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Party City Holdco Inc. (PRTY)

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  • G
    could anybody explain the reason for the trend over the past few trading days?
  • J
    Not sure what happened to all of the discussions about how the stock has seen its last days at $2.50 range and how the options were all priced at $2.50/share and that once the expirations hit, the stock was going to move up.
  • A
    Not sure about the calls and do not trade in that venue and the Market Makers...hey might be right. When I look at a company I make sure I know something about the business. Bunch of folks that probably do not know the party biz have made some good bucks here. Especially the big buyers when it was in change. The way I see it, as opposed to this post, is Q3 WILL be bad. Summer is never good in the biz. If you are waiting for a good report I suspect not. This whole thing depends on Halloween. If that does not go well, the stock will run up on anticipation prior to Halloween and sink. Not sure what will happen. If I knew, I would spend a mint and collect. If you see huge sales at Walmart and other big retailers short of Halloween, that might be a sign. I wish you all well on this investment.
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    This won't break $3 until Oct 19. Reason being is that the OI on OTM Oct 16 calls is 18,000... MMs are going to hold this down so they profit all that premium. With no catalyst between now and Oct 16, and with a mkt cap of $280MM, it won't be that hard for MMs to suppress. Welcome to the world of micro-cap stocks. MMs run the show. Starting Oct 19, this will begin a run up to $3.6-4 by Nov 5. Then we'll see how the quarterly report goes. If the report is bullish, as I expect, then I think we'll see the gap fill up to $6-7 by Nov 13.
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    Nap Town
    I own 15k+ shares of $PRTY holding strong.
  • l
    Prty bagholders keep losing. Lol. I love it
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    Taking profits
    bought the other half position at 2.45 today. once volume picks up this will go up
  • t
    Where does everyone see this stock come close to Halloween?
  • P
    Thought I bought it at the bottom, $2.495.
  • R
    I bought when was in .50cents range and sold at $3. I observed the volatility through this year. Was a crazy ride up but what I’m learning is in this environment, longterm isn’t the best way to play some of these stocks. The climbs have been slow but the drops are very dramatic. I’m looking to buy again under $2. I did same thing with AR. Just sold at $4. I’m happy with my gains and just take the chips off the table. I’m looking for Coty to go up from here. Gonna buy more around $3.
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    PR coming very soon. Mark my words.
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    Taking profits
    This is holding up well and is still in an uptrend. Feels like it's coiling and pressure building to hold it here. I bought 2.55 for a half position again and will sell below 2.35 if it gets to that level. 2k shares for now it's a risk of 400$ loss. I will buy 2k more at 2.45 that's the 50 day and has been my downside target. I posted that over a week ago when I sold 4k at 3.35 with a 2.47 average on those shares.
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    The company is in the right direction and added a new board of directors to its team. Longs will be rewarded in a couple of months.
  • J
    hear that, kids? That's the sound of a party city BK filing about to happen. Get out while you can.
  • D
    13.2 million shares off the shelf at $2.88, filed with SEC yesterday.
  • C
    15k more shares at $2.05 - yes will take it thanks :)
  • l
    why would people sell its just about to get good. im still holding
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    Taking profits
    There is the touch of the 50 day I have been saying. should mark a bottom for now and start to go higher from here.
  • T
    October 18, Party will be around $5. Mark my words.
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    Taking profits
    well that was very eventful