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  • S
    $SENS :

    "Quotes" from Tim / H.C. Wainwright presentation on May.23rd.2022 :

    - Very Good Support from many Insurance Carriers.
    - 200 Ascensia Reps in Europe.
    - 20 Ascensia Reps in USA with 💥significant growth in the future.
    - Working actively on One Year Sensor which will feature only once a week calibration and ultimately NO on-the-body transmitter.
    - Pediatric Clinical Testing Later This Year.
    ///Quotes end.
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    $SENS : All investors here at SENS would have any Insights & Updates on "Investor Relations" via "Senseonics to Participate in "the Jefferies Healthcare Conference" to be held on June 9, 2022 at 1:30pm ET : "Quoted"

    May 26, 2022.SENS News,Senseonics Holdings Inc. (NYSE American: SENS),a medical technology company focused on the development and manufacturing of long-term, implantable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems for people with diabetes, today announced plans to participate in the upcoming Jefferies Healthcare Conference in New York, NY.
    Management is scheduled to present on Thursday, June 9, 2022 at 1:30pm ET. Interested parties may access a live and recorded webcast of the presentation on the “Investor Relations” section of the company’s website at
  • j
    My wife and I are both retired and invested in SENS at $5. as time passed we averaged down to $3 and that is our limit, it is now a time for positive attitude, FDA approval is history and next two ER’s should unveil the true potential of SENS. not losing sleep and thinking positive.
  • w
    Short squeeze potential remains very high. Key is 42% of stock is owned by institutions and insiders with institutions consistently adding and only one institution is short. Short % of float at 21%, interest rate 17%+,18 days to cover, retail investors are holding and the accumulation phase continues unabated. SENS ranks high on several shot squeeze potential websites. It is only a matter of time before a strong catalyst triggers the squeeze. The fact is SENS is in a much better position in all aspects of the company than when we $4. Consider that mini squeeze a trial run. It is clear we have diamond hand holders who are accumulating in concert with the institutions. The short squeeze set up is very real and I believe probable based on the criteria met. When is anyone's guess.
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    Analysis Article today on Senseonics by SeekingAlpha : Positive Catalysts, Negative Fundamentals.
    May 23, 2022 5:14 PM ET. Senseonics Holdings, Inc. (SENS)
    Wright's Research."Quoted " as they are :
    Summary :
    Senseonics received FDA approval earlier this year for its 180-day continuous glucose monitoring system.
    Management expects sales to pick up in the second half of this year, along with the rollout of products in the U.S. and Europe.
    Despite product developments and plenty of operating expenses, sales growth is relatively sluggish.
    The market appears to be quite upbeat about Senseonics, as it continues to trade at more than 25x projected sales.///Glta
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    $SENS : It was about 3(Three) years ago that $Senseonics announced the FDA Approval to Continue the PROMISE Sensor Clinical Study in an Extended Cohort to 365 Days to Gather Feasibility Data ,and NOW is the time for all investors here to receive the interim report on 365-days CGM most likely via ADA(American Diabetes Association) Conference Event to be held on June 3rd next week at New Orleans. As one of good news to come during TODAY'S presentation in which we could get some clues that 365-day Device approval timing is likely to be drastically shortened, and potentially at Q2, the 365-day Data is to be submitted to FDA for Approval and,180-days Device CGM is already approved, and NOW in Diabetes markets for sales, and we could also get additional GOOD NEWS of 365-day CGM progress and updates sooner or later possibly via ADA Conference Event next week. I believe it would be easy to have the Pullbacks Time to go $3.00~$5.00 in case the PROMISE Study data turns good.
    For your information, please kindly refer to the details as below :

