its footprint with the opening of a new facility intended to support an increase in MEA production demand. The new Rochester facility supports more than 65 jobs and includes engineering, research and development (R&D) laboratory space equipped with cutting-edge technology to produce world class high-performance, low-cost MEAs. The operation leverages EEP Quality Group (Efficient, Effective, Productive) for contract labor for the final assembly process.

    Operations at the facility use roll-to-roll coating to automate the MEA manufacturing. On the tour, the Congressman saw hot presses and die cutters used in final assembly. This low cost modular assembly approach is used because it can be easily duplicated to increase volume. In fact, the facility is currently capable of manufacturing over three million MEAs annually!

    How many are needed today?
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    NEW DELHI (Reuters) - The use of hydrogen power for mobility is an "interesting alternative" for India, especially as it would reduce dependence on lithium imports, the chairman of Maruti Suzuki, India's top-selling carmaker, said on Monday.

    In India the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by carmakers has been slow due to the high cost of batteries, as well as insufficient charging infrastructure. India also does not have lithium reserves, the majority of which are controlled by China globally.

    This makes EVs a hard sell in a country like India where per capita income is around $2,000, or about 5% of that in Europe and Japan, and 95% of cars sold are priced below $20,000, Maruti Chairman R.C. Bhargava told shareholders in the company's annual report.

    "We need to recognise that our strategy for moving towards net zero emission has to be consistent with the economic and infrastructure conditions prevailing in the country," Bhargava said.

    Maruti's comments in support of hydrogen also come weeks after Mukesh Ambani, chairman of refiner Reliance Industries, said it would invest $10 billion in clean energy, including setting up giga factories to produce fuel cells and green hydrogen.
    The use of hydrogen power for mobility is an "interesting alternative" for India, especially as it would reduce dependence on lithium imports, the chairman of Maruti Suzuki, India's top-selling carmaker, said on Monday. In India, however, the adopti
    The use of hydrogen power for mobility is an "interesting alternative" for India, especially as it would reduce dependence on lithium imports, the chairman of Maruti Suzuki, India's top-selling carmaker, said on Monday. In India, however, the adopti
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    Oh yeah. Who's gonna need H2?
    “Hyundai Motor, the maker of the NEXO SUV, sold about 4,700 units in the January-June period, up 62.7 percent from a year earlier…

    Toyota’s FCEV sales skyrocketed 735.1 percent on-year to 3,700 units in the first six months of the year to take up a 40.9 percent share”
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    Ok, watch this video, and then see if you agree with my synopsis.

    So, this is very interesting to me for a couple reasons. You will notice that one truck is a Kenworth, and the other is a Peterbuilt. Well, both truck brands fall under the Paccar umbrella. She mentioned that these H2 vehicles are all American and built in the USA by Americans. Hmmm... How many US companies do you know that has the scale to put Paccar trucks on the road with fuel cells? I only know of one, and that is Plug Power. Plug will be rolling out 125KW ProGen fuel cell engines at the Rochester facility, and I am thinking that there is a huge connection here. Remember from the 2020 Symposium they stated that we were working with 2 major trucking OEMs. I really think Paccar is one of them. Time will tell, but.... There is something to this. This is the first time anything has ever been mentioned about Kenworth or Peterbuilt having H2 powered Class 8 trucks. We need to follow this and look for more details. This could be huge!!!
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    Business Insider
    A giant Tesla battery pack burst into flames during testing, and it took 150 firefighters 4 days to put out.

