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Senseonics Holdings, Inc. (SENS)

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  • H
    Green on a full red market
  • J
    This getting boring to watch. High of $1.42 and then it turns around.

    Only good news can propel this higher.
  • T
    🙋💥👉Confident Investors :

    Senseonics’ flagship product is known as the Eversense CGM system, where “CGM” stands for Continuous Glucose Monitor.

    For the medical sub-community that’s focused on diabetes care, 👉Eversense could be a real Game Changer.

    If you’re going to bet your hard-earned capital on the success of a single device, this could be a good choice.

    👉As PHC(Panasonic Healthcare Corporation)Holdings Corporation owns a whopping 68,300,652 shares of Senseonics.
    Now, that’s what I would call a confident investor.
    PHC’s stake equates to 25% of the beneficially owned Senseonics shares.
    You know who else seems pretty confident in the company?
    Senseonics’ current directors and executive officers, who collectively hold 24,421,606 shares.
    Insider ownership demonstrates that they have Skin in the game — and when it comes to investing, actions speak louder than words.

    👉Major Revenue Driver :
    Turning to another SEC form, a Form 8-K reveals that Senseonics is collaborating with a Swiss company, Ascensia, to distribute Senseonics’ 180-day sensors now.

    👉Granting Ascensia the global rights to distribute Eversense could turn out to be a major long-term revenue driver for Senseonics.///Excerpts ends. 👉About 300 ea big Institutions currently are strongly backing up SENS to date.

    Anything described above incorrectly or wronly,please kindly feel free to have it pointed out.

    All board per on time if you are strongly tempted.///Glta💘
  • A
    Just buy and hold. Make money. Stop all the arguing. The shorts are winning so what? I saw all the same stuff when I bought 5K shares of Plug at 1.11 and sold at 55.00. Just buy and hold. Easy
  • j
    I’m surprised it’s holding at 1.40
  • T
    👉👉💘 Go $20.00 ~$25.00 right before or after Q3 Earnings by E3 CGM : "Innovative & Disruptive Game changer!"

    We'd better wait and see together.💥Stock rise trajectory history to go!

    👉THIS must NOT be a Dream,but a Reality to come true possible in all views of $SENS products prominences and superiorities already proven to the public to date,

    👉👉 All the comparisons of current Competitions price per today :

    ABT : $98.61,
    MDT : $82.63.
    DXCM : $82.90
    Podd : $232.12
    🤷👉Sensonics $1.39

    We $SENS are just starting now!!💥

    🙋Remember $TNDM's stock rise trajectory history from $3.00 to $100.00 in a time(3,300% up).

    👉Every acknowledged Analyst and knowledgeable investors are already fully aware that the affluent R & D resources as well as Sales and Marketing strategies, most adaptive & optimized SCM(Suppliers Chain Management) by Ascensia, and his Big business visions of $SENS' are all much better business potential cases than other Diabetes Competitions' in a clear manner.

    No Doubts it must be a Disruptive Game-Changer!!

    🙋WHY Senseonics share price must be $1.39 levels now?

    👉I believe it is because of less Advertisements to date, despite of even UNDER current market & products sales business environments by #1 Accuracy MRD 8.5 - Diabetes industries Best.

    #1 Long-Term by 180-days CGM.
    #1 Freedom activities provider.
    #1 Cost-saving solutions.

    "Extremely undervalued"//Glta.
  • J
    Just a reminder, say a prayer for the folks in FLORIDA. They need it badly. Just unbelievable destruction and devastation!!!!!!!!
  • D
    I imagine TAKECARE would make a good coach for a sporting event but message board should be left to regular common investors
  • T
    👨‍🎓🙋👉"Better Building a system that helps people living with diabetes break free." :

    👉Senseonics’ aim with the Eversense E3 System was to be deeply responsive to the needs of people living with diabetes and design a product with a focus on patient freedom. For some patients using traditional transcutaneous CGM, technology issues can impact adoption and adherence, making it vital to address their concerns and continuously improve CGM systems. Fundamentally, people living with diabetes want the choice, functionality and interoperability that allows them to seamlessly integrate technology to meet the unique needs of their condition.

    👉We set out to address the key improvements which we repeatedly heard requested by people who manage their diabetes using CGMs. These are three-fold: longer sensor wear, better accuracy and a better sensor adhesive.

    👉Brought to people with diabetes by our partner Ascensia Diabetes Care, the Eversense E3 CGM System is unique as the longest-lasting CGM system available in the U.S. It can be used continuously for up to six months, meaning that essentially only two sensor insertions and removals are required per year, compared to between 26 and 52 a year for other systems. This means that patients are able to break free from the burden of weekly or bi-weekly sensor changes, inconvenient self-insertions and the constant reordering of supplies. Thanks to a proprietary sacrificial boric acid (SBA) design modification, 👉💥💥💥💥💥it maintains exceptional accuracy over the six-month period, with an overall MARD of 8.5%,💥💯👉TOP #1 Diabetes industries Best record👈,as determined by the PROMISE Study.

