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    Hi all - Looking for some rational conversation. If you all will notice with SPY, from the 3rd through the 10th of Sept the index went steadily down each day while the volume increased each one of those five days. Back in the olden days that methodology of decreasing price and increasing volume over a five day period was a pretty good way to tell that the distribution process has started, the big players are selling, and the index was going to suffer during the next few weeks/months. While I don’t see the same thing with QQQ, the period between the 8th through the 14th is pretty close and todays volume capped it off. My take is that the rest of Sept may be ugly, and since you’ve heard me before state that downturns now are going to be fierce and quick, it’ll be on us before you can whistle dixie. I for one am not selling a thing and indeed would love to throw more logs on the fire in QQQ, but only after a significant percent downturn from record levels. Anyone have actual data that points towards this eventuality as likely? I for one am waiting on the new margin debt levels. Anyone know when these come out?
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    bubble what bubble
    QQQ’s put volume is HUGE. Who buys the most puts? Ma and Pa? No, this crater has more room to run—downward. JMHO
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    @Lisa - Any advice would depend on the circumstances. Primarily are you talking 100s, 1000s, Tens of thousands, 100s of thousands of dollars or more invested? As well as your goals inasfar as wanting to be long term investor or speculator. Could throw out alot of cheap advice like dollar cost averaging, trying not to time the market, waiting for pullbacks, not to be afraid when the market seems "high", etc.. but doesn't mean much unless know more detail.
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    Hey guys, I know you don’t like people coming on here and asking for advice, but just bought into Q yesterday at 375 and am thinking I could probably take a small profit and buy back in at lower price given that it’s near alll-time high. Am new at investing and hate to make too many mistakes ( especially since I already have)….any advice would b greatly appreciated. Thank you and GLTA.
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    I do not like the back and forth probing by the algos today. I am not convinced that this latest pullback is behind us yet. Hopefully Powell will provide a dovish response for tomorrow's Fed statement, but a potentially bigger risk now is the possibility Evergrande cash crunch could cascade to other firms and markets. GL longs
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    My only move today is to ...
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    ( is truly one of the best stock advice newsletters out there! Their daily emails give me all the information I need to trade more wisely each day. I rely heavily on their watchlists and recommend all traders should do the same!
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    this is what GS is saying. lets see how good his call is 2 weeks from now. qqq is at 365.7 today. "CNBC Pro: JPMorgan’s trading guru Kolanovic says market sell-off is ‘technical’ and a buying opportunity"
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    not even a 5 percent drop in SPX so far from of the longest periods without it finally came to an end
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    I am still down 8 years worth of dividends! So depressed right now!
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    Everyone is crowding into short/put positions for a correction, that will only squeeze us higher. See u at 380 soon.
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    Uber drivers and waiters are giving stock buy recommendations - always goes up - easy money, right
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    Crude going higher, means market going higher also.
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    All time high by end of the month.
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    Enough with the FOMO!
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    The world population increases by 200,000 people a day. They are going to need jobs, housing, food, computers, smartphones and 401k’s. Think about long term growth. Just buy and hold…that’s all you have to do.
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    Fingers crossed for a green close today. GL longs.
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    Hearing things such as “I am 100% cash in my 401k” to “I am buying Puts” just shows that the same mistakes are made again and again by people who would be much better served by putting the money into index funds and only checking in every 6-12 months. It is not said that “when it comes to investing we are our own worst enemy” for no reason. If you really want to play I would advise reading some books such as “Irrational Exuberance” by Shiller and the Great Crash of 1929 by Galbraith so you get a better grip on what to look for in a market that is out of control. And temper that by reading on the history of the Federal Reserve and its role and powers today. I know much easier on the brain to run with the conspiracy theories, herd think, and cheap technical analysis, but if you truly want to be well off there is no replacement for actual knowledge.
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    $SPY conversation
    I did $SPY puts market open Tuesday and $QQQ puts market close Tuesday. Also got VXX calls market close. Everything is lining up for a 4-5% pull back. Have about $5,000 in SPY puts $1,000 in QQQ puts and 500 in VXX calls. So far looking good!
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    Look people, the market is very reasonably priced. Have you opened a CD lately and noticed the interest being paid? Yes, that’s why the money is in stocks.