    Maybe hydrogen+ fuel cell is better /safer storage/backup.
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    luca posted the 550 billion dollar figure that the infrastructure bill has earmarked for renewables, carbon capture, grid wires for new renewable hookups, etc.
    While semi trucks are undoubtedly a giant market, also with many players, the Holy Grail of the hydrogen adoption still is the utility market.
    Fast forward 10 years, and renewables have quadrupled, but behind all of the wind and solar farms is a common theme - backup power, and as of now, there are relatively few real players - maybe 20? And we are off to the races.
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    Here is another reason why Fuelcell power is far superior to battery power EVs, especially when it comes to trucks:
    Yesterday, an article published in a leading business newspaper based in Frankfurt Germany covered a new electric travel trailer developed by German company Dethleffs designed to compensate the shortcomings of battery EVs in towing trailers.
    According to the story a tow behind single axle travel trailer can cut the the driving range of the battery vehicle in half.
    To solve this problem Dethleffs'
    electric trailer carries a battery pack of 600 Kg (over 1200 pounds of dead weight) that powers In-Hub electric motors inside each wheel of the trailer to lessen the burden on electric vehicles batteries.
    In my opinion this solution has many disadvantages:
    - Increased costs to electrify the trailer unit and mainetance.
    -Added dead weight of batteries and motors.
    - Logistical challenges and the time it will take to charge two EVs
    -Additional demand burden on already limited sources of Lithium batteries.
    Only fuelcell powered vehicles will be able to meet the demands of Pick-up truck and van owners.
    IMHO it is very likely that PLUG will be supplying MILLIONS of fuel cells per year to OEMs by 2030.
    I am short term Bearish/Neutral, mid to long term Bullish.
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    No stock should be red 9/10 days. At some point you have to blame management. There's no protecting them forever. Their silence and lack of transparency with financials drives this entirely.
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    Willie Sutton
    I expect an announcement on when earnings will be released anytime now, could be today , possibly tomorrow.
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    I just was on the Yahoo Finance quote page for PLUG. When I scrolled down towards the ads, articles, and adicles do you know what is missing? Besides the press release from Plug for the Q2 ER.
    3 days no zacks or ibd. 5 days no mf or investopedia. Other than the little universe on this board. It seems to be getting awful quite out there right now.

    But then again by time I post this all hell could break loose. One never knows.
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    Never mind the headline, some internt probably wrote that.
    All in all a very bullish article.

    Hydrogen now features in nearly every strategy of Big Oil and can be seen in many government plans for industry decarbonization. Hydrogen is expected to play a prominent role in lowering the carbon emissions from energy-intensive industries.

    Countries are sending encouraging signals that they are currently willing to help low-carbon hydrogen scale up with direct investments in projects.

    “This decade is crucial to develop hydrogen projects along with the infrastructure to produce, transport, import, distribute and use hydrogen at large scale. If we do this successfully over the next few years, it can pave the way for hydrogen demand to grow exponentially beyond 2030,” Jeroen van Hoof, Global Energy, Utilities and Resources Leader, PwC Netherlands, said.

    The hydrogen economy may be in its very early stages, but companies-including major oil firms and governments are already working to develop projects and bring costs down.

    The biggest oil companies in Europe, including BP, Shell, TotalEnergies, Equinor, Eni, and Repsol, all have ongoing hydrogen projects and plan more for the future.

    Germany said in May that it would fund 62 large-scale hydrogen projects with as much as US$10 billion in federal and state funds as it aims to become the world’s leader in hydrogen technologies.

    Even countries in the top oil-producing region in the world, the Middle East, are looking at ways to become hydrogen production and export hubs. Oman, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Saudi Arabia are betting on hydrogen for leadership in another energy market apart from oil exports.

    In the United States, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm launched in June the U.S. Department of Energy’s first Energy Earthshots Initiative, Hydrogen Shot, which seeks to reduce the cost of clean hydrogen by 80 percent to $1 per kilogram in one decade.

    “Clean hydrogen is a game-changer. It will help decarbonize high-polluting heavy-duty and industrial sectors while delivering good-paying clean energy jobs and realizing a net-zero economy by 2050,” Secretary Granholm said.
    Hydrogen is quickly gaining ground in the global energy mix, but it still has a long way to go to become the low-carbon solution it is being touted as
    Hydrogen is quickly gaining ground in the global energy mix, but it still has a long way to go to become the low-carbon solution it is being touted as
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    FM Logistic Completes Successful Test Of Hydrogen Generator

    — FM Logistic has successfully completed the first test of the hydrogen generator that it will install in its logistics platform in Illescas