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  • A
    Move headquarters to Houston, Tx USA to get away from EU.
    I voted against the entire BOD and their climate change agenda.
    RDS is a company, not a country so duty of management is to maximize return on investment.
  • M
    This will pop fast to 43 and beyond within June -July. Every other oil major is touching or has surpassed March highs. It's been overlooked which is an accident and will corrent itself. People don't realize the dividend yield is going to be higher then other oil majors by the next couple of quarters as soon as debt reduction target is met.
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    Logically, Shell should have $ 50 billion profit this year on $ 152 billion market cap. Here is how: In addition to $ 25 billion expected current year profit due to high oil prices, Shell should get around $ 25 billion profit boost from impairment reversal.

    The reason there was a $ 22 billion paper loss in 2020 was because Shell booked $ 27.5 Impairment losses on its book due to Covid. Shell has a practice of doing impairment reversal in 2018 and 2019. So if Shell reverse $ 25 billion of 2020 impairment losses. And you add that to current year expected normal profit, you will get $ 50 billion profit this year.


    Impairment losses $ 1.7 billion
    Impairment reversal ($ 1.3 billion)


    Impairment losses $ 3.8 billion
    Impairment reversal (0.2 billion)


    Impairment losses $ 27.5 billion
  • J
    No other supermajor generates 19% FCF and yet this dog is red on $70+ oil. Management needs to be completely replaced at this point.
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    This is what BVB said in an interview in June last year in response to a question suggesting that the cutting of the dividend would risk alienating investors:

    "I would imagine the companies or investors who look at us merely as a dividend machine will consider us now less valuable. But then there’s another group that looks at the underlying intrinsic value of the company. There will be some investors who decide they don’t need to go elsewhere and some who will find it very interesting."

    And this is the problem. He actually thinks people invest in companies because they find them "interesting". It's deluded.
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    Used to pull into the gas stations, fill er up, grin and accept the cost knowing I'd be alright with stock price increases and the dividends. Not anymore, we're being ripped off from all directions. I challenge any one of you to give me one good reason to hold this stock. Growth associated with clean energy, down the road, is no good reason to hold the stock now.
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    I have an idea. A group of shareholders are hardcore activists; other shareholders just want their cash dividend. What if, Shell distribute cash to other shareholders. Shell can spin off and float a new green company and give shares of that company to hardcore activists in lieu of cash dividend. That way hardcore activists won't steal other shareholders pension money.
  • m
    Let this sink in. Oil is over $72/bbl and this stock is well under 40 and has only 1/3 the divvy when oil was in the 50's . Hello?
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    Is it possible to launch class-action lawsuit in US courts against Shell CEO and Board of Directors for failing to restore original dividends after Covid uncertainty is over and the company is back to profitability?...This is the money retirees have been depending on to pay their rent, food and other bills.
  • M
    The fact that RDS.B has been cheaper then RDS.A since last year is 100% confirmation this stock is overlooked and market value of shares is completely wrong. RDS-B has historically always traded at a premium to RDS-A shares, it provides dividend tax benefits and a higher yield in NorthAmerica. I would buy while this is overlooked it could break out any day now. Dividend yield will be 7-8% of current share price within a year.
  • c
    I don’t know how I ever traded without using (! I look forward to their daily emails each morning that list pre-market movers based on thoroughly researched stock market and world news. I highly recommend anyone who invests in the stock market!
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    Since we rarely have a moment to crow, we finished above BP, CVX, XOM, COP and several others today. We were trending up at the end of the day on a Friday with a group of ‘buy’ orders towards the end. Not much but it’s more than we’ve had lately.
  • R
    Very Manipulated Stock! Oil up to levels not seen in years; even with the Libs this should be up to at least 50!
  • R
    Every time it gets close to positive territory; sell orders come in a drop it down.
    Big Hedge Fund quietly liquidating?
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    This is getting serious. This underperformance relative to other majors has got to be a signal to the bod to do something. Come on, enough is enough.
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    Oil was $ 69.63 on October 16, 2018 and RDS-B price was $ 64.58. The current price is $ 37.71 i.e. 42% drop in share price. Shell executives and Board of Directors are still unrepentant of their crime and are determined to keep destroying the company. The only way left for shareholders is class-action lawsuit in US courts.
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    5 easy steps to increase dividends to 30%
    (1) Use leverage to buy out Shell by Hedge or other fund
    (2) Fire BvB and Board of Directors
    (3) Move head office to tax-free country and/or reorganize as a Royalty Trust
    (4) Rate of return was 14% last quarter. This quarter it should be at least 20% because of higher oil price. If you get rid of income tax, the rate of return jumps to 30%.
    (5) Start distributing 30% income as dividends
  • T
    I am bullish with RDS b but the management team really needs to do buyback and/or significantly increase the dividend. BVB and the CFO should be ashamed of themselves with the current valuation of Rds.b. And they should stop complimenting themselves for having the highest fcf in class when in reality they cut the dividend by 66%.
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    If they increase dividends, this thing is going to skyrocket
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    It simply is a buy at these levels, when they raise the dividend it will skyrocket. Just have patience and accumulate shares.