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Porsche Automobil Holding SE (POAHF)

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    Down 13% in the last month. I can’t find any news why? Any insight would be helpful
  • A
    It's time to either separate the company or pay a special year end dividend to reward shareholders.....jmho
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    STEVE WEISS, the paid pumper has been pumping this #$%$ for months yet POOPAHY cant get out of $11range. In the mean time, they pump it then dump it. What is wrong here?
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    I’m starting a position today probably
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    Wall St.
    If $POAHY is a holding company, of numerous companies. What relationship it has to Porsche? Porsche, is part of Volkswagen.
    So Porsche Automobile holding, owns %31 of Volkswagen and what VW owns. So what's the point in investing in POAHY rather than in VW?
    Can someone, intelligently elaborate ❓
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    Geoffrey Lipsey
    POAHY reacting to news Goldman exploring public offering?
  • C
    Porsche P/E 5

    Tesla P/E 300

    Go figure...........!
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    $7 coming!!!!
  • U
    A pump by Steven Weiss CNBC, probably on the payroll of some wired
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    Up almost 4% today - any news why?
  • C
    Porsche Dividend 2.4%

    Tesla Dividend o%
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    The POAHY ADR that trades in USA. Is one ADR EQUAL 1 share of POAHY?
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    If QS succesfully makes the solid state battery, VW gonna blew all the other EVs to hell. This is already priced into QS, but not here.
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    When is earnings ? This stock needs to make a big run
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    POOP AHY is going to $ 7.50. I am waiting!
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    Good morning to all the BAGGIES!!!
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    Just so everyone is clear: Porsche Automobil Holding SE is 99% just a holding company, which owns 31.x% of Volkswagen (and more than 50% of the voting rights).

    Porsche, the car company, is a 100% subsidiary of Volkswagen.

    Porsche Automobil Holding SE additionally owns near 100% of a 700-people software company in Germany, but that's it.

    This whole thing is a total bargain in times of $TSLA, $LCID, $NIO and others.
  • W
    Horrible outlook into 2023 because of chips. Or the shortage thereoff, taking production volumes down. Once that is settle, this will skyrocket back from 70 to 110 in a blink of an eye.
  • J
    Momentum and Value
    Porsche (POAHY)
    With electric vehicles (EVs) in investors’ spotlight, Volkswagen (VWAGY) has been much talked about as an excellent conservative play on this theme. As arguably the largest automaker in the world, VW sold more EVs last year than any other company in the world.

    But another holding company and brand, Porsche Automobile Holding (POAHY), has a controlling interest in Volkswagen. And with typical Teutonic complexity, Porsche, in turn, is one of the many divisions of this auto giant, along with VW and Audi, and owns prestigious names including Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti. Porsche owns 31.4% of Volkswagen equity, but has 53.3% voting control of the company.

    Surprisingly, Porsche is Volkswagen’s most significant profit center, followed by its Audi brand. Porsche also owns the prominent Taycan EV, priced from $79,900 to $187,600, as a sedan or an SUV. Porsche launched its Cayenne SUV way back in 2002 and in 2020 sold more than 90,000 Cayennes, by far its best seller with almost three times the sales of its most famous car, the 911. But most of Porsche’s profits come from its 911 sports car.

    Porsche also announced last week a joint venture with Customcells to produce high-performance batteries that will significantly reduce charging times. The partnership will aim to develop car batteries with higher energy density than prototypes used in Porsche’s current electric cars.

    Here is the opportunity. While competitor Ferrari’s (RACE) U.S.-listed shares trade at about 41 times forecasted 2021 earnings, Porsche trades at a mere seven times consensus forecasted earnings for 2021.

    Last quarter’s earnings were up 905% over their previous pandemic comparison, with the stock nearly doubling since last September. Still, the stock trades at just 73% of book value and has only $37 million in debt. Porsche is a great example of what I call “pink sheet blue chips,” which trade over the counter. This stock has great trading volume and liquidity, so its OTC trading is not an issue. Let’s start with a half position.
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    Sir John T
    My son who also invests asked me about my price thoughts on POAHY the other day and, since I've already communicated them to him, I'm happy to summarize what I told him here.

    First of all, EV is the future (he agrees with me on that). TSLA has a lead in that space....but don't be too quick to conclude that they have "the" lead as most decent-sized auto companies will have to get into that space to participate in the future direction of the industry.
    My bias is against U.S. manufacturers achieving sufficient success to make a successful run for the number 2 slot and my thought is that the Germans will get there least to fill the number 2 slot behind TSLA. I've owned a VW product....admittedly a long time ago, also a BMW. When I turner 40, I bought a Porsche 928 which was a fun car. Since then, my wife and I have owned 5 Audis. Before we married, my wife had a Benz, and had also driven Range-Rovers.
    We had a top of the line Lexus two years ago which we sold to a neighbor and shipped another Audi to our home in Florida.
    My bet is that, as this market evolves, VW will emerge as the number 2 player within 3-5 years and, on a valuation basis, should trade for at least 50-60% of TSLA's valuation....if not closer. VW has a large dealer network and by owning POAHY, you are essentially somewhat derisking a direct investment in VW and, if VW achieves the success I think they have a decent shot at, VW will do very, very well and Porsche, through its ownership control will do even better.
    I told my son to be sure to check out the other "investments" Porsche has made in transportation venture capital investments, the bulk of which will support their EV work.
    Lots of smart engineers under the Porsche hood. It remains one of my largest investments or, perhaps to better characterize it, one of my largest bets on the future.