    👉For clinical benefit to be felt, a CGM system needs to be worn more than 70% of the time and due to its unique design, the median wear time of the Eversense  captured in the real-world analysis was 84.1%, which is well over this threshold. One contributing factor to this is its gentle silicone-based adhesive, which is formulated to reduce the likelihood of skin reactions, as well as to allow easy application and removal of the smart Transmitter to fit around patients’ lifestyle*. Whether it’s to take a shower, hit the gym or to play with the kids, the transmitter can be temporarily removed and then replaced without disrupting the implanted sensor. Whilst healthcare practitioners must encourage people with diabetes to wear their CGMs for as much of the time as possible, this feature provides unparalleled flexibility and freedom.//Glta
  • E
    wow, green on a bloody red day...holds like a rock....
  • J
    I know you guys hate me saying this, but where's the buyout? This is a good market time for some giant to swoop up our little SENS that could...just hoping to end the pain.
  • T
    👩‍🎓🙋🙆👉"Quoted from Stockwits" :
    Scotish-noble1 :
    My Personal Experience With #SENS' Competitors :

    👉I have been thinking about writing a post about this for a while now. Hopefully, reading this will not be a waste of your time.
    I am not a financial advisor. And this is not financial advice.

    👉But I do have first-hand experience using two CGMs you have likely heard of : Dexcom G6 and Libre Freestyle. 

    👉I am 34 years old, Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed 5 years ago at the very late/strange age of 29. I have no family history and doctors cannot yet explain why I am Type 1. Most likely they (and I) will never know. 

    👉Last night, I was using both sensors to monitor which one I liked better.  (The Libre II has just been released and I was excited about it, although it is not yet compatible with an iPhone/smart device). In short, after scanning Libre on the reader, I received a "low" before bed -- so I did I blood test. Annoyingly, the reading was over 150 mg/DL *off*. The device read 82, but it was really 240 according to the finger stick.

    👉Glad I didn't "correct" without checking. Equally bad, the Dexcom G6 inexplicably stopped working (7 days in) in the middle of the night -- beeping incessantly and unable to offer readings.  While throughout the day I was receiving intermittent error messages such as "wait three hours for device to reconnect" -- if you use Dexcom, you likely know what I'm talking about -- the sensor eventually failed.I received a message on the app that essentially read: "Please remove and insert new sensor." It was my last one until I reorder. In the end, I removed both sensors this morning, well before their advertised expiration dates. 
    (FWIW, and to their credit, I called both companies and both agreed to replace the sensors for free).

    👉👉👉Why do I tell this story? One of the things that impresses me most with the latest #sens earnings call---- and the company in general -- is its commitment to accuracy (and duration) above all else. This in my very humble opinion is where the competition in the CGM market does not have a monopoly. 

    👉I have been constantly let down by these 10 and 14 day sensors, which are often inaccurate, fall off, need to be changed, or do not work as advertised or marketed.  While using these devices is life-changing -- and certainly better than nothing -- if $sens can deliver a new product that is reliable and accurate and long-lasting...I'm all in. There is room for much technological advancement in the CGM space IMO. Hopefully, #sens can fill that void. 

    👉I currently own 6,550 shares at $2.59.
    ///"Quotes end "

    🤠👉I believe SENS must be real game changer for all Diabetes patients!!!
  • M
    I believe in product and from it will only up. may be slow but will go up
  • j
    I’ve been holding SENS since pre FDA, at $3.02 I will break even, my even number will come eventually, hopefully at that time a decision to hold will be much easier to make. Good luck to all holders.
  • J
    Closed up today on a down day. Has not happened in the last few weeks. Not sure what to make of today's trading pattern. However, the chart is showing an upward trend. Valuation should be higher that this, so there is some catching up to do, but it could mean also, that something good is brewing on the horizon. Tomorrow may be an interesting day of trading, since we do not have to worry about option expiration. Well, in a few hours we will know.
  • J
    This has gone back to pre-insurance approval level. Insurance approval with exposure to 50 million patients, granted not all diabetic, did not add a penny to the valuation. What good was the approval then??????????? Just does not make any sense.
  • J
    Freestyle libre’s been off as much as 25-35% every time it’s calibrated against a blood draw!!!! Go SENS Go
  • J
    NSPR. The only stock green by a penny today for me.

    SENS is still languishing in darkness at the moment. Maybe an enlightened soul with vision will contrive a forward plan soon, is my hope for the company.
  • J
    I wonder why it went up 5% AH?
  • T
    🤗🤑👉We $SENS are becoming increasingly getting much more stronger and stronger even under the turmoiled stock market places and,Guess Why?

    👉Buy the Dip at discount price, and Hold tight and tight and tight, and sell it when YOU are fully satisfied.Glta. Big Catalysts and Momentums to come up soon per reliable sources like Zacks Equity Research' hints and clues. Glta.