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    Despite the economic crisis, this is till a good time to invest in forex and bitcoin trading
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    There will be full details about Shop's fulfillment network plans in the upcoming earnings report. I am no longer anxious about my investment in this company.
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    I've never owned Shopify stock. But I'm looking to be a buyer for the first time next week. Best in class by far in this sector, immense growth.
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    To set the record straight this is a quote from Bloomberg news yesterday, “We are making improvements to SFN that will make fast fulfillment more accessible and at lower costs, ultimately enabling more merchants and their customers to have the best possible shipping experiences,” Shopify spokesperson Amy Hufft said in an email statement. SFN stands for Shopify Fulfillment Network.
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    It was an unfortunate day in the markets considering what Shopify does for small and medium sized businesses. They are the only tech company supporting and neutering other companies that are being crushed by corporations and big tech. I love their vision of “arming the rebels”, and at the heart of that vision is a source of drive and passion from their merchants and future merchants around the world that will keep this company thriving. The American dream needs Shopify and Shopify won’t let it’s rebels down.
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    Tonight, from TD Ameritrade's Professional discussion: "...New product offerings will allow Shopify's revenue to grow much faster than GMV. One example is Shopify Payment, Shopify's answer to PayPal [PYPL]. PayPal has been around for more than 20 years. It had 400 million users in the latest quarter. Shopify Pay had 120 million. PayPal's valuation is 50% higher than Shopify's. Shopify could have close to $4 billion in revenue in 2024. It is scaling toward long-term margins of 40% to 45%. We believe it should trade at 30 to 40 times underlying Ebit, resulting in a price target of $1,350 to $2,000..."
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    Whatever happens, SHOP will never be as decent to short as to go long. And regardless of the returns bears are using this as an excuse to try and attack SHOP specifically when the reality is EVERY stock is taking a significant hit. It really is a joke how the bears are calling for it to go bankrupt or say the company itself is flawed. With good companies like SHOP any down move in the stock usually has nothing to do with the company itself. Regardless of how low the stock goes, the idea it won’t reclaim its highs ever again is a joke when SHOP has no competition and continues to grow organically at an astounding rate. Even AMZN had periods where it sold off dramatically but look at it today. The overall story for SHOP is still intact. The likelihood of revisiting the March 2020 lows is very low. If you invested several years ago just wait for the smoke to clear. The future is uncertain but regardless the years from now SHOP will likely be much higher than even the high it set prior to the selloff.
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    I suspect many are near capitulation. Experience has taught me the best buying opportunities are when others are ready to throw in the towel. Nothing more stressful then watching your investment tank, but If you believe in the long term prospects of the company and have the time to wait, turn off your computer and don't come back until the dust settles.
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    The Legendary Dark Knight Sparda
    almost 2 years worth of gains wiped within a span of 2 months, my sympathies lie with all of you may we see brighter days ahead
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    How can the market get so fearful of a 1% interest rate increase? Are investors really that leveraged that a 1% hike makes a difference?!
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    Guru Ma
    The bullish case for Shopify despite valuation concerns
    Martin Toner, director of institutional research, growth and innovation at ATB Capital Markets, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss what's behind the drop in Shopify shares and why he still sees plenty of growth for the company in the years ahead.
    Long and strong ...
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    Mrs. Irwin
    I’m psyched about the fulfillment news. Cutting out the middle man and taking it on ourselves. Why pay another company to do what we can do on our own. Sounds like the right plan to me.
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    The fulfillment center news is actually good news read the statement from the company

    Dont listen to Deshuang he wants to make millions off his short position
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    If this stock for ANY reason show poor guidance or slower growth rate it will tank like how Netflix tanked today. Like I said great company but risky valuation. I am actually surprised to see almost no one in this forum talk about valuation. Only saying things like this company is the future which are literally meaningless.
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    Don't try bottom fishing. It might be 1-2 years before stocks again start upside. So even if you buy low, it might remain same for 1-2 years or even longer. Wait for the market to move up again, then invest. In this case you may not make huge profit but your money won't be stuck here for long.
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    Well...Unless I thought