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Roku, Inc. (ROKU)

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84.10+1.84 (+2.24%)
As of 01:48PM EDT. Market open.

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  • G
    Is it just me or does it seem like the analysis doesn't want roku to go up.
  • v
    Happy Monday friends as those shares bought in the 60s a blink of an eye ago continue to stack cash for friends that pulled the trigger. Just wait till this time next year though. You haven't seen anything yet!
  • T
    Imagine a Roku IP camera with Zoom app, Teledoc app, Messenger video app. Think about the possibilities !!
  • C
    Wow the short shills are out in force. They do not like ROKU's price recovery.
  • D
    as soon as market turns negative.. ohhh man.. this goes dow like waterfall
  • t
    Roku streaming advertising go the way of the Dodo bird. Here today - gone tomorrow.

    Careful longs - cause Roku advertising is about to Disappear.
  • s
    TIMBER - Roku next upcoming quarterly report will be worse then just reported a few days back. Stock willd free fall into $40's if not lower. Look Out Below
  • o
    is this not huge news?
    ROKU) announced that Paramount+ will launch as a Premium Subscription within The Roku Channel later this month. The launch will make Paramount+‘s critically acclaimed originals, hit movies, a world class library of popular series, 24/7 news and marquee sports, accessible directly to consumers within The Roku Channel.
  • S
    going back up just like Walmart
  • S
    up 25 ,%for for the week
  • S
    from 62 to 85 in a week
  • J
    Well, since my ROKU purchase last Friday @ 63.38, I'm currently up +31% and yeah, I'm bragging about it.
  • B
    Blue Fox
    Cathy Wood keeps buying. Not sure if she’s trying to average down enough to get above water, or IF she’s sticking to her convictions. Either way she’s got some big brass ones. Proverbially speaking of course. 😉
  • s
    Whoa - stock is now heading SOUTH. Way South
  • C
    If ROKU was worth being in the high $90:s with 60m subscribers it is surely worth more with 61.8m and 28% more revenue than a year ago.
    For companies with double digit growth PEG is a better indicator than PE. Let me explain my understanding of that:
    If a company is mature and just hlding its own in a mature market and paying a dividend, the PE ratio indicates what dividend yoeld it can afford to oay. For example a PE of 20 indicates it could afford to pay a 5% dividend.
    For a company growing fadt in an evolving market however, such s PE gives no cfedit for future revenue and profit increases. Tje market doesn't wait till that growth happens - if they don't get in early somebody else will and they will miss out. So how much credit do you have to give to growth? If you expect 28% YOY growth should the OE be 28% higher? No: It's way more than that. You have to appreviate that the 28% growth is not just a growth in the ability to pay a future dividend - there is also gain from the appreciation of the stock which will in the long run follow the growth in revenue. So investors anticipate both types of reward and give growth stocks a much higher PE that takes into accoubt both the potential for dividends AND stock appreciation.
    I have tried to do the math to show how PEG better describes the valuation of a growth stock like ROKU. but it's highly non-linear. Empirically it appears that a PEG of 1 to 2 is a good investment when the growth rate is in the 10% to 20% range and a PEG or 2 to 3 is a good investment when the growth rate is over 20% YOY.

    With a growth rate of say 30% YOY, a PE of 60 to 90 is not overvalued for ROKU.
    Note: Forcthe "E" of ROKU you don't use the bottom line necessarily as thete is no way s smart management lets the E get into +ve (taxable) territory when thete are better wsys to use the money than giving it to the government. Any sole proprietor learns that real quick!
  • M
    Roku is becoming a culture as well as a great company, just like Dutch Brothers is for coffee, people love them both! Both great companies and huge following and growing!
  • R
    Love her or hate her, it really doesn't matter...Just about a million shares purchased by CW since last week and that brings her total to just under 12 million shares. She's going to be lookin' pretty good and rewarded nicely over the next few years. Best ahead!
  • S
    They slowed investments during lockdown and earnings shot up (proving the business model works) . Now they're investing more to catch up with that lost time and earnings sufferfor it. Meanwhile the revenue and user growth is intact. Cathie is right this stock is going to sky rocket over the next 5 years.
  • M
    Mary Williams
    YIKES - Roku growing competition. Android TV, Fire TV, and Apple TV and Amazon.

    Talk about Blood in the Water.
  • J
    ROKU up nearly 9% on down mkt. day. What's in your wallet?