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Platinum Group Metals Ltd. (PTM.TO)

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    This stock is beginning to get exciting due to the fact that it will start producing palladium and platinum in 2024! I think the global requirements to move away from internal combustion engines to green technology such as hydrogen and electohydrogen hybrid vehicles and semis! Platinum is a major element in green hydrogen electrolyzers! Fuel cells also contain, you guessed it, platinum! Since 80% of the worlds platinum supply is in South Africa, this company in cooperation with Impala, JOGMEC, and other partners, I see a bright future for this company! I can easily see this stock to soar to $118 to $236 a share! Do your own research and you will see the opportunity that I do! All precious metals will be in severe deficits, especially copper! I am on the shuttle waiting for it to head to the moon!
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    This is a $3,20 stock. It has a 50% upside from here (at least)
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    I think we just made it around the final bend, onward and upward 👆
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    These guys don't sell platinum
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    looks like the lows are in, this stock is tough to hold sometimes but it does appear to be carving out a large rounding bottom which is what I suspected would happen just taking a bit longer than anticipated.

    this stock in the short term is heavily influenced by sentiment, momentum and day traders, but I believe in the end there will be a lot of money to be made by those who sit tight.
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    buy buy
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    Mike Wallace
    Buy now
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    have owned this stock for 2 + years.......this rapid climb has happened several time before ( check chart )...this climb is f.o.m.o.... mania....PLG is ( Primary palladium )it will not be producing P. metal until 2024 @ the earliest. so.................
    1. no new news....DEC. 1, last..... 2. will not start producing till maybe 2024....... 3. other platinum & paladium mines are certainly NOT climbing like PLG..... 4. this stock has done this on multiple occasions and dropped back to reality.... 5. still waiting on Permit......6. no big change in Palladium or platinum spot prices.....look at this fundamentally or you will get burned
    I am a long term holder of PLG and when this happens I sell 75 % of my position and within days or weeks I buy it back with a very nice s/t profit.......take your profits while you can & pat yourself on the back, then buy it back when it goes back to $ 2. 45- $ 2. 65......this stock will be a VERY BIG winner but it is way too soon. best of luck
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    January 22, 2021 (Globe Newswire)
    Liberty Metals & Mining Holdings, LLC ("LMM") announces that LMM sold through the facilities of the New York Stock Exchange 3,328,544 common shares (each, a "Common Share") of Platinum Group Metals Ltd. ("Platinum") at a price of US$4.00 per Common Share (or C$5.08 per Common Share) for aggregate gross proceeds of US$13,314,176 (or C$16,932,969.03) (the "Sale").

    Immediately prior to the Sale, LMM held 11,061,819 Common Shares, representing 15.32% of the then issued and outstanding Common Shares.

    Following the Sale, LMM held 7,733,275 Common Shares, representing 10.71% of the 72,209,776 of the issued and outstanding Common Shares.
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    Volume way up on PLG. Added to additional stock exchanges.
    Vancouver, British Columbia and Johannesburg, South Africa--(Newsfile Corp. - September 30, 2020) - Platinum Group Metals Ltd. (TSX: PTM) (NYSE American: PLG) ("Platinum Group", "PTM" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has been added to the S&P/TSX SmallCap Index as of September 21, 2020. The S&P/TSX SmallCap Index provides an investable index for the Canadian small cap market and was developed with industry input as the ideal benchmark for those with small cap exposure to the Canadian equity market. Platinum Group Metals is listed on the TSX as PTM and on the NYSE.A as PLG. The Company's main asset is the controlling interest in the Waterberg palladium deposit in South Africa ("Waterberg", or the "Waterberg Project").

    Commenting on the addition, Platinum Group's President and CEO, R. Michael Jones, stated, "The key outcome of the 2019 Definitive Feasibility Study for Waterberg is the development of one of the largest and potentially lowest cash cost underground PGM mines globally and the deposit is dominated by palladium. We are pleased to be added to the S&P/TSX SmallCap Index as our business advances. We are excited about the months ahead as we work towards securing a Mining Right and a development plan with the Waterberg Joint Venture partners."

