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Rio Tinto Limited (RTNTF)

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At close: 02:50PM EDT

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    Just when I thought all downgrades and price cuts were in the past, this headline showed up last eve "DJ Rio Tinto Price Target Cut 7% to A$93.00/Share by JPMorgan", USD $60.
  • J
    FWIW. Arizona Sonoran announced new mineral resource for its Cactus copper project in Arizona. Total number is 3.2M tons of copper. It is a good number, esp. for a small company, though of course getting mining approval in US is difficult. Rio owns about 7.5% stake in the company.
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    RIO's attempted acquisition of the minority shares of TRQ will never pass at the current offer. It would be a smart move for RIO to offer 1 share for every TRQ share. This way both RIO and TRQ shareholders will have an investment in the huge copper productions expected by the mine.
  • B
    RIO is also a Copper play now for the continuous growing use of Copper in EV.
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    TRQ shareholder vote has been scheduled for November 1. It should clear the issue, disregarding the vote outcome. Positive decision requires 50+% support from minority shareholders.
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    Good that the company found time and room to report on Kennecott copper expansion. Organic growth is better that throwing money on other people mines or relaying another green-woke story.
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    Maintained as Neutral at JPMorgan. Price target raised from GBP5350 to GBP5580. London closing price now is 4695.
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    FWIW. From International Mining article today “Stantec to deliver $16 million feasibility study on Resolution Copper Mine”.
    Start of quote
    Stantec says it has been selected by Resolution Copper Mining LLC to deliver a $16 million feasibility study providing engineering and technical services for the Resolution Copper mine in Superior, Arizona.
    The proposed underground mine, a joint venture between Rio Tinto (55%) and BHP (45%), has the potential to be one of the largest producers of copper in North America – supplying up to 25% of US copper demand each year.
    End of quote
    It is unlikely that present US administration allows the project to go forward. However, this could be done by next, more pro-business administration.
  • G
    What is the dividend date?
  • H
    What is the actual dividend on this stock now? $2.67 per share per quarter or per YEAR? Thanks.
  • N
    RIO, VALE and BHP are the top 3 winners in the next energy transition. They know it, and they are more and more working together in a climate of mutual trust, since they know that "there is much to be take here, than can ever be taken"
    BHP, Rio Tinto and Vale have selected eight winning projects under the Charge On Innovation Challenge to help decarbonise mining operations.
    BHP, Rio Tinto and Vale have selected eight winning projects under the Charge On Innovation Challenge to help decarbonise mining operations.
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    Another deal with MCEwen Copper has been announced. Rio has signed option agreement for Elder Creek copper project in Nevada. It can earn 60% interest by spending $18M on exploration.
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    I would speculate that Rivian’s recent decision to establish a presence in Serbia is not an isolated action and that RIO was involved to some extent with one or more battery producers involved as well. Interesting we didn’t see a European manufacturer make the move first.
  • M
    Is the current annual dividend 10%
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    FWIW. Talon Metals has reported another batch of strong high-grade drilling results for Tamarack nickel-copper project in Minnesota. Rio owns 40% interest in the project. The project is definitely economical and would be highly profitable. The only obstacle is getting environmental approval.
  • K
    for USA owners are these dividends from RIO 100% Qualified meaning zero tax due when filing taxes thanks
  • J
    Perhaps, folks worried yesterday about receiving the dividend, saw it in their brokerage accounts this morning. At least, my account shows it.
  • F
    This question is primarily to U.S. investors but I welcome Bitts or Aussies in the response. So this stock along with Anglo American, is in total meltdown to U.S. investors because it is a pound denominated share while the British Pound is falling off of a cliff in a totally unprecedented way! But everything RIO sells is a U.S. Dollar denominated commodity. Is RIO not printing British Pounds on the printing press when corporate cash flows come back to England? I also own BHP and clearly, they are nearly identical companies. BHP is denominated in Aussie dollars, which are likewise weak but nothing like the British currency. So is there any silver lining in this hurricane for RIO or Anglo American? Can they use this currency windfall to payoff British denominated debt?? Do Americans just have to run from our huge mining investments due to a currency issue? Ironically, Vale has faced a plunging currency for years and it has not killed them, although their stock is weak like all of the miners.
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    More and more governments are recognising the importance to accelerate Mining permits for key materials.
    The new "Anti inflation Act" contains several provisions to this effect.
    And check here Australia, Japon, India and New Zealand.

    Everybody is motivated to win this new race. It gives politicians around the world a common goal to justify their positions, and a "feel good" environment in political arenas.

    It also will help fight off current "environmental concerns" about each new mining permit, giving even these sceptics groups a superior reason to allow for more mining, at least for the key materials needed now to help us get rid of fossil fuels.

    These are (the list changes according to whom publish it):


    "As noted by the Indian Minister of Power and Minister of New and Renewable Energy, Raj Kumar Singh, once we are able to secure around-the-clock renewables with storage, it will mark the end of fossil fuels"
  • J
    ECB has announced 75 rate increase. This makes euro stronger vs. dollar, or conversely dollar weaker, and so it is good for commodity prices.