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Porsche Automobil Holding SE (POAHF)

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  • s
    What is the connection between POAHY and recent Porsche IPO or the conversion ratio of POAHY vs recent IPO shares. Thanks in advance.
  • K
    Khun JT
    Current price of POAHY I believe is about 1/3 of book value. Plus there is a 4%+ dividend. Seems like a good stock to sit in if the market sours.
  • M
    Good news for the stock: Porsche Automobil Holding SE won the dismissal of lawsuits from hedge funds seeking about 5.4 billion euros ($5.3 billion) in damages they say they incurred during Porsche’s failed takeover of Volkswagen AG more than a decade ago.
  • K
    Khun JT
    Buying "P911" shares (European market) you can actually own shares in the iconic car maker PORSCHE.
    But for most people it is easier to buy POAHY ADR shares for a stake in the PORSCHE FAMILY holding company. This buys you control of the VW GROUP and PORSCHE. This includes control of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, KODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Scania, and MAN brand names.
    And presently there is a 4.5% dividend for shareholders.

    With the current market conditions any stock seems risky. However POAHY has already been beat down to it's yearly low. So the question remains it worth a gamble at this point?
  • H
  • J
    IPO or not .. Porsche has a 3 PE .. and loads of money in the bank there is no plausible reason we are being trampled down today .. the whole IPO scenario has seemed very cloudy to understand in entirety .. but hopefully we will see the red pass and start back in the green
  • J
    Porsche Automobil Holding SE Is A Clear Buy
    Sep. 30, 2022 4:01 PM ETPorsche Automobil Holding SE Preferred Shares (POAHF), POAHYVLKAF, VLKPF, VWAGY, VWAPY1 Comment
    Porsche's IPO is a key catalyst for both Volkswagen and Porsche Automobil Holding SE.
    Despite some negative comments, we think there is too much of a discount.
    Aside from the recent IPO, Volkswagen AG is really undervalued and Porsche Automobil Holding SE is still the biggest shareholder.
  • A
    Reuters reports huge demand for Porsche shares in Germany
  • J
    The Porsche IPO is very confusing, this is my understanding of how it affects Porsche Holdings from the press releases, but I'm not totally confident, it isn't that clear;

    Porsche holding owns 31.9% of VW group, which is retaining 75% of preferred shares and 75% of ordinary shares of the Porsche IPO.

    Porsche Holding is also purchasing 25% of the ordinary shares of the Porsche IPO.

    Porsche Holding should therefore hold (directly and indirectly) 0.319*0.75 + 0.25*0.5 = 36.4% of the Porsche IPO total shares.

    VW is paying out 49% of the funds from the IPO as a special dividend, which should be 19.5B euros and Porsche Holding is paying VW 10.1B euros for the Porsche IPO shares.

    Porsche Holding will receive a special dividend of about 19.5B*0.49*0.319 less tax, roughly 3B euros. Porsche will end up paying VW roughly 7.1B net of the dividend, they don’t hold a lot of cash and haven’t said publicly how they are financing this, which could be either sale of equity or debt.
  • m
    moon sun
    Maybe never be able to buy their fancy car, just bought 2k shares, so whenever I see a Porsche pass by I can have some kind feeling.
  • J
    IPO flop ? Sometimes markets can be funny. Porsche PAH3 ?3.84% stock was rising while Volkswagen VOW3 ?1.60% , which owns most of Porsche stock, was falling. That reaction is likely to confuse some investors.The IPO of Dr. Ing. H.C. F. Porsche, which is better known as just Porsche, is now complete, and Porsche shares have begun trading under the very appropriate, and cool, stock symbol ?P911.? (Porsche now has a combined 911 million common and preferred shares outstanding.)Porsche shares traded as high as 86.78 euros ($84.92) in their first day of trading, up 5.2% from the IPO price of #$%$82.50. Shares closed in the green at #$%$82.52, up two euro cents, which gives Porsche a market capitalization of about $74 billion. It seems like Volkswagen ?s plan to unlock value while raising cash has been realized.But Volkswagen preferred stock (VOW3.Germany) and Volkswagen common shares (VOW.Germany) closed down 8.4% and 11.2%, respectively. The market capitalization of Volkswagen is about $76 billion. Take away the Porsche stock, and Volkswagen ?s market cap is about $3 billion?or $12 billion, including the $9-plus in cash VW raised by selling Porsche stock.What?s more, stock in Porsche Automobil Holding (PAH3.Germany)?which is a holding company and not the car company?closed down 10.9%, giving that entity a market cap of about $18 billion. But Porsche owns 53% of the common stock in Volkswagen, which is worth almost $27 billion.How can the value of Porsche Automobile and VW be going down while the value of Porsche is (a) known and (b) rising?There is an argument for market efficiency. Nothing has really changed. Investors knew, very roughly, what Porsche was worth before the IPO. They know what it?s worth today. The Porsche value already was reflected in the price of VW shares.What?s more, the trading action Thursday also shows that VW investors hoped for more of any IPO pop.VW is also a very confusing entity. Confusion alone isn?t a reason for investors to avoid a stock, but there is little way for investors to access the value, say, in Porsche Automobil stock. Shareholders of PAH3 can?t force the holding company to liquidate and distribute its VW stock to shareholders, creating a windfall gain. (The gain would be the difference between the value of the VW stock and the Automobil stock, less trading costs and potential taxes.)Still, maybe the trading action is an opportunity. Smead Capital portfolio manager Cole Smead believes Porsche Automobile, the one with the stock symbol PAH3, ?could double off this [event],? adding, ?The reaming assets of Volkswagen outside of the Porsche [position] and the special dividend coming from the IPO leave the remaining assets at less than 2 times earnings.?The dividend that is likely coming is roughly $9 a share. VW will convene a meeting at the end of the year. If shareholders approve, VW will distribute about half of the $9.1 billion raised from the Porsche IPO across its 500 million preferred and common shares outstanding.
  • R
    why is this stock down?
  • S
    Say want you want about their stock(s) but don't even try to tell me their cars are not good. I have owned MANY brands, there is no close 2nd. I have never driven their insanely ahead of its time '87 959. Or later '04 Carrera GT, let alone the more recent 918. I can't afford those, but a cheap 944 I bought 10 years ago has tripled in value and it wasn't a rare car. But nothing comes close to driving a '11/'12 Spyder. A rare care many including me say they will never sell.
  • A
    p911 xetra , stock is down from 82.50

    fold I have put 50000usd , what do you think ? Will go up or down in short term?
  • K
    Khun JT
    Looks like at the moment PORSCHE SE in Germany is down about 8.5% on the IPO. And VW down about 6%.
    That may translate into a .50 cent drop in share price for U.S. shares of POAHY.
    The IPO should unlock billions of value for VW & POAHY. I think both will rise before too long.
  • P
    Papa Joe
    Porsche isnow a submarine... sinking everyday!
  • C
    At $5.85 with a almost 4% dividend this is a no brainer.
  • e
    I still cannot get a straight reply what POAHY will be worth assuming an IPO of 85 billion.If you can please show the math with the number you arrive at
  • D
    I did the math...should be around $9 ish
  • j
    joe v
    can someone tell me the difference between the 2 different ticker symbols
    Which one is better to own and why?
    thank you