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    Since Tom stated that he is looking for a company to continue with V development, How about a different scenario here such that a public company buys vicineum in return of issuing stocks to SESN holders . Perhaps another cancer treatment company who would love to combine their product with V? I would be happy with it too.
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    We retails don’t need another clinical stage biotech company, sell the company so everyone can move on!!!

    VOTE NO!!!!!!!! 👎🏼 👎🏼 👎🏼
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    SESN shuts down after via merge? What happens to my SESN shares?
  • c
    Fomo money moving in!! This is going to be really interesting!!
  • N
    Not sure what I would do with! Their daily emails keep me up to date on the best stocks to watch and have made all the difference for me as an investor!
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    I feel sad that short covering started before I buy enough. I just bought 13000 from these prices yet
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    After $30 M financing, concurrent with the merger, Moderna will own 17.2% of SESN/CARM.

    This info is enough to me in order for keep my shares until post merge!
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    It seems like either the Qilu data is bad or there is another deal to come. You don’t mention V and there is an existing deal with milestones and royalties in place. Plus the NIH trial still shows recruiting as does the Qilu trial. It would seem there still has to be an announcement about it good or bad.

    Is it possible someone else is buying out Sesn outright and this reverse merger is just part of the deal?
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    5 months ago they said:
    ''strategic alternatives with the goal of maximizing shareholder value''
    Instead we got 60% dilution and are soon to be bagholding a new bioscam con-pany.
    Good job! 😂 😂
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    Yankees Rock
    Hard to believe just over a year ago this stock was around $6.00. Wished I had sold my 51.5K shares.....instead of being up a quarter of a million dollars, I'm down like 65% (as are many of us) Got excited when I saw the PR but when I checked the premarket.... :-(
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    If there were to be 44 bids, some of them should be about V. Hopefully not all 44 of them targeted the money we have only and skip V. So those offers that actually targeted V should bring some good news after Nov 8.
  • A
    When is SESN going to tell shareholders how great this deal is and why? More importantly, when will they show sharehoders what the other offers were and why they chose this one?
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    what is share price today if announce merger is off, dissolution of sesen. no stock options paid to management, cash disbursement to shareholders? double.
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    Folks that haven’t done their DD are naturally bearish on the deal, however Carisma is pioneering cancer treatment 2.0, this was a cheap (creative) way for them to go live given this isn’t a market for IPOs right now. Top tech and top of bread leadership team. I just wonder if they’ve already gotten the head nod from their largest shareholders...? I would tend to think so...
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    How many shares of the new company will I get for each share of SESN I have? Market seems to think this deal stinks.
  • M
    Just can’t wait for the SEC filing saying „Sesen Bio terminated agreement with Qilu Pharmaceuticals~” as the final nail in the coffin. What will the cultists hang on to then?! Realize it finally, they lied, it was a scam, no one cares about Vicineum, there are better upcoming drugs from IBRX and TLTFF. You have been scammed/robbed/deceived. It’s not to late too open your eyes. They paid $20m in a court settlement for these lies, it’s not fantasy ffs.
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    I will vote Yes,

    CAR Macrophage Therapy Continues to be Well-Tolerated in Solid Tumors

    July 11, 2022

    Victoria Johnson

    A phase 1 trial has completed enrollment in its first cohort and is now enrolling the second.

    Carisma Therapeutics’ chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) macrophage CT-0508 has continued to be well-tolerated in patients with solid tumors, with promising signs of efficacy, according to updated data from a phase 1, first-in-human trial (NCT04660929).1

    Data from the trial were presented at the at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting, held June 3-7, 2022, held both virtually and in Chicago, Illinois by Kim A. Reiss Binder, MD, assistant program director, Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program, and assistant professor of medicine, University of Pennsylvania Hospital, and also during a company webcast.1,2 CGTLive previously spoke with Binder to learn more about the first-in-human trial of CT-0508.

    "CAR macrophages do not require chemotherapy conditioning, CT-0508 does not cause severe cytokine release syndrome (CRS) or neurotoxicity. Macrophages do not cause graft versus host disease as they don't have T-cell receptors and macrophages can thus be used as an allogeneic off-the-shelf product. There is potential for epigenetic compatibility, and importantly, macrophages do not cause immunosuppression,” Michael Klichinsky, PharmD, PhD, said during a company webcast.1 “From a mechanism of action point of view, CAR macrophages infiltrate solid tumors by using viral vectors with durable transduction. We see durable CAR expression; we see direct cytotoxicity through phagocytosis and other means. We see the CAR macrophages are able to remodel the TME, recruit T-cells and present antigen, lead to epitope spreading, and can sensitize checkpoint inhibitor-resistant tumors to immunotherapy.”

    New data presented demonstrated a favorable safety and tolerability profile in the first 7 patients treated. Patients had tumors including breast cancer, gastrointestinal tumors, ovarian cancer, and salivary duct carcinoma and were heavily pretreated, with a median number of 3 prior therapies, ranging to 11.

    READ MORE: CAR Macrophage Therapy for HER2 Solid Tumors Continues Through First in Human Trial

    Investigators found that in these patients, there have been no dose-limiting toxicities. Five patients had grade 1 or 2 CRS and no cases of Immune effector cell-associated neurotoxicity syndrome have been observed. One patient experienced serious adverse events (SAE) of CRS and an infusion reaction which resolved within 24 hours. Two patients had SAEs relating to progression of disease. Overall, AEs were mostly mild and included laboratory abnormalities and there were no major organ toxicities. Investigators assessed preliminary efficacy and found that 4 of 7 patients had stable disease at 8 weeks.

    “Car macrophages demonstrate feasible manufacturing. The process is largely automated, the cells can be cryopreserved and in fact are stable in a cryopreserved state for very long periods of time. The process is fairly rapid for an autologous program. Our manufacturing cycle takes 7 days with the majority of the time being hands off. This process allows for reduced cost of goods,” Klichinsky added.1

    Carisma also shared that the first cohort has completed accrual and the second cohort is now enrolling. CT-0508 received fast track designation for the treatment of solid tumors in September 2021.3
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    Something seems off… Is it possible Qilu announces progress and the value would be higher for the new company or no hope for anything supporting this stock? Seems we need more details on Cash Value and stock price to shareholders