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Public Joint Stock Company Rosneft Oil Company (RNFTF)

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  • I
    I_ Support_Ukrainians
    At Russia's "Victory Day" the world expected Putin to outline a plan of withdrawal from Ukraine and say something intelligent. Instead, he took no responsibility and blamed everyone except himself. That’s why Russia will eventually collapse
    under Dictator Putin's evil rule. На российский «День Победы» мир ждал, что Путин изложит план ухода с Украины и скажет что-нибудь умное. Вместо этого он не брал на себя никакой ответственности и винил всех, кроме себя. Вот почему Россия в конечном итоге рухнет под злым правлением диктатора Путина.
  • N
    The economy hardship, recession unemployment and the loss of jobs caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures.
  • p
    One analyst is now noting that BTC and ETH has been holding above a key macro level throughout the past few months. He believes that the recent consolidation above this level bodes well for its near-term outlook and could indicate that significantly further upside is imminent in the weeks and months
  • c
    Td Ameritrade not accepting opening transactions in this security
  • r
    Oil levels are getting profitable now and barrons writes that everyone will increase production...simple math would say not to.....which is better 70$ oil at these levels or slighly higher or 50$ oil ....lets use 10 million barrels per day...10 million at 70 ..or 12 million at 50...less total revenue and far less profit ...most US companies are now under pressure to show net profits and reduce debt this will take years and all have committed to lower capex
  • r
    This makes no sense for any players...Luk Xom Rosneft and Aramco half lost hundreds of billions in lost market cap this is in addition to potentially losing 100 billion each if oil is 30 instead of 55. The oil issue has also added to the market collapse and uncertainty which also affects all other investments that countries have
  • a
    Guys please do not get greedy. Sanctions do not play around this stock is below recovery levels. And with the war escalating, i would avoid with a barge poll.
  • L
    If you're looking for Russian oil company check the SNGSP.ME.
    It's real brilliant with P/B =0.3 and P/E = 2.2
  • r
    Simpl3 solution drop production 3-4 million barrels collectively across opec and opec plus unti world is rebalanced ...the announcement will push Brent to 50 ...if you sell 2 billion barrels at 50 100 billion revenue ... if they bump higher and oil moves to 35 revenue will drop by 10-20 billion .. makes no sense for ant players dropping output now will turn things quickly
  • C
    Concerned For Ukrainians
    Take your profits before the collapse.
  • C
    Concerned For Ukrainians
  • J
    A very big winner. These kind of stocks go up an average of $2 a day for weeks. We are looking at $40 a share by end of March. Everybody buy this stock.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    🚨 Top Gainers 🚨
    IRTC - Vol 6704229, Price 121.75, Change +44.86 (+58.41%),
    VRTV - Vol 428971, Price 145.11, Change +33.29 (+29.78%),
    OJSCY - Vol 30474, Price 8.30, Change +1.79 (+27.49%),
    CRTO - Vol 2261388, Price 40.23, Change +8.10 (+25.21%),
    INSD - Vol 16962, Price 33.50, Change +6.50 (+24.07%),
  • j
    Russia oil makes for some great gambling times. I love this.
  • S
    Why no one is talking about this gem
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    ROSN.L reached an all time low at $6.22
  • C
    Whats going to happen?
  • C
    Concerned For Ukrainians
    Russia stuck with a glut of oil and gas. Россия застряла в избытке нефти и газа.
  • D
    I got profits and made even more profirs. If you know what I mean. This guy, I forget his name, would rather make me money then him. What a swell guy, he said money means nothing to him!. He says PT Barnum is his hero. I would look it up but I am too busy making profits. Lambo and hot chicks here we come!
  • J
    what is going on with this?