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    Oil to trade between $58-$60 on 12/18-12/21 which is around 30% more than today. You know what it meant to RIG stock price!
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    How about someone on a Yahoo mb who gives you a supposed "REAL" first name and an overseas phone number, BEGS you to call him, claims to have "founded" his company but refuses to provide the name of it and wants you to pay him $10 a day, payable up front, for a minimum of 6 months? Anything sound strange with this?
    And Jay just provided a comprehensive, 100% FACT based historical tracking analysis for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    See folks how easy it is to make educated decisions without paying a first name OVERSEAS telephone number $10 a day!!!!!
    Just the FACTS!!!!!
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    How are you, @Dan (and my other friends?) I am still with you.. Haven't left the boat. In RIG we trust from the 1st day.
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    Oil extended gains, trading at its highest level since March, on mounting optimism that recent breakthroughs on a Covid-19 vaccine will lead to a swift recovery in global energy demand next year.

    Futures in New York rose 1.3% to trade above $45 a barrel. That followed a flurry of tenders from Chinese and Indian refiners seeking crude oil for January, the latest sign of roaring strength in Asian markets.
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    Anyone know if there are any rumors about the verdict in the Whitebox/PIMCO suit? Lost my pants with $NE a few months back and distinctly remember a quick rise followed by a catastrophic defeat.

    All the signs seem to indicate like $RIG is back on track but I can’t help but feel a slight deja vu. Will continue to stay optimistic and hold (because I have faith in oil/gas) but wanted to see if anyone had any extra insights/confidence about the companies recent stock performance.

    Thanks I’m advance!
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    If you are looking to jump into RIG, simple Yahoo charts compare 5 yr oil with 5 yr RIG. Both charts mimic one another. Oil goes up, RIG goes up and vice verse.It's that simple. You can't fight it.
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    Houston Oiler
    so much buying pressure with opec confirming extending output cuts coming up how can shorts not cover with possible oil $50 soon.
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    Big game, but they can't keep it down long , so many buyers today
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    Good morning all. What up @Oiler. Been here just about a year. Stopped posting when one of these dudes (forgot his name by now) started
    posting lunacy. I see the same thing now. For crying out loud... it’s a chat.

    I’m long at 1.17$.That being said I’m out at a conservative $4-5. In my personal opinion this is a company valued at $10-16, but what’s my opinion worth right $0?

    I assimilate HAL as a minor gauge and inspire to be in that range. RIG is an industry leader, and that’s a lot of clout in any field. To be a leader takes balls, and should be rewarded. My personal research says within 6-12 months the reward will come. For my fact it yourselves next time;

    1) Big money coming into the energy sector out of tech.
    2) Vaccine on the way
    3) Energy sector consistently jump starts between Nov-Dec
    4) Oil is not dead in our lifetime. Tesla and Nikola are still great diversified investments
    5) RIG is NOT going bankrupt. Fact.
    6)And most importantly..... nothing we post here influences the price of any stock. This stock is HIGHLY manipulated @Oiler can speak more to that fact, but I assume he’s over it as well to the point of exhaustion.

    Here I’ll put my money where my mouth is. I’m long, average $1.17. Small potatoes @ 14,917 shares out at $5.
    I believe this stock runs major over the next 2-3 years. I just don’t have the stomach for it. Happy Thanksgiving all. Break bread with the ones you love.
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    Back on October 2nd, the Jan-21 calls, strike price $4.50 absolutely blew up. So I bought a small amount of RIG shares for 77 cents. Now, less than 2 months later, this has almost tripled. Man I wish I would have loaded up. After watching the EVs and other speculative stocks race higher (without any of my money in them), I'm glad I picked this winner. But, having such a small amount of money in it, actually makes me feel worse. I guess it's the "what could have been" syndrome. The stock market is a tough game.
    Best of luck to all longs here.
  • Z
    Good evening RIGgers. Went to their company website. 8.2 billion in backlogs; 2 new hybrid rigs just launched in the Gulf
    Probably doesn't need to track the price of oil since everyone knows it sucks but will be supported by weaker dollar and is a late cycle mover anyhow since it is near the end of the economic cycle where it gets inflationary and transports boom.
    This is a weird cycle and I believe oil will outperform gold since oil is so beaten up and in the sweet spot of the reopen trade; especially airlines that consume 33% of all oil produced; believe it or not.
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    The way to become a multi-millionaire was to buy a million shares of RIG under 1.00$.
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    wow .... 44M shares sold short yesterday.
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    I'm in @ 1.11 so I watch what goes on day to day. I'm old, approaching expectancy and am actually trading this account for my 3 year old grandson who came along when I was 67. Better late than never, right? I have no axe to grind. I think none harm. I speak none harm. I wish none harm. Nevertheless from reading what's written on this/these message boards, I'm compelled to point out that there is no shortage of world class bulls------s to be found here. Listen. But tread lightly before following others' advice. And never, ever give your personal info to anyone you meet here. (EOM from an old Viet Nam era Marine). Good luck to you.
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    What’s up with the AstraZeneca vaccine? They say that the case with half a dose followed by a full dose protected 90% of the trial subjects, while the case with 2 full doses protected only 62% of the subjects, the funny thing is that the half-a-dose case was done by MISTAKE, so AstraZeneca doesn’t even know what happened.... wholly molly....... the whole market might have reacted on pure speculation. I am long on Rig and glad that it blew out the 2$ ceiling but I think the whole market might retract after a heavy dose of wishful thinking. This is not TransOcean’s fault, the stock will reach higher grounds SUSTAINABLY but not overnight. Last Sunday I predicted a rollercoaster week and indeed it was and it is still in play, let’s see how the ride ends.
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    frustrating as all H E L L to watch the same 5 firms sit there and trade the same 150k shares back and forth.
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    Does anyone know when court ruling results are scheduled to be released to public ??
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    NYSE blocking the bid and ask until the last 30 seconds for high volume/high frequency trading. institutions clearing up their shorts. retail shorters either have to come up .. or deal with AH
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    Shorts on edge expect massive covering today, they see oil going parabolic, they know what's coming
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    The Big Gary
    @Dan I was average almost 4$ when you (at that time complet stranger for me) started suggest me to average down. I had some feeling that you know what you talking about and I bought more several times and averaged to 1.69. This is easy to find in my posts history. 26 days ago I was 114k$ down in red. Look where I am now. I want to thank you for that advice and that you know that I appreciate it.