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Philip Morris International Inc. (PM)

NYSE - NYSE Delayed price. Currency in USD
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85.47-1.50 (-1.72%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
85.74 +0.27 (+0.32%)
After hours: 07:08PM EDT

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  • J
    Recession coming. People don't cut back on smoking when they are stressed they smoke more. Load up.
  • D
    Divvy of $1.27 ps to be paid 10/12. $PM reaching a ‘buy’ point for dividend portfolios.

    Everybody loves a ‘SALE’ except in the market!
  • D
    Fallout related to the strong dollar - bad for exchange rates, doesn't mean less people using tobacco tho....
  • s
    This drop is due to investors thinking PM will be very negatively impacted with the Euro and Pound going very low against the dollar. Nothing to do with the business.
  • C
    X-Div day thanks PM!! This will be back up to $95 + soon enough
  • R
    Some of you investors have never experienced what is happening. I have. BE PATIENT. Market could go down another 1500 2000 points before it bottoms.
  • J
    Looks like PM is expected to get approval from EU to purchase SWMAY. Trading at $10 and could see a jump in SWMAY on an announcement expected in a few weeks.
  • J
    Can anyone tell me why the dollar is so strong? The fed is printing money fast as they can and the national debt is over 32 trillion! Comments welcome...
  • C
    Great Companies saw Stock Sell offs today. Was trying to make sense of PM collapse and other stocks and called around to investor friends. One of many impacts I did not forecast was the impact of Florida's Destruction from the Hurricane. There are many older people in Florida that now have total home losses. Insurance will not cover a good portion of the losses so what do people do? A fair number of people are invested in the market and stocks like PM are held for their dividends. But when push comes to shove sometimes people have to bite the bullet and sell in a bad market just to make ends meet. So without any hard proof of or evidence of the word on the grape line is that investors are getting out while they still have some money left. The thought is the price may be lower in coming days. They may be selling winner stocks at the worst time,,,who knows? But I am poking around and thinking whether this is opportunity or continued destruction of the economy. Not to be political --and I mean that --- this particular administration doesn't give me much confidence they will do any better in the next few months. I think there may be quite a bit of logic to the Florida Forced sales. Then I did some research on the existing insurance companies that invest our money when they cover our homes and businesses. The same list of good stocks that were thought to be quite resistant are on the list of many stocks they own. These insurance companies are going to take it in the ear and many will go under. They are in forced sales mode too! Then there are the Banks that hold the many new home loans in Florida and other costal states. We can't forget that they own investment that now must be sold to cover their debts and they will have home loans going under! Candidly I don't mean to come off as the expert here...far from it! The world is different than anything I have ever invested in and we are seeing real curve balls to hit. It is a complex situation. But I think the Hurricane just added the straw to the camels back here! I have big loses. I also have a fair amount of dry powder and cash on the side line and I continue to build that side. I am not jumping in to "catch a faling knife" but this is a gut wrenching time and in the days ahead there sure are great companies on sale!! PM being just one.
  • B
    Altria ends non-compete agreement with Juul.
    PM walks away from Swedish Match.
    PM buys Altria.
  • J
    Chode should rally off 85
  • C
    PM raised to $1.27 was hoping for $1.30 but not surprised and I'll take it love PM!!!
  • A
    Pleased they increased the dividend but disappointed in the amount of 2 cents a quarter!.......Thoughts?
  • J
    Unusual that PM's mgt. continues to rant about the complete elimination of smoking as we see it. Enough already.
  • R
    Do you invest in the stock market? If so you need to join for their daily emails with must-have watchlists. I don’t know what I would do without them!
  • R
    PM has done nothing for 5 years. Flatline. Dividend is nothing to get excited about. Bti and Mo have rewarded investors with higher dividends.
  • n
    What am I missing here. What did I miss? Why is PM going down?
  • g
    Way over priced. Give me BTI all day.
  • r
    Anyone know what day they’re announcing the dividend? Hopefully it’s a good increase