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  • K
    Parsons definitely turned a corner and is now a defense company with plays in infrastructure and cybersecurity.
    • Revenue increases 15% year-over-year to $1,009 million, includes organic growth of 9%
    • Organic revenue growth driven by both segments: Federal Solutions 11% and Critical Infrastructure 8%
    • Net income increases 173% to $18 million
    • Adjusted EBITDA increases 18% to $77 million
  • T
    Congrats to Mr George Ball on what looks like a near term retirement as a new CFO has been named. I appreciate that he has been a consistent buyer of company stock and, as a former employee, was always a class act and well respected by his team.
  • B
    15 yrs ago Parsons decided to not chase design contracts, and to focus on program and project management. As you said, the profit margins on design contracts is slim to none. If you look at Parsons profits, its much better than its competitors in the AE space. I'm proud to say I own this stock. As a former employee of Parsons and its major competitors, getting out of the design business was a great business decision.
  • u
    SOP shares are given to the US employees annually at 8% of Salary up to a limit according
    to ESOP rules. These shares come from a pool of the shares the company buy back from employees
    who retire that year and a company held shares.
    So no ESOP share of the float shares which are only 20 % of the total shares.
    This was current till the company went public. Now they need to tell us how the ESOP shares are
    dealt with now .The ESOP shares are held by the company in employee ESOP accounts.
  • u
    Massive down volume Friday must be some explanation. Not insiders or ESOP as far as I can see. Any ideas?
  • E
    Why are we being blessed with an opportunity to buy a well established company at a discount?? That should be the only question!!
  • B
    TIME for buy rec's to start, then watch when largest shareholder (ESOP) starts buying, we smaller shareholders just buy what we can and forget , it'll go thru the roof
  • R
    Get on board
  • M
    Houston we have ignition!!!
  • D
    ER will boost this up 💪😆😁. Oldest Defense Contractor. Somebody say 'Legacy' Company?. 6-18-19 will slowly start it's climb before ER. Bullish overall.
  • B
    52,000 shares trade in last 20 minutes, and again every day huge selling in last 30 minutes. This goes back to the ESOP and stock based compensation. while mgmt. sleeps. stock should be at $73 -$80, never with this mgmt. vote proxies no or hope for activist INCESTOR
  • B
    EPS,wonderful company , buy and put away or trade after eps
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    PSN reached an all time high at 44.40
  • T
    Baseball season is over...
  • J
    Just Don't
    How in a day where almost everyone else in industry gains; does this company loose equity? I sure hope that they have either; an exciting announcement, or exceed their3rd Q earnings by the Nov. call. Just saying....
  • K
    What a joke! When does Parsons stock repurchase kick in? Today down 1% while Jacobs and AECOM are up 2%- DJ up 58. C'mon Parsons, there is no excuse to not have a better quarterly earnings report on Nov 3. We're expecting improved revenue, increased backlog, profit to exceed expectations, and much improved business outlook.
  • J
    I am a former Parsons employee. I left Parsons some 20 years ago. I actually worked on a project with Mr. Harrington way back when. He is a Parsons “lifer” who grew up in the organization (Parson’s current CEO). Here are some things as I understand them. I have a significant number of shares in the Parsons ESOP (as do many former and current employees). As I understand it, I cannot access or touch these shares until I attain the age of 65 since I was not fully vested at the time of my departure. If you were/are fully vested, you can access these shares at age 62. I believe this situation affects 80% + of the shares which are held by the ESOP. These shares will slowly be released to the market as former and current employees attain their retirement age and have access to the shares. I believe this means that there will not be a flood of shares hitting the market when the “lock out” ends. Former employees (like me) have to wait until we reach retirement age to do anything.
    This also means since so many shares are controlled by the ESOP, the stock can be subjected to wild swings since the float (tradable shares) is so minimal. Just look at the daily volume – it’s tiny for a 99 Million plus shares outstanding.
  • K
    Parsons sp is falling because the perceived value is hard to realize when its competition is providing dividends - Aecom just announced today.
    Parsons needs to do away by eliminating the annual deposit of ESOP shares (equivalent to 8% of one’s salary) into ESOP accounts and start a dividend program that awards all shareholders instead. This is how one perceives shareholder value.