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Roku, Inc. (ROKU)

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227.61-17.50 (-7.14%)
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    Steve Louden, ROKU CFO:

    "......we've been competing — whether it's in TVs, whether it's in players, whether it's the platform — we've been competing with those big-name companies for a long, long time. And in different parts of the TV ecosystem, they've been competing and throwing quite a bit of money at that for years. I think competition's always been fierce. I think the best way that we stay ahead of the game is to continue to innovate.

    ...we have the only purpose-built operating system for TV. And that's really important, specifically in the TV space because that allows us to design to run on low-cost hardware from day one, versus whether it's Apple, there may be rumors they're getting into the licensed TV space — traditionally, they haven't licensed their operating system to anybody on the TV side.

    But Apple are using their iOS operating system. Google uses their Android operating system. And then the Amazon Fire TV is a port version of Amazon [FireOS]. They all are optimizing their mobile ecosystem, not the TV ecosystem. And as a result, it's still cheaper to build a Roku TV, in terms of, we can go on lower-power chips, we have a smaller memory footprint....."
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    Aiiight Joe
    It's not a market anymore. It's a casino! Are we supposed to believe that long investors held through multiple trips in the 400 range but somehow find it enticing to sell now, at prices first seen a lot longer than a year ago? Many stocks are in the same situation. Tricks are being played. Even if the stock will implode, it will trip back to the $400 range at least one more time.
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    the wealthy hermit
    I've never seen a stock swing as much as ROKU. It's doing it again and the strangest thing in all this, is everybody knows it's going to go right back up to new highs within a year.
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    All right, so bear with me on this explanation. Another drop in share price today. Why? As benchmark said it's The Perfect Storm of negative sentiment aided by some temporary headwinds most related to the pandemic or the perception that Roku is a stay-at-home stock. We all know that. We've heard it ad nauseam. But here's how I see the current situation. And it might help mitigate the frustration.

    As Warren Buffett says the market is a voting machine in the short-term and a weighing machine in the long term . Something like that. Roku's performance and their game plan will inevitably win the day in the end. Obviously it takes patience and time - - again things we've all heard over and over again. But here's the best way to look at it:
    Boarding an airplane it really doesn't matter if you have to wait in line. It really doesn't matter if you're the first or last one to board as far as getting to your destination. Everyone is going to get there at the same time so what's the difference? If the share price stagnates her drops it's like waiting in line. It isn't fun but who cares, in the end we know what the reward is going to be. Who cares if you have to wait in line, you'll arrive at your destination when the plane lands like everyone else, objective achieved. Who cares if you're third or fourth or 10th or 50th! Stocks in some sense are analogous to this

    In the end the numbers will win and you'll get your profits. In the end it doesn't matter what the negative sentiment does in the meantime if you like I are convinced the negativity will be defeated and the quality of the company will triumph over it all. Is it better if it happens right now, sure! But this is what happens; stocks go through periods where the Bears seem as though they're in control. That's the beauty of facts though and the beauty of numbers is that they don't lie and ultimately they can't be denied. The share price inevitably must follow those numbers and the performance of the company. That's when the popularity contest gets thrown out the window.

    Nobody knows when Roku will pass $500 a share or $800 a share but I'm pretty convinced that at some point it will. That's really all that matters.
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    The steady hands always make more money in the end than those who Panic or those who feed off negativity to falsely claim they were right!

