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Senseonics Holdings, Inc. (SENS)

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  • M
    as a LT investor, i am already thinking beyond the FDA approval regardless of whenever that comes. post-FDA approval the hype will settle down, as will the stock price after imminent profit taking from investors. what will be interesting to see is the first 1-2 quarters after that. hopefully the partnership with Ascensia will kick start multiple consecutive quarters of growth subsequently. i am hoping the management has done their homework and prepared in this regard, have their ducks lined up and start delivering.
  • C
    I deeply believe that tomorrow is going to be the beginning of the "lifting up to the sky"!!!!
  • H
    Sense currently holding 8000 shares, any guess the price after FDA approval ?

    2️⃣5️⃣ minimum , Let's hope we get approval this Monday 🙏🙏🙏
  • h
    FDA system shall be more transparent.
    At least provide approximate approval / decline date (eg. Nov).
  • G
    Gary R.N.
    Concerning the 6 month implant FDA approval is:
    God's Angels do things (including FDA approval) @ their own time: Not Ours.
    It may (will) not happen when we want it.
    I personally believe Mid to last October.
  • o
    I don’t think we will know about FDA before earnings call. Maybe the FDA announcement will be the part of the earning call too :)
    Hoping :)
  • S
    After I read the product, one of good future when it compares with DXCM was that users could take the sensor temporary off when they swimming, on the beach or party... this is cool future. whatever the price is, I am holding my 10000 shares for long
  • B
    It's Deja vu all over again and always will be. As an investor in SENS our whole life will be about waiting for FDA approval. Meanwhile, the SP will bounce between $3 - $4 until the next eternity. As long as we never sell, our grand children's grand children will inherit our SENS stock somewhere between $3 - $4 and of course, they will still be talking about the potential FDA approval or clearance - whatever the correct term is. We just have to say, hey, at least we left you something.
  • H
    It just needs a little patience
  • O
    Senzimia -------> McDonald's is calling, they want to know why you didn't show for work this morning ????
  • F
    The big question right now, today is: if you were a diabetic, which would you rather do:

    have a 90 day implant or a 180 day( half a year )one. Four times a year or twice a year!? Even better a year, which is not an if but when.
  • h
    My friend will buy 150k tomorrow on sens! Me as well for 50k. I see momentum to $4.50 than fda approval
  • M
    Everyone is waiting for FDA approval why is no one talking about earnings???
  • d
    I've learned one thing that hope has no place investments
  • w
    FDA employees buying shares of SENS on inside information... Looks like we're getting approved! Let's Party!!
  • r
    SENS is likely going to be approved at the end of 2021. Buy now when the price is low longs will reap the rewards.

  • Z
    The short interest here is unbelievable given the data of the promise study.... I'd like to think that come January 3rd, when the SEC's new rule on off-exchange securities goes into enforcement, the market will see a drastic change in stock price movements prior to any news/updates. I completely understand the logic behind short selling, but I think hedge funds have done a great job of conditioning retail investors who short stocks that its ALWAYS easy money. Well, that's very true when you have the ability to manipulate the stock price, but when that ability is taken away (through the SEC's upcoming enforcement of the transparency around ALL trades), so are the pressures for some to sell from the fear created by uncanny price fluctuations. Personally, I think these price drops are calculated attempts by hedge funds to gain continued investment from their short supporters that hedge funds will capitalize on because I don't believe they HONESTLY think SENS will fail given the data of the promise study. It's not old news that when a stock is going to fly, its pumped by some to sell so they can close any short positions and load up at a reduced price...... People literally come to these boards and tell blatant lies disguised as facts. Do your DD and fact-check claims (even my own)! Any naysayers of SENS are either hedge fund employees with their immoral agenda, or arrogant investors losing elsewhere; both deserve to lose big in my opinion. This company has a product, and its success should speak for itself, so stop listening to bashers who try to portray their OPINIONS as facts. I FULLY expect the share price here to swing wildly in both directions until January 3rd when the TRUE integrity of the market will be revealed. SENS is going to disrupt the flow of capital in the diabetes sector, so it's obviously going to be met with resistance. Congratulations to those of you that discovered this before its FDA approval. I'm going to get a burrito and ponder what I will do with my gains here! Cheers!
  • F
    Just checked Ascensia web site. They have many new job openings just listed. Many of them specifically mention " developing strategies for the launch of NEW products and partnerships including in Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) ..." These jobs just listed 5 days ago. Three mentioning CGM are; Regional Business Manager-Baltimore, Manager, Commercial Initiatives, and Inside Sales Specialist East. This may be an indication of soon FDA approval USA.
  • T
    🙋Firstly Glta! 👉please kindly correct me if I am wrong for the comments below.

    1.Which is the longest CGM in diabetes markets? : 👉SENS.
    2.Which is #1 quality levels of Accuracy? : 👉SENS.
    3.Which is #1 innovative and adaptive freedom activities provider? : 👉SENS.
    4.Which is #1 Cost-effective solutions provider for Diabetes patients? : 👉SENS.
    5.Which stock between SENS($3.50) and DXCM($550.00) is much more Expandable,much more Explosive,and much more Rewardings for your investments? : 👉SENS.
    6.Which company is in your mind to invest in Diabetes markets? : 👉SENS. /// 👉 "real game changer, gem & gold mine" FDA approval is any day from now, max by the end of this year per SENS CEO comments. 👉Make Hays while Sun shines! Glta💘
  • M
    The only reason they shorting it is that they know for sure when FDA gives it approval,most retailers will sell...And it will drop..From there it will steadily rise....But shorts are playing their last cards with $Sens....Goodluck everyone.
    See you in 2025...