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The Boston Beer Company, Inc. (SAM)

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  • B
    I am for $150. Lot more to go.
  • A
    Target $150
  • W
    Why did it go up $20?
  • C
    Full of fuel and ready for flight. Canada Jetlines is a go. $
  • j
    Hey Yu .. where are you in at ?? Say $1000 or higher ???
  • B
    They need to make a weed beer
  • J
    Almost every covids stocks have this kind of charts
  • D
    Doctor Strangelove
    I thought people drank more in times like these.
  • Z
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  • A
    Target is $200
  • N
    looks like SAM just got a visit from "your cousin form Boston." LOL
  • J
    Great great short at 1200. Great buy here.
  • R
    More fruit ain't the answer. More beer is.
  • B
    I hold a modest position here for about a 10 years. Its typically not something I fret over or check into a lot.

    But I think the problem SAM faces is what a lot of niche players that grow over time into something bigger face. And that's how to stick to the original vision while managing the objective of consistent growth. It all started out as a high quality "craft" beer producer that charged a little more but gave beer drinkers an alternative to the majors, gained a lot of customers, and grew from a niche to a measurable market share player. But that original approach had its limits.

    So there were strategies like seltzer which to me isn't very appealing. And the strategy hit a wall in terms of driving growth and results this quarter. I think if they refocus, stick to their core business, emphasize quality and care with a focus to grow and expand it I expect they'll be okay. That might mean going back to basics, like introducing some other brews and blends focused on captured other market segments where they are smaller. But that might take a couple quarters or more to work through once something like that is carried out. A long-term holder with a low cost basis shouldn't panic here.
  • c
    TLDR of the Earnings call, is that they spent a ton of money expanding capacity, supplier contracts, and inventory in anticipation of seltzer growth that didn't happen. A lot of it was applied to Q3 numbers, but there's significant loss yet to be applied throughout the remainder of the year.

    Truly continues to gain market share in the category, but the "peak delusion" numbers of 70% category growth from the beginning of the year is now like 10%. Truly will continue to gain market share in the category at anticipate rates, but the category growth itself has stagnated in a huge way.

    The question is if the stock price has taken enough of a haircut already for this to be reflected in the market.

    What I can say, is don't expect excitement from the market over this at all. I don't see a catalyst for a big bounce any time soon. I say this as a shareholder, and someone who is taking a big haircut tomorrow from my open options contracts. It's just not great news.
  • Y
    losy company, lousy CEO