    And by the way don't forget the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Pure conjecture, but Roku in the past has released news positive to the stock.
  • C
    While Benchmark acknowledges competition is hotter, it thinks Roku will be a share gainer with upside to net adds both domestically and abroad, "plus total platform revenue outperformance leading to a similar upwards share move."
    The firm has a price target of $525, currently implying 127% upside
  • D
    ROKU # in Mexico.. Huge market... The negativity on this board is misguided...
  • W
    There is highly likely chance that roku will have an excellent earnings in this quarter, and stock is likely to go up above $350+ in couple of months.
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    Boba Fett
    so a downgrade from a unknown analyst gets the stock down to 220! But a upgrade to 350 gets the stock to do nothing basically? Makes sense. See u at $450! - Freddyo
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    Green Machine
    Since ROKU is right around it's 52-week low, we should bounce here at some point, and slowly climb back up towards the 52-week high of $490. Even if in the short term we only recover half of the distance back up to the $490 high, that still puts around $361. Good price here now to accumulate in my opinion. Good luck all!
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    The street is trying to figure out if Roku is a stay at home stock or not, from their collected point of view its not good as a growth story on its own and not really great as a stay at home story. So the answer is neither. So I guess its not really accomplishing anything. no ones watching TV, there is no advertising and no one is purchasing the targeted ads that seemed to be such a great winner a few months ago. No one is signing up for service or watching the Roku channel. No earnings are coming in.. Also they dont have any cash!
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    Cassius King
    Since content providers like YouTube seem to have no problem encroaching on distributor's turf by offering their own streaming hardware, why can't streamers like Roku return the favor by launching their own version of YouTube? Has not YouTube been known for bullying and censoring it's content providers based, in many cases, solely on their political leanings? Wouldn't a company like Roku, which already has a well established streaming infrastructure be in a great position to challenge YouTube's dominance in this area and provide content posters with a refreshing new choice to air their videos free of Youtube's big brother-like oversight?
  • C
    The ROKU train will be back on the tracks when next ER gives the lie to the bears' "slowing growth narrative" and reaffirms the exponential growth of revenue, ARPU and bottom line earnings.
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    Heavy political influence on everything regarding covid and the many variants. We're at a point where comments by a pharma company, Moderna, are sinking futures. That's where we're at.

    I do know this: any good news, or news that potentially mitigates people's fear isn't reported for some twisted political reason. This is affecting the market directly and indirectly.

    Here's some good news that's never talked about. Aside from the fact this new variant seems to resemble more the common cold than it does the Bubonic Plague, if you have a Negative blood type you are less likely to be infected, especially O Neg blood, which offers the most protection against infection and subsequent symptoms if you do contract the virus. This news was reported very early on in 2020 but supposedly was "disproven" -- it wasn't. According to the National Institutes of Health, Harvard studies, British government health websites, there is strong evidence of a correlation between infection rates and blood type and blood type and symptoms. But many don't want those with N blood type to relax, that would buck the narrative!

    What other good news isn't being reported or is relegated to the back page?

    Generally speaking, when you watch news reporters they are like weather reporters who always seem to be rooting for the cat 5 storm, or the high end of the expected snow fall -- they're excited when they see 3 ft of snow! Same with covid only with a nasty political twist!
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    So now its not a stay at home stock. later it will be.
  • j
    added $150K worth of 220-225 calls for december at 224 support
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    Think of Roku's relationship to the pandemic and the perception on Wall Street that it has become a stay-at-home/lockdown play, this way.

    The last 10 years in the Northeast we've seen increasing levels of snowfall. I bought a new Snowblower the last few years along with a couple of other pieces of peripheral equipment. While the snow has been more the last decade it's not what we got back in 2010-2012. Those years we saw a spike -- a spike and everyone rushed out to buy tons of stuff, even roof rakes! In the following years, 2013/2014, we saw a drop in retail sales of snow equipment from the previous years and that drop may lead you to think investing in the companies that produce such equipment is not a good investment. Missing the overall trend that is clearly upward.

    Roku is suffering the same phenomenon. The perception that Roku is not a good investment if the covid spike isn't causing people to stay home is misleading and wrong. It's a shortsighted view of a snapshot in time. The pandemic cloaks the overall long-term trend for Roku/streaming because some investors are only seeing the downtrend from the pandemic -- similar to the downtrend in snow equip in 2013/14 -- while missing the big picture!