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Shake Shack Inc. (SHAK)

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  • A
    Great stock to get into early for those that love (and those that miss) a good ol' burger joint!

    BFI - BurgerFi International $BFI
    Stock price as of 8:00 EST $12.83

    - Burgerfi is a well-known burger/custard joint mainly on the East Coast that became public in the last couple months.
    - BurgerFi currently expects total revenue for the fourth quarter of 2020 to be approximately $9.0 million compared to $8.9 million in the fourth quarter of 2019. The expected total revenue for the year ended December 31, 2020 was approximately $34.3 million versus $34.2 million for the year ended December 31, 2019.
    - Cash and marketable securities on hand were $39.5 million as of December 31, 2020.
    - Celebrated 10-years in business last month.
    - The company has over 100 brick and mortars, many located in Florida, but has locations in Nashville, Philly, NYC, Detroit.
    - Opening a location in Las Vegas this month.
    - Announced they will be opening locations in the Middle East, making this an international chain. (Smart to expand right where so many potential investors can be found)
    I am not a financial advisor, just a fan of this company. This stock has potential to hit the same stock prices as it's rivals - Shakeshack $SHAK, Sonic $SONC
  • C
    At today's stock price, in order for SHAK to have a forward P/E ratio of 20, it would need to make $6.07 profit per share in 2021. It's currently forecast to make only 22 cents profit in 2021.
    No wonder the CEO is selling his shares.
  • P
    I see Shake Shack CEO Randall Garutti sold 143,900 shares of SHAK on January 15, 2021, at prices between $109 and $116. That's about $16 million worth of stock.
    Now he only owns 52,991 shares according to the SEC filing. I wonder why he sold so much?
  • S
    Dumped my whole position that I started building up a year ago at $134.56, so we can assume SHAK is going up to $200 at the very least today or tomorrow :-) Not complaining; I'm as new to dealing with reddit short squeezes as anybody, so I took my rather significant profit while I could. Would be nice to buy back in at under $100 in a couple of days or weeks.
  • J
    i got SHAK at 35 a share and still holding it till this day, im not selling as long as this stock moves higher every year
  • s
    I told you guys last week to SHORT THIS BACK TO 75.

    Pump and dump--- My short is doing great.
  • D
    Wingstop's 4th Quarter sales were +26.5% and same-store-sales were +18.2%.
    Does anyone think SHAK will produce similar numbers?
  • t
    SHAK market cap greater than WEN. LOL Lis amazing how much Robinhood investors are willing to pay for an overvalued cult stock. Most Robinhood investors wouldnt know what a balance shhet, income statement or cash flow statement was even if it him in the face. Perhaps after they get wiped out and this ponzy scheme ends the Robinhood rookies will get a real flipping burgers at the Shack.
  • P
    long term buy
  • J
    Their concept was barely profitable before pandemic, so what innovations did they deployed during 2020 to become highly profitable in 2021? The SP predicts high top and bottom increases compared to 2019
  • U
    I wonder if there will be any class action lawsuits about stock manipulation today?
  • N
    Not true, Shake Shack sources from high quality ingredients and their burgers are yummy lol cheese fries please.
  • J
    i got in when it was 35 a share bought 300 shares i sold 100 shares when it reach high 90's still holding 200, i use the 100 shares i sold to buy AIRBNB at 146 IPO
  • s
    Text book analyst action after missing the run, upgrading at the high, and now dumping back on retail investors. Criminal.

    SHORT this back to $75.
  • C
    I noticed that when SHAK stock jumps up it's usually because "promises about future business" and not "actual results." In fact, it's "actual results" that typically cause SHAK to fall in price.
    Management does a great job in marketing Shack Shake stock to Wall Street. They're just not good at producing good actual results.
  • M
    Mark W
    Does anyone here think SHAK will have lowered their costs in Q4 2020? Thinking about the impact of PPP money from the government. I have 114 and 110 puts expiring the end of the month as like many other posters here, I believe the stock has run too far too fast in light of what it was trading at a year ago when in it dumped in Feb 2020 after the Q4 earnings report. Puts which expire shortly after expected earnings call date were just too expensive so I bought the Jan 29 puts expecting to roll into the Feb puts expiring after earnings when they come down a little as time becomes shortened.

    PPP money could be a big boon for SHAK as well as other fast food restaurants which have operated in some capacity during the "shut downs" which could make for a upward earnings surprise which would be bad for buying the Feb puts.
  • S
    So let me get this straight. They had a -17% for q4 and everyone can’t wait to buy as much of this as they can??? Yes this definitely makes perfect sense. Wonder how huge the losses will be with higher costs across all line items. Keep on buying folks!
  • T
    The Real Blake
    Their highest quarterly earnings ever for SHAK was 29 cents, which translates to $1.16 in earnings per year if they did that for four quarters. At 110.50 current price, that gives it an optimistic forward PE of 95, which is higher than CMG.

    If the food is bad (I don't know, I have have never been there), then this not be a buy right here, at all time highs.

    So why are they bidding it up?
  • S
    Shorting this with both hands tomorrow. This is so easy. Just gotta build a position slowly in case there are more sick people buying this garbage based on nothing. Valuation here is so hilarious, it’s even worse than cmg lol! People just have no idea what they’re buying (a money losing business with declining revenues). See you back down at 30 when things get back to normal shortly.
  • s
    SHORT THIS NOW. Robbin hooders will take chips off, AMC and GME about to be hammered. this DOG is a pump and dump for the management team-- they are coca ocahes selling to retail .