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    What Wall Street is slowing trickling out over months is increased price targets and reduced time frames to achieve them for oil. Trickling. On purpose. You should all know by now the way this game is played. They know where oil will go. They get their positions. Load up. Then they tell you about it. As a group, the average forecast moves higher. But for this scenario, I'll just tell you that the most outrageous forecasts you read are actually what will happen. It has already. And it will continue to be the case. Remember there wouldn't be $50s oil? Then $60s? Then $70s? Then $80s? Then $100? Then ultra high net worthy accounts hear about almost $200? Yeah. And you think this isn't also geo-political? It's already been decided. And now you know. My gift to you. Don't bother arguing. You don't believe it. But you WILL remember reading this. I will get my $150m on RIG when it hits $15. You know the game is rigged - pun-intended. So just read. It's just information. I'm helpful. lol
    Strategy: pick your 2 best energy E&P companies AND RIG.
    Choose leaders. Hold them. The end. That takes care of "equities."
    For an ETF, UCO is to be utilized (or some similar leveraged ETF) when you move from the $60s to $75-$80 level, upon which time an extended period of consolidation will take place (probably 2x the time we're in the $60s). THEN GET OUT! You reenter that ETF when the move from consolidation from that $75-$80 level happens. AND THEN YOU HOLD THROUGH $100 as the price of oil continues much higher. You get out after the final parabolic move, blow-off top, whatever you want to call it.
    Oil futures. Learn about them. Not necessary to trade them daily. They are to be utilized when you trend from the $60s to the next level - $75-$80 - and then sold; and similarly, repeat that from $80s trending up to past $100.
    Now 2 things. Don't dismiss futures trading as too difficult. We're NOT talking about trading it daily - just riding those trends. It's immensely profitable. Just learn about it and how little money you actually need. You'll learn about your p/l per $.01 move. You'll learn when to ADD to your position (as the price moves up). Learning about it doesn't mean you have to do it. It means you are informed. You may try. Even one mini-contract (during a trend). You'll get it. Easy and ridiculous return.
    To understand VISUALLY what I wrote about an ETF or oil futures, pull up a 1-year chart on oil. Look at the 3-month period from very end of November to very beginning of March. That's what I'm talking about will happen from $60s to $75-80. It will look exactly like that, and take approximately 3 months. So you have enough time to watch and wait and see the trend going before you enter those positions. And then the same thing from the move from $75-$80 to over $100. And resist the temptation to sell at $100. Once that is breached, it's going to be pandemonium. Instead of the trend from $80 to $100 having a positive 45 degree slope, or thereabouts, it will simply go parabolic - look like an over 70 degree positive slope. And that move past $100 will exhaust in probably weeks, not months. So that's when you would exit that ETF and the long oil futures positions.
    And you will STILL be holding the equity positions, as they will proceed to go higher for many months, even a year or two (and then consolidating).
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    Mar 18, 2021
    (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs sees the oil price pullback as a buying opportunity and forecasts Brent crude reaching $80 per barrel this summer even as the recent rally in prices “takes a big breather.” ... Despite the sharp drop in prices, Goldman expects rapid oil market rebalancing in the coming months."
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    Bassoe reporting Disco Inspiration awarded nine well P&A deal with Hess.
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    From the CEO’s earnings call: “And as global oil inventories decline, prices are likely to push even higher. Most importantly, we believe our customers also subscribe to this view. Their confidence in improving oil market fundamentals has resulted in accelerated planning for new or previously delayed projects, many of which are expected to commence later this year. Taking a closer look around the global market environment, starting in the U.S.
    Gulf of Mexico, activity is expected to increase with several projects starting late this year and in early 2022 with awards expected in the next several months. Importantly, if all of these projects move forward as expected, we believe that the entire Gulf of Mexico fleet of active rigs will be sold out later this year. This is something that the industry hasn't even contemplated since 2014 and clearly supports a meaningful inflection in day rates...” .... You have been warned 👍
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    As for the state of the offshore drilling industry, President and CEO Robert W. Eifler, said: “We are optimistic about the market outlook and see a pipeline of interesting tender opportunities developing along with improving day rates, especially in the floater market. From noble ceo
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    RIG is a $4.00 stock with a book value of $18.00 it has a 13% short interest.
    With oil on the rise looks good to GO!!!!
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    Ok. I am out at $4. I know I may regret but that was my target and I need to keep discipline. Good riding this rocket with you all, Wishing you luck and success
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    Not complaining but I am curious on what all the investors buying today know what I don't.
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    I am sadly in at $10 a share with some play money (about 5.5k). How long till we hit $20? I would prob do better in doge coin.
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    $CPE conversation

    Some very weak hands are being replaced by some very strong hands.
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    Thigpen added: “We are encouraged by the increasing number of customer inquiries for both harsh-environment and ultra-deepwater projects. And, as the global economy begins to emerge from the pandemic, we are optimistic that oil prices will remain constructive, driving an increase in contracting activity as we move through the year.”
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    Houston Oiler
    I’m going to call Transocean today and inquire about using one of there drill ships for a floating barbecue this summer that way they can add my inquiry to their list.
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    It has been a KNOWN FACT that oil fracking is profitable ABOVE $60.
    So prices below that make it UNPROFITABLE.
    Looks like at least one person on this mb did NOT know this FACT.
    Glad I could give you a free economics lesson today.
    BTW, the industry has enough fracking permits to last through the current administration so it is now
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    And as compelling evidence of improving market conditions, this most recent picture includes two wells priced at $240,000 a day with a third well, which requires managed pressure drilling, priced at $280,000 a day.
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    We believe we will continue to see further consolidation, which in turn could lead to more rig retirements and a more balanced market. The stage is being set for a strong recovery in offshore drilling, with demand for rigs increasing and the marketable supply of rigs simultaneously decreasing. If the market plays out the way we currently think it will, day rates could, and for Transocean should, significantly increase as we move into 2022 and beyond. Our fleet of high-specification floaters is exceptionally well positioned to capitalize on the recovery, ultimately providing us with the opportunities to generate efficient cash flow to meaningfully delever the balance sheet when opportunities arise.
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    Up to 3.39 after earnings report, down .09. Lots of investors don't know good news when they see it. They have no idea how to read financials.
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    The US DOE has stated that since 2013 95% of new wells are hydraulically fracked.
    Now look at the historical Crude chart and you will since that time oil has NEVER reached $100 AGAIN.
    Now do you see the impact of US fracking on the price of oil and why oil will never see $100 again as long as the US remains oil independent through fracking?
    The only people disputing this can NOT read a simple chart.
    The numbers do not lie.
    Just the FACTS!!!
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    Rig will slowly go up and up. All the billions reported on earnings by the oil giants are only going to go to 1 place and that is Offshore drilling. this is the time to buy a hold long. RIG will pass 5$ soon in its way to 10$. DO NOT SELL, HOLD and HOLD.
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    RIG WENT UP 15% in 2 days ( from bottom to peak ) I’ve been telling you over and over Not to Sale. you see? ... Awesome company with a great future in a great industry and about to skyrocket. DO NOT SALE, HOLD TO YOUR SHARES.
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    As the industry leader, RIG needs to demand higher prices for its rigs and not compete with bankrupt competitors. If a customer wants to get a cheaper day rate from one of these lesser companies, tell them "fine, go ahead and hire them instead." Seems like RIG has been talking about increased demand for a number of quarters, but then ends up with break-even projects. Instill price discipline in the market by refusing to accept lower day rates. Otherwise, the company will continue to muddle through just losing enough money to keep executives employed.