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Koninklijke Philips N.V. (RYLPF)

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    the way it keeps sinking is just unacceptable..... I will start buying now
    .. however it seems that it will take lots of time for this to recover
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    Nick P
    "The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this month said Philips' evaluation of health risks was inadequate, as it had found tens of thousands more complaints in the company's customer database than the almost 1,250 reported by Philips.

    "The complaints that were referenced by the FDA are the result of a very broad search. Therefore the complaints did not necessarily relate specifically to the issue that led to the recall", Philips CEO Frans van Houten told reporters."

    Complaints of all kind we maid for 0.03125% products.
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    Nick P
    FDA published a not so good report on Friday afternoon.
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    Despite the FDA fine to come and the recall hit to revenue, this is still a fine company with leading positions in several healthcare product lines. Adding more at this price level will turn out to be wise in 12 months. Stay long...
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    excellent buying opportunity!
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    Unbelievable after of months of waiting to break even this report and I'm back to - - -... Can't say I wasn't expecting it when I read the news.
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    Fraudulent statements made to the SEC on the Q3 2019 Report? - From the Q3 2019 Report: "Philips further expanded its Enterprise Diagnostic Informatics portfolio with the completion of the acquisition of Carestream Health’s Healthcare Information Systems business. Adding a state-of-the-art cloud-based imaging data platform, Philips’ offering now includes advanced Vendor Neutral Archive solutions, diagnostic and enterprise viewers, interactive multimedia reporting, AI-enabled clinical, operational and business analytics tools, as well as tele-radiology and diagnostic patient management services."

    Fraudulent statements?:
    Where are the 2019 "AI-enabled clinical, operational and business analytics tools" they are NOT listed anywhere? AI - automatic problem-solving and decision-making tools do not exist within the acquisition?

    Where are the news releases or reference customers that Carestream sold any "Vendor Neutral Archive solutions" for the previous 0-5 years or more? Furthermore Klas Research Report gave Carestream Best in Klas VNA for 2019, how can this be possible when were not any sales listed in the news wires history, why is this so called award not displayed proudly on the Philips web site, potential lawsuits?

    Why is Carestream a “portfolio expansion" when IntelliSpace Diagnostic Informatics is to be retired and replaced with Carestream Diagnostic Informatics thru Philips dictatorial rule - the customer is not provided a choice? Is it for an aging IntelliSpace informatics department with serious cultural problems that will likely bleed into the Carestream replacement? Is it for industry/job consolidation, competition elimination or all the above?

    The FCC and SEC needs to launch an investigation to determine Philips fraud and Anti-Trust violations against our Hospital Systems, Share Holders, Employees, and The People of the U.S.
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    This is probably the worst stock I invested in mid 2021
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    Van Houten needs to go.
  • p
    May be a real buy. What is the bull case?
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    they keep posting this law firm announcement on the news, maybe no-one is seeing, or are they looking for people with more than 100000 shares on public forums
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    Did Philips actually sell all its stake is ASML around the middle of last year? I only saw articles saying that it intends to sell.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Koninklijke Philips reached a 52 Week low at 38.26
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    Still no guidance from management. Van Houten needs to resign.
  • r
    The slavery rebellion in American has begun. Cause - extreme trade imbalance between Asia/EU and North America. The following example includes Philips (based in the EU) sales/revenue from North America and Europe, revenue is in millions (M), revenue per employee in thousands (K) listed in Euros:

    American Revenue 6,949M, Employees 21,127, Revenue per Employee 324K
    Europe Revenue 4,613M, Employees 20,614, Revenue per Employee 224K
    Percentage difference 35%,
    Employee imbalance -(7,394)
    Revenue imbalance +2,432M

    With all geographic areas combined including Asia:
    Sales/revenue per employee of 239,423.
    Average annual total compensation cost of 86,523 per employee.
    Average number of full time employees 75,009, “15%” go thru the “revolving door“ so all employees cycle out in 6 years. Proportionately Americans likely have a much lager turnover considering the exacerbated productivity abuse. Conversely U.S. based government jobs have a turn over rate of 15 years, and are far more employee friendly - have Employee Rights and in the end Pay More!