    –The Cohort of Eversense® CGM users will also test modified sensor chemistry.–
    GERMANTOWN, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Senseonics Holdings, Inc. (NYSE-American: SENS), a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of the first and only long-term, implantable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system – the Eversense® CGM System – today announced the FDA approved a subgroup (with a modified chemistry to enhance longevity) of PROMISE study participants to continue for a total of 365 days to gather feasibility data on the safety and accuracy of a 365-day sensor.
    “We are very pleased that we received a prompt approval to extend the study to gather valuable data,” said Tim Goodnow, PhD, President and CEO of Senseonics. “The scientific, clinical and technical data we will obtain will be critical to further extend sensor longevity. We’re very grateful to the FDA for the green light, for the tireless clinical investigators, and particularly, to the devoted study participants for giving us this opportunity.”
    The goal of the PROMISE Clinical Study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Eversense CGM System in people with diabetes over a 180-day period for the pre-market application submission to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. One hundred and eighty-one (181) study participants at 8 sites across the United States had the Eversense CGM System inserted subcutaneously as part of the study.Now, a sub-set of more than 35 participants who all had a sensor with the modified chemistry will be left undisturbed for 365 days with the goal of measuring accuracy and longevity over the full 365 days.
    “Extending this study is really a critical step in developing a 365-day product. Information gathered from this cohort will allow us to characterize the improved sensor design and optimize our glucose algorithm for the extended, 365-day use period,” explained Mukul Jain, PhD, Chief Operating Officer at Senseonics. “This addition is an exciting extension phase of the PROMISE study and we look forward to evaluating the first multi-clinic investigation of a one-year implantable glucose sensor.”
    The Eversense CGM System consists of a fluorescence-based sensor, a smart transmitter worn over the sensor to facilitate data communication, and a mobile app for displaying glucose values, trends and alerts. In addition to featuring the first long-term and first implantable CGM sensor, the system is also first to feature a smart transmitter that provides wearers with discreet on-body vibratory alerts for high and low glucose and can be removed, recharged and re-attached to the skin without discarding the sensor. Eversense users now have the freedom to make treatment decisions based on their Eversense readings. The sensor is inserted subcutaneously in the upper arm by a health care provider via a brief in-office procedure.///Glta.💘
  • R
    This is from seeking alpha this morning. For us long on the stock, would be pretty cool if this happened like GameStop.
    “One important thing to also note about the stock is its short volume and the total volume on which it trades short. Currently, about 16.7% of all outstanding shares are short. At first glance, this may not seem like a big deal. However, because the stock is short relatively low volume, it will take the short sellers 18 trading days to cover with the current volume, which may make it feasible for activist investors or Reddit crowds to initiate a small short squeeze on the stock.”
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    Big Reasons for Investment here at $SENS :
    1. Much more accurate readings than any other Competitions like

    2. Much Cost-saving & Cheaper than any other Competitions like

    3. Colaboration with Ascensia.
    4. Growing diabetes markets
    5. Big uncaptured diabetic markets
    6. More freedom Activities provider compared to any other Competitions like $DEXCOM
    7. Big Catalysts : FDA180 days Device NOW in Markets,and 365 days to come while
    is 10 to 14 days.
    8. Extremely Undervalued in Share price.
    9.Stocks to be much more Expendable, much more Bombing,much more Explosive and much more Lucrative for investment.
    10.Compare the share price between
    : $1.10 vs $310.00
    $SENS expected
    to dominate all Diabetes markets

    in 3(three)~5(five)years because of "Unprecedented and Unique Diabetes management systems and its demonstrated and. proven #1 quality levels of Accuracy.

    12. Big Institutions by about 306 ea to back up
    $SENS strongly/// Please kindly feel free to correct me if I wrongly had it described above.Glta💘
  • G
    Gary R.N.
    If people are thinking about a "Bottom" for SENS:
    It appears perhaps around 1 / share, is it.
  • S
    Dear Investors!
    Please kindly feel free to correct me if I am wrong for the comments below on $SENS.

    1.Which is the longest CGM in diabetes markets? : 👉SENS .
    2.Which is #1 quality levels of Accuracy to date? : 👉SENS.
    3.Which stock is #1 innovative and adaptive freedom activities provider? : 👉SENS.
    4.Which is #1 Cost-saving solutions provider for Diabetes patients? : 👉SENS.
    5.Which stock between SENS($1.10) and DXCM($310.00) is much more Expandable,much more Explosive,and much more Rewardings for your investments? : 👉SENS.
    6.Which company is in your mind to invest in Diabetes markets? : 👉SENS. /// 👉If you agree to my comments above, please kindly be on all board immediately. The balls are in YOUR court, and I could tell you that SENS must be "real game changer, gem & gold mine" to come in all Diabetes markets. Make Hays while Sun shines! Glta
  • h
    MMAT just has their noninvasive glucose monitor patent approval

    The granting of this patent in the United States is a key milestone in our glucoWISE® development plan," said Dr. Themos Kallos, META's co-founder and Chief Science Officer. "This is our foundational patent on non-invasive biosensing using radio waves, built around the core idea of an ultrathin metamaterial film that acts as an anti-reflection coating for the skin, leading to increased signal penetration to the tissue. It paves the way for a completely painless radio-wave-based glucose sensing system in the U.S., which is currently home to more than 30 million people living with diabetes."

