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PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL)

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As of 1:48PM EST. Market open.
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  • r
    The only thing that has changed about PYPL over these last few weeks is the stock price. It is still the same company in the lower 200s that it was at 300. Free cash flow is still going to double in 5 years. That is all I need to know to know the market will reward PYPL for that. That is why it is so important to not sell during the bad times. This company and SQ are extreme disruptions to the way business payments get done...they are the future and forward looking. I own both and have added on the dips. Bitcoin will only be further rocket fuel for them to go much higher. The bad times won’t last forever longs. Fintech is one of my favorite industries and is going to continue to embraced by many small businesses...economic reopening will be a boon for SQ, PYPL, V, and MA. Long and strong.
  • J
    PYPL is lagging behind its peers. WHY?

    PYPL is the best financial stock out there. Cathie Wood has been loading up on PYPL. 🤗💚💚
  • K
    Stock is heavily undervalued
  • H
    Im am very excited about this market rotation right now and if you are long PayPal you should be excited as well and here’s why:

    PayPals growth story has only got better every quarter in the last 12 months. As big money rotates out it gives people who have been in this stock for years a chance to start buying back in at an awesome discount. I will be allocating a majority of my investment money every 2 weeks into PayPal and square.

    These are $1,000 stocks in 3-5 years. Businesses crushed by COVID Won’t get that money back. Everyone isn’t going to come back and spend 3-4x the amount of money to make up for the money they didn’t at brick and mortar. That money is gone forever. It’s been funneled into tech.
  • B
    I think someone on CNBC said this stock should hit $350. Can anyone confirm? Also, there is a new strain of the virus in NYC that I believe is spreading fast. Exactly who is confirming that this pandemic is over? WIth strains popping up seemingly on a weeky basis or so, do we really belive that we are out of the woods ?

    Tech stocks will continue to be required now and going forward. Me thinks this is an overblown selloff. MSFT, PYP, APPL which were roaring pre pandemic as well as during the pandemic will now suddenly stop functioning as required technology. Exactly how are value stocks immune from utilizing these stocks as they supposedly step up now? Much of this churn seems illogical, IMHO.
  • J
    one of the best companies when it comes to growth year over year, great profits, and people still think it is a good idea to sell? even with this "market rotation", paypal will not be used less as you can still make payments in stores with paypal debit and credit cards, they will even increase revenue having the 2 sides of the business live, phisical and online.
  • R
    Real_Stacey Kronch
    Breaking news, Disney just announced that they will be closing 20% of their brick and mortar stores as they move to more e-commerce. HELLO PAYPAL.
    Re-opening, all good, but the world has embraced technology to it’s fullest.
    The real re-openings travel etc will be another area PYPL seized on.
    Hold your shares, add if you can, and know you are in a behemoth of finance, tech and crypto.
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    Real_Stacey Kronch
    Ready to gut it out for the long haul. The business model is great. The projections are awesome, and management will be continuing an aggressive share buyback program.
    I guess I will have to hunker down for a while, but when people realize Jerome Powell is not a great communicator, and the Fed will take care of the market and be fine, things will right themselves. Powell is committed to this as is Treasury Secretary Yellin. Powell is a poor communicator, but he will do what is right, and the market is a safe haven. Everyone wanted a pullback to get in, well here you have it. And don’t forget the market is your only option and the Fed will not let it get damaged with all of the nation’s pension funds tied to it.
    $PYPL is a bargain and a great place to park it until we move forward on the macro level.
    Stay long and strong.
    Good luck all.
  • F
    PayPal bought Israeli fintech firm Curv, buy more
  • C
    Chris Usiak
    A large portion of the stimulus payments will be direct deposited into people paypal accounts and spent using paypal, or to buy cryto.
  • A
    This is painful, my portfolio has been wiped 25% in a matter of a couple weeks with great stocks. Hoping for a better day on Monday, Longs. We will recover , buy when the market is fearful ! $APPL $TSLA $AVGO $AMZN $MSFT $NVDA $PYPL $SQ $BABA
  • H
    Paypal should be a $400 stock with Vemo and making money off Crypto exchanges, advertisements, ect.
  • S
    All my stocks are down big before opening except my weight. I stepped on the scale this morning, I gained even more now.
  • A
    PayPal acquired curv company
    Great news,prce can only go up more
  • A
    PYPL+SQ should run higher tiday btwn 3:30 - 4PM Market clise... why (?);

    because at 3PM EST; Dan Dolev (Mizuno) & Cathie Wood (ARK) interview... sharing their 5-10 year strategy to participate in global disruptive Innovation
  • P
    COVID is a long way from over, and mutations are increasing rapidly. Don't bury your faith in PYPL quite yet. There is a LONG road ahead before this and other highly probable pandemics are sufficiently eradicated. Easy to bash an exceptional stock when it falls. Expect ANOTHER record breaking earnings report. With over 40 years investing experience, I can tell you that this is a fantastic entry level.
  • C
    This is about the time that people go from fear to massive opportunism at the carnage of buying opps. We lived thru much higher rates and tech was fine $sq $pypl $dm $amZn $aapl
  • j
    If you look at the chart, you’ll notice there was also a broad based selloff in Oct which included a Pypl drop of about 10%. This time we have a drop of about 18% so far, which is disturbing, but the last correction lasted 18 days from top to bottom before resuming the upwards trend and we are now 16 days into this current drop, hopefully another correction.

    It’s healthy for the market, as long as it doesn’t transform into a panic crash.

    The trend line for Pypl is still solidly bullish, with a spike and drop ‘correction’ during February off a very bullish trendline over the last year that we are still well within on a slow stochastic basis...

    Nothing has fundamentally changed; the government is still printing money with a lot more to come very soon, we are still at near zero interest rates, and Pypl is still making money hand over fist on crypto.

    The scary trend is the treasury yield rising over the last few months, so we need to keep a close eye on that trend which can cause a panic selloff if this continues too long and that yield gets too high.

    I am not panicking. We should know within the next week or so whether this short term bear is part of a longer term bear or just a temporary valuation reset.
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    Mike Hunt Hurtz
    Shake out. Sorry...not falling for it. Think I'll add another 100 shares...thanks.
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    Michael J. Troll
    For what's it worth my uncle is a doctor in L.A,
    He say's Covid will most likely NEVER leave us, much like the Flu.
    It will continue to mutate and we will develop new vaccines for more strains, much like the Flu.
    It will come and go at varying degrees year after year, much like the Flu.
    But of course, more deadly.
    Soooo, Im betting its good idea to stay in some of these so called "shut down stocks" as people will undoubtable choice to do everything "safer" for quite some time to come.