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    (Old) James
    Dr. Joey is likely right that FDA is down to checking the very last box for Zyesami, the one for manufacturing. And that one is very close as the scale up is going on as we speak. Turns out the current production batches are larger, but not yet the optimum size announced feasible two weeks ago.
    And OU Should be on target this morning, not even the slow FDA can go this long without learning what should have been clear months ago.
    Comment on share price: Relief trading manipulation has lasted so long we just accept it, part of this great test of patience to hold these shares. But those old Valuation Reports from late 2020 were not crazy. Even with the dilution, the progress over time can still fully support a SP, post approval, over $1.00, market cap still below $5 billion. But due to the torture of 2021 trading (or lack of same), the retail owners of many millions shares will gladly cash out now for $0.50 up to $.90, certainly at the magic $1.00 mark. THAT WAS THE POINT ALL ALONG. The big players behind the shorting and other gaming cannot buy yet, in bulk, but they see Relief's potential SP of $2.00 and well beyond. For them, it is VITAL to train the Retail Riff-Raff to think small. They need to pick off millions of our shares on the way up.
    The training will probably work. After the tortured SP decline since April, how many will resist selling in a comeback? And those who cash in near $1.00 may miss out on $2.00 in a fairly short time. Our patience will be tested again, in a different way.
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    is it legal for share holders to stand outside Fox News in NY and display posters with "Aviptadil/Zyesami 'SAVES LIVES.... Count me in if it's legal and if some other SHs can joins in.
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    Fascinating study out of Arkansas showing that Long Covid may be directly related to the ACE II receptor and more specifically the body’s own reaction to covid may be to create antibodies to attack ACE II vs covid virus and cause reduction in ACE II activity and increased inflammatory reactions.

    “ Many patients with a history of SARS-CoV-2 infection have antibodies specific for ACE2. Patients with ACE2 antibodies have lower activity of soluble ACE2 in plasma. Plasma from these patients also inhibits exogenous ACE2 activity. These findings are consistent with the hypothesis that ACE2 antibodies develop after SARS-CoV-2 infection and decrease ACE2 activity. This could lead to an increase in the abundance of Ang II, which causes a proinflammatory state that triggers symptoms of PASC.”


    Background Activation of the immune system is implicated in the Post-Acute Sequelae after SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC) but the mechanisms remain unknown. Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) cleaves angiotensin II (Ang II) resulting in decreased act
    Background Activation of the immune system is implicated in the Post-Acute Sequelae after SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC) but the mechanisms remain unknown. Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) cleaves angiotensin II (Ang II) resulting in decreased act
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    Mr. Plow
    $NRXP and $RLFTF averages everyone? We're all seriously in the red here, right? hoping things look different this week.

    $NRXP 14.38
    $RLFTF 0.244
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    $NRXP conversation
    The winds have shifted at the FDA. They are no longer vaccine fixated. They know they cannot win with vaccines alone. The shift means therapeutics are about to be unleashed and which drug is better poised than Zyesami/Aviptadil?

    - New Covid cases are still way to high.
    - Deaths are on the rise climbing steadily toward numbers we saw at peak.
    - FDA declines boosters for under 65 year olds.
    - monoclonal antibodies running low and hard to produce.
    - Remdesivir is ineffective and also running low.

    I see no other choice but to unleash this drug.


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    Interesting fact that 2 of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies are from Switzerland. Roche #2 and Novartis #5. Maybe RLFTF can be the next big pharmaceutical company from Switzerland.
  • 💩
    The best part is we remain a small community of investors aware of Aviptadil/Zyesami $nrxp. Don’t forget, we are down, but we are not out. Long and strong my Yahoo family.
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    Zye of Relief
    Let none of us forget. The CEO's and board of directors for 3, YES THREE, companies agreed to bow to rlftf and turn over assets and IP... in essence sell out and accept rlf stock in lieu of cash. Just think and consider what convinced them to do so. NUFF SAID!. LONGER AND STRONGER EVERYDAY-1 😇
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    Just a guy
    The right to try is great but when nobody knows you exist it doesn’t do much good. A little PR would go along way in promoting aviiptadil and the saving of many lives.
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    Dr. Joey, great videos. I binge listened to them in the car this morning while sitting in Miami traffic. I vote for you to receive a major award during Vegas opening ceremonies!
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    Time to see how this affects Aviptadil/Zyesami! $nrxp 🤞
    FDA Panel Rejects Broad Pfizer Booster Plan, Mulls Limited One
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    $NRXP conversation
    Re: milestone payouts (I.e. EUA), it is true that if we achieve EUA there will be dilution, but these bashers aren't telling you that we shareholders will receive a portion of these payouts as dividends. It is up to the board to decide when to issue these payments, so it might be a while till the dilution is reflected in our share price because we are currently pre-revenue.

    I have never seen such a targeted short attack on YF before, where it is common to see more dislikes than likes on bullish posts. Spreading FUD regarding $NRXP or $RLFTF should be a crime, too many peoples' lives will depend on the success of these companies bringing zyesami/aviptadil to market
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    huge volume on the six. something is a brewing...and I love it
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    Happy weekend Relief Fam!!! I'm reading hear some of you selling at $1-$2 once EUA is given, you are definitely entitled to it. I know I won't be selling til Relief it's $10!!!!!! EUA is truly only the beginning, once inhaler trials are completed and approved, then it's another bump. Then you have ACER-001, once that's approved is another bump. Then once we buy Acer and uplist it'll become BP. $10 is my selling point of 75% of my shares. HOLD THE LINE!!!!! GLTA!!!
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    Interested story
    Supply of regeneron is running low here in Texas! Definitely the need is outstanding! Hopefully soon!
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    ok FDA.
    We all know you are wanting to announce EUA approval today after your covid vaccine meeting. Be brave and just do it because we all know it's coming!!!!!!
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    $NRXP conversation
    Weird how they limit our ability to market our drug before EUA, while Pfizer almost acted as a scientific authority on booster shots - reporting preliminary data through media channels. The amount of lobbying Pfizer must have done was significant enough for the President to set a "soft" deadline on boosters. I'm glad the FDA was able to stand up to Pfizer, but imagine if the scenario wasn't so black and white (there wasn't obviously enough safety data to recommend boosters for the old and frail for example). There is a structural problem within the system.

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    Good to see the FDA are finally following some science and going to prevent ADE hell from taking over here like it is in Isreal and the UK right now. Now approve the only statistically significant therapeutic already!!!
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    Please help me understand. All the potential of this, EUA excluded, additional companies within pipeline, conversations internationally ramping up and we are still going down. What am I missing here? I absolutely believe in the efficiency of what has been created here. what I don't understand is how the market plays against us. Yes I know OTC, big pharma, work against us but there seems to be solid support from some players. I figured we'd be floating around CYDY's current prices by now.