    About Platinum Group Metals Ltd. Platinum Group Metals Ltd. is the operator of the Waterberg Project, a 19.5 million ounce proven and probable reserve
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    I am an engineer and am familiar with PEM electrolyzers for green Hydrogen in the near future! PEM electrolyzers utilize platinum as an element within. Since PLG owns 49% of the South African mine discovered within the Bushveld Complex, I am confident that this company will deliver quality platinum to the worldwide marketplace! Another important fact is that South Africa, more specifically the Bushveld Complex, accounts for 70 to 80% of worldwide platinum deposits. Also, PLG is going to utilize shallow stopes to mine the platinum ore which will mean less cost to mine, refine, and distrubute the platinum to the customer! Less mining costs means more money within the pockets of investors! Furthermore, platinum is the most undervalued precious metal offered as an investment asset! PLG's mine is expected to start production in 2024, so there is still time to jump on board and ride the investment opportunity of a lifetime!
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    Platinum has largely outperformed gold since November 2020 as reflation hopes and a projected recovery in global auto sales
    However EV production will pressure catalyst metals in long term
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    Here's how I see it; PTM anticipates a 20.7% annual rate of growth after tax, its Waterberg mine life estimated at 45 years, 19.5 million OZ of reserve mineral, 45% ownership, and significant strategic investors, including: Implats 15% (World's third largest producer of Platinum), JOGMEC (Japan Oil, Gas, & Metals National Corp.) 12.95%, Hanwa Co. (Diversified Japanese Trading Co.) 9.5%, and Hosken Consolidated Investments (South African Black Empowered Holding Co.). In other words, if these investors are willing to put their money down based on this discovery and the Company's positive DFS, it demonstrates and confirms that following the smart money is where it is at! This stock will be well worth the wait especially once "green energy incentives fall into place over the next couple of years. Having a research group finding ways to utilize Pd for Li is also an ingenious strategy to have up and coming EV markets take a good look at this companies resource as well.
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    I believe that the recent millenials efforts to run Gamestop stocks up, taking profits, are next focusing on running the precious metals up. Mark my words that silver will go to $60/ounce by year's end, platinum to go to $2100/ounce and Palladium up to $3200/ounce. I am loading up on PLG due to the fact that it is a junior mining company focused in exploration and new battery technology. Also we are awaiting mining rights at Waterburg and production is slated to start in 2024. I know by experience to get into these companies early and not wait for the ride up to end. One last point is that PLG from a company standpoint is that this company is well organized and have seen much of their planning, research, and development plans thoroughly thought out.
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    I think there are two support levels around 3.70 and 2.90 but i think 3.70 would hold and i will probably add more and cost average down. I initially bought at 6.50.
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    Big, huge $PLG info.... Insiders (mostly one entity) just bought over $6 million dollars worth of the company stock, a few days ago.... The larger purchase making that buyer a 10% stakeholder in PLG.
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    Barron's features PLG..
    A Metal More Precious Than Gold and Palladium --
    5:59 am ET March 22, 2019 (Dow Jones) Print

    By Myra P. Saefong

    With a more than 30% jump in prices so far this year, rhodium now costs more than twice what gold or palladium do. Despite that, the precious metal hasn't attracted much attention from investors.

    Rhodium, which is corrosion resistant, is used in vehicle catalytic converters and as an electrical contact material. It has climbed beyond a 10-year high to $3,250 an ounce as of Wednesday, up from $2,460 at the end of 2018, according to data from specialty-chemicals company Johnson Matthey. That per-ounce price compares with $1,301.70 for gold and a record $1,560.40 for palladium futures.

    "Rhodium prices of less than $1,000 [an ounce were] far too cheap for such a rare and useful commodity," says Hans-Guenter Ritter, global head of trading at Heraeus Precious Metals. Rhodium prices fell under $1,000 as recently as August 2017, according to Johnson Matthey. "A price somewhere between $2,500 and $3,500 [an ounce] is fair value depending on demand pull, the platinum price, and the rand-dollar exchange rate," given that mine supply is "very highly concentrated to South Africa," says Ritter.

    Automotive catalytic converters, which control exhaust emissions, make up the bulk of demand. The metal provides a "tiny chemical key in the catalytic convert mix to unlock the cleaner air coming out of a tailpipe, " says R. Michael Jones, chief executive of Platinum Group Metals (ticker: PLG). "Sadly for the world, there are zero...primary rhodium deposits in the world."