    The employee imbalance relates to “productivity”, that is based on hours worked so why are Americans 35% more productive i.e. working 35% more hours than the EU and and Asian counterparts generating an additional 100K in revenue per employee? States in the EU enjoy an “Employee Bill of Rights”, US employment is “at will”, this is reason for abusing the U.S. capitalist society! The EU and “Philips” are living off the backs of the Americans with an overall trade imbalance of 182 billion or 758,000 jobs with Philips contributing 2.4 Billion or 7,349 jobs. Prospectively, with 758K jobs an entire city such as Detroit, MI could be restored to its former self. So are acquiesced employees overloaded, working holidays, weekends, 12-16 hour days, not receiving vacation time, receiving useless training, salary, and bonus cuts?

    Why are U.S. taxes, insurance, and hospital bills incomprehensibly unaffordable? It is because of the foreign pillaging of the American Healthcare System with U.S. Hospital IDN Executive Officers being the largest enablers. The U.S. Congress needs to act further and stop the steeling and exporting of U.S. Jobs along with the fraudulent over billing that is fully funded by the U.S. Tax and Insurance payer! Moreover the FDA needs to investigate foreign employee unauthorized system access thru audits in addition to verifying those who are authorized “do not” access customer or hospital data for business intelligence, population health, licensing, location, functionality or other unscrupulous surveillance data mining. The U.S. Hospital and Patient are the owners of the data NOT Philips.

    U.S. Managers - (Men and Women - Slavers and Pathological Liars) who don’t fight for their workers, “pretend” to be a friend, participate with treacherous Judas betrayal, ridicule, abuse, and incompetence, who use words regularly like termination, disgruntled, surveillance and productivity, you are contributing to a brutal workplace, with poor job security and low levels of job satisfaction. There are very serious ethical, health and moral consequences for your actions! Considering the American productivity, one would think that Philips would at-least treat the American Workers and Hospital Systems with dignity and respect not fraud, extortion, propaganda and slavery abuses.

    The abuses have caused a rebellion in U.S. and a strike is planned across the U.S. for Oct. 15– Employees who can’t participate because of fear, at least take your “earned” sick and vacation time, if you don’t, when you cycle out, you will ask yourself “why did I sacrifice so much for an abusive and ungrateful employer?” Such abuses noted above cause suicidal thoughts, cancer, obesity and post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd - Philips interprets as disgruntled). You likely know of others who exhibit these symptoms that are caused by ruthless management. Management has been proven to be a foe NOT a friend, never trust or divulge any personal financial information such as buying a house or car or that your children need financial help as this information will be leveraged to increase the abusive behavior against you. Answer Forbes and other employee surveys positive when using the spyware laptop/iphone that are well known to be used for “surveillance” or you will be identified as disgruntled, further abused and then terminated. Despite the CEOs rhetoric Philips is “NOT” American its headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands. CEO compensation is 6,153,067 Euros, CEO termination is forthcoming along with other nasty department managers (Slavers).

    Referencing others previous posts below, the U.S. Executive Branch has provided tariffs and Executive Orders to help stop the abuse, Congress has investigated Philips and found fraud with the $550 million dollar ventilator sale, the FDA found toxic respiratory devices.

    Sell Sell Sell - You have been warned.
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    reputation is something that builds for many many years ... and phillips just destroy their reputation and this definitely will impact on stock price ....
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    This is a great company and here is how I know that. I inherited a Norelco shaver from my uncle which has got to be over 20 years old (the shaver, not my uncle). It still works great but I thought it would be even better with new blades. I was sure the phone number on the shaver would not still work but tried it anyway. It did work but the man said the blade I needed was out of stock, oh, just a minute let me check again. Three minutes later he came back and said he had found some what is your address. I gave him my address and asked if he wanted my credit card number. He said "no we will send your bill by e-mail, what is you e-mail address". I gave him that and he said the blades will reach you in about three days. A couple hours later I got the bill, no charge, not even for shipping. This morning I got an e-mail "Welcome to Phillips". I don't have to wonder anymore about what to buy for my sons birthday or what company to buy it from.
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    This stock is a buy— proven record of innovation- how many amazing spin-offs over the years. Great exposure to a foreign equity if you are a US based investor.
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    anyone an investor in this now?