    I wish sense would push their ads aggressively to general public
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    There is no reason to sell this stock at all if you’re in, unless you’re day trading "for pennies" or "get frightened by dips." Which, in the second case, you shouldn’t be an investor. 👉Do you honestly think this stock won’t be $3.00~$5.00 or even much more at some point?
    Don‘t let the high frequency/big money bears and shorts scare you and take your shares for cheap. Keep calm and chive on!
    This is a long term investment. "It will drastically and surely up for your huge rewardings. I sincerely wish this Stock makes you and all your family much more wealthier than before!!" STRONG BUY & Hold tight & Do not give any single share to any Shorters per FREE of Charge, and sell it when YOU are fully satisfied.
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    Next week on June 3rd.2022, SENS will likely present very good Promise Study report data to FDA on 365-days CGM via ADA(American Diabetes Association) Event to be held at New Orleans.In case the submission data turns good, we might expect to have the Pullbacks to over $3.00~$5.00.And, we know Ascensia will also likely deliver significant big sales increase effective Q3 by the end of 2022 by this 180-days CGM.
    Buy the Dip at this current level of share price if you are strongly tempted.

    The 365-days CGM will also likely get approved by the end of 2023 as planned scheduled or a bit earlier, and there will be also the update available sooner or later. They have 200Mil. cash, and they currently only burn rate by about 40m-50m each year, and we are good till 2026 year. Inflation has nothing to do with us till then. Patient can swim, work out with Eversense CGM, not with others... and further, This must be #1 Cost-saving solutions provider as well.Go SENS
  • c
    I will gladly sell all my shares for half of what I paid for them. Any takers?????
  • m
    Senseonics to Participate in the Jefferies Healthcare Conference

    $SENS is ready to take off $DXCM is the past
  • J
    Everyone, look I understand the frustration on this board. I too am very frustrated. Not because the share price is not yet at $20, but because they have a low number of reps in the U.S., they are not forthcoming with any insurance companies that are covering this device and they are relying on Ascencia forall the marketing. This company does not have celebrities because they don't have the money to do so at this time, we need sales. This is truly the first qtr that we should begin to see some action, I know it won't be significant, next qtr will really tell the story. I would be happy if this SP were around $5 right now, as I believe the market is forward thinking and should not be out of the question to see some type of decent sales figures by end of this year to support a $5 price target. I am onboard at this price, I can't see this going any lower unless it is a complete flop (which is could be). Time will tell, but I think by end of next qtr we will see how successful or not this product is going to be here in the U.S. Fingers crossed!
  • A
    We are floating all over the place. anywhere the wave takes us(or certain institution/players). we have that one strong catalyst, which Is the only long term patented and approved CGM in the world. that's our pillar. I hoped for a little bit compassion in latest qtr data and didn't get it just yet. OK, we will wait for next quarters data and hopefully some institutions will join up till then. when we will see significant growth in sales, we will see significant growth in share value. meanwhile we are keep on floating...
  • U
    Eversense 365 days is going to kill market! One year under skin sensor people can forget boring other pain in the #$%$ CGM solution where every couple of weeks need to plug in new patch. I see me millionaire in 2/3 years. I'll never sell this stock, even when reach >100$. I'm not a dreamer, believe me! I'm visionary!!!
  • N
    Finally saw an Everesence add on Instagram showing 180 day device! Hopefully sales pick up. The people commenting seemed excited
  • M
    Insulet jumps on report Dexcom in talks to acquire

    Insulet (NASDAQ:PODD) rose 11% on a report that Dexcom Inc. (NASDAQ:DXCM) is in discussions to purchase the maker of pumps that deliver insulin for diabetics. Dexcom fell 8.9%.
    Talks are active and a deal could be finalized in the coming weeks, according to a Bloomberg report.
    Insulet (PODD) has a market cap of $13.8 billion, while Dexcom (DXCM), which sells glucose-monitoring systems used by diabetics, is valued at $31.5 billion.
    The report coms after Insulet (PODD) announced earlier this month that Shacey Petrovic will step down from her role as president and CEO for personal reasons effective Jun. 1.
    Dexcom (DXCM) and Insulet (PODD) already have a commercial relationship that was announced in February 2020.
    Dexcom's (DXCM) continuous glucose monitoring system competes with Abbott's (ABT) Libre device and Senseonics (SENS). Insulet's (PODD) insulin pump competes with Tandem Diabetes (TNDM) and Medtronic (MDT).