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Royal Dutch Shell plc (RDSA.L)

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At close: 4:35PM BST
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  • J
    Joe Biden is against fossiles and for renewables. Now, would that be negative for Shell because of less import or positive because of less american production? Or both depending on the time frame?
  • G
    Early in the day Shell was down 1%, but ended the day up 2%. I like seeing that big turnaround from a large early morning loss. If tomorrow is up, I will feel even better. I was worried it would retest the early October low but we bounced higher well before testing those lows.
  • P
    Gourmet stock. Stuck stock.
    USA might expect 2nd wave of covid in January. Europe will be peaking in around 3 weeks. Vaccine will be essential, but there are numerous people who refuse to be vaccinated. There is a huge camaign of desinformational media.
  • o
    The funny thing is if Shell will stop make any business today is still worth $40 plus per share. The Shell got so many unique assets it worth $225-250 billions. Like I said before. Don’t even pay attention for this endless sell off. Be cool. I personally will be flying to Aruba this Thursday for relaxing. You guy’s do the same. Let market makers sell the share to each other even for $0. Long and strong.
  • S
    Closing in green and higher in today's % gain than all the major indexes! Turning the corner? I just sold the December $27.5 covered calls with the shares Put to me. Why not make some Call option premium money while waiting for the divvy and the share price to move up? My share cost basis is $26.7 so I am cool if my shares get call-away.
  • M
    A or B shares? B is a better choice. No dividend tax and cheaper. Why you holding A? Move to B.
  • B
    Slowly all the small and mid sized oil companies will be smoked out. New funding for increasing oil production will be hard. So on the supply side we should slowly see a decrease. Demand side China is recovering really well, EU is lagging quite a lot and US even more. Going forward a vaccin will boost travel confidence, so by next year supply should be lower and demand higher. That should give a higher oil price and more profits. Vaccin is key in this perspective (and next year has a high probability). Once oil price is high and profits recovered and the stock price trades a lot higher is probably where I will be taking profits.
  • c
    What’s with the up today?
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    Let's say every year is a covid year; how do you think this scenario would play out?
  • O
    So is $3 NG help this company to improve it results the following two quarters?
  • Z
    I have owned this off and on since 1967. I am in at big loss, but refuse to sell at a loss. I will sit back and collect to little divided until it rebounds, if I live that long.
  • T
    I am confident the earnings will be at or slightly higher than expected...the concern is how BVB talks about forward looking expectations...he tends to be overly cautious without much confidence...I actually thing he is thinking like an engineer at worst case by its nature is always a risk and successful business leaders have to be optimistic and avoid knee jerk reactions. I am sure he is a nice guy but they need to put him in operations overlooking engineering safety or something. He really is not a business leader. I also suggest this company to listen to shareholders. They own the much as RDS wants to deny this, they wouldn't have jobs and pensions without share investments. We all want a clean environment but timing is not the best on this occasion and appears to be lunacy as the ship is fighting a storm, the captain wants to toss the sails over the side and call the ship a submarine.
  • B
    They mentioned earnings in Q3 2020 will be bad. This has to do with the gas prices primarely.
    Maybe after Q3 2020 earnings will be the best point of entry, especially if they give a positive outlook.
    For now it's just a hold.
  • T
    Royal Dutch Shell is currently very very ripe for a hostile takeover. The key elements, hated management by shareholders and extremely undervalued stock. Standby...this will happen if this stock stays this low for much longer and the BOD keeps the same management.
  • B
    Regular day for Royal Dutch Shell shareholders (myself included) :
  • T
    Wti down Brent down , DJ down, XOM down , this go UP ! , Thats what we are looking for babe..
  • C
    Christophe Capeau
    I fail to see that all those sell offs are 'little' investors like you and me. Something else is going on...
    Probably big investment firms at it again flexing their influence trying to manipulate the market (you and me) into selling...
    Just stand strong against them, don't let them manipulate us into selling our savings at them for a loss so they can make a few millions/billions more.
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    Trigger, I am sorry buddy but..
  • K
    RDSA’s composite analyst rating on Fidelity is now 9/10. The other majors average 3/10. I suppose time will tell, but this seems auspicious.
  • R
    I'm thinking of buying out to free cash for other gambles
    sadly oil seems like hibernated money now with all of the green hype and covid hanging around for the conceivable future