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Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (RCL)

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  • J
    Next week RCL will announce they will be making a 100 million stock offering at a price of $100. Who ever is underwriting this is pumping the stock to the moon.
  • p
    I shyed away from shorting this stock nine months ago because it kept going up despite being CLOSED DOWN-it made no sense than,it makes less now > 4 consecutive ONE BILLION DOLLAR QUARTERLY LOSSESS!!!!! and the stock is up? this isn't a market, its a criminal enterprise-this is all manipulation to keep the billions in debt from defaulting,thus putting one or more financial institutions at risk.
  • J
    To short sellers and those wondering why this is up 11%+ -

    This thing makes no sense to go up 11%+ and be at 11 month highs when reporting a loss of $1.1Billion...they aren't even going to be cruising until end of year.

    Nonetheless, if you are one of those playing the short game on this stock...don't try to make sense of the price increases.

    Just stop fighting it and get out of that position...maybe not today on a big up day but find a good exit price. Market Makers/institutions are manipulating this stock big time is the only thing that makes sense.

    I use to have a short position in RCL until I got burned 5-6 months ago and was forced to close out my position and take the loss to stop it from growing.

    Honestly with how the market is's best to avoid shorting and find good stocks to hold, both short term and long term. Just my thoughts from being in your shoes before.
    I actually almost bought a position recently at $65 to go long on this stock since it goes up on bad news, only highlighting the future potential that is still more than 6-12 months away!
  • j
    how you going to make money with only 20% of capacity allowed on the ship?
  • m
    absolutely unwarranted increase based on the fundamentals and guidance given in the earnings report
  • J
    funny how a company that is on the brink of bankruptcy and almost unrecoverable debt is up to $90
  • C
    This is how those hedgefunds make money. Pumping up a stock to get more retail to jump in. Then it will tank quickly
  • s
    With dilution and debt, this is at all its time high with zero operation now and for the near future. They proved in the past to be a profitable model but the burden of the covid nightmare is going to weigh them down for years to come. Not shorting because I love cruising and hope they do well but very cautious at these prices
  • J
    buying based on Covid decline. possibly mid or late summer cruise πŸ›³ could spike the price over $150 πŸ€‘πŸ“ˆπŸš€πŸ‚
  • D
    What are your predictions of where this will be headed after earnings ? Seems it usually goes higher after earnings?
  • W
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  • g
    Norwegian Cancels cruises and the stock goes up.
    RCL article that says the cash burn might be less at ER and this goes up.
    RCL downgraded to sell and 55$ price target and this goes up..
    Canada cancels all of 2021 and we are up since that news.

    I wonder what will happen if there is ever good news?
  • J
    RCL was giving 125% onboard credit to all those people, who rebooked cruise instead od asking for refund. Also, they are giving 50-250$ onboard credit to people who own 100+ shares. 2022 cruises were sold with great discounts. Profit margin will be killed, it will become obvious once they start cruising. Patience is the key to success.
  • j
    what happens when folks refuse the cruising
  • S
    $AEHR conversation
    Looks like Marc Gomes is talking about Aehr again.

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  • S
    Sold my position today for a nice profit. I see lots of challenges ahead - cutting some of my risk. Financials are looking strong with rising interest rates. I also like healthcare with good balance sheets and strong dividends. Good luck!
  • T
    Laboring under a heavy load
    Carnival recently had to visit the debt financing well for the fifth time since the pandemic started, raising nearly $600 million. It follows a $1 billion financing trip in November, and has led credit rating agency Moody's to say Carnival's debt rating could sink deeper into junk territory.

    Similarly, Royal Caribbean just negotiated a restructuring of nearly $4.5 billion worth of debt so that it would violate covenant restrictions on the loans. Its lenders waived compliance until after the third quarter of 2022, but also prohibited the cruise operator from paying any dividends or buying back any stock during the waiver period.

    Without question, these maneuvers give the cruise ships breathing room and will allow them to survive the storm, but surviving is not the same as thriving. Carnival is now over $22 billion in debt, Norwegian has more than $10 billion in debt, and Royal Caribbean has almost $18 billion.

    It's why the prospect for a widely distributed and administered COVID-19 vaccine provides hope for an eventual recovery. Yet even putting out to sea again might not be enough.

    Still stormy seas
    Even though the CDC's conditional sailing order allows for a phased restart of cruises from U.S. ports, the industry keeps pushing back its sail dates. That's because there are no real standards and protocols yet for what constitutes safe sailing, and though cruise lines will implement temperature checks, COVID-19 testing, social distancing, and more, there is a long time to go before any of that is used on a widespread basis.

    Vaccinations are going to be necessary for passengers to really feel comfortable being confined at sea with others. While some companies have indicated it will be mandatory for crews to be vaccinated, it's still up for debate whether cruise lines will require passengers to also get the vaccine.

    Once all of these measures come together, cruising will be deemed safe by consumers. Until those pieces fall into place, however, bets on recovery are more of a gamble than an investment, and the payoff won't be until next year at the earliest.

    Investors would be better off being landlubbers than bidding up shares of cruise line stocks.
  • M
    $NCLH conversation
    For all the buyers of cruise line stocks, including short covering shorts, at $26 per share, NCLH's total enterprise value (market cap plus total debts) have reached the highs before the covid-19 pandemic. It will take at least two years for cruise lines to be able to operate at full capacity before CDC's restrictions are lifted, in the main time, cruise lines, such as $NCLH, $CCL, $RCL, will continue to increase their debt loads and share counts as negative cashflows persists because of 50% capacity restrictions.

    It's your money and my posts is not investment advice, but for pure entertainment only. But, it seems obvious that cruise lines at best offer fully priced investments that yields low single digit annual returns, at worst will go belly up and shareholders' capital will disappear in a bankruptcy filing. You can say bye bye to your returns especially when you include inflation.
  • R
    $CCL conversation
    Good going longs. You just pumped the stock price so they could dilute.
    Next comes dilution from $NCLH and $RCL. See you all at $24 .... soon.
  • p
    when this craziness stops at the 120 level-I will take out a second mortgage on my home and buy thousands of puts---------------they have to declare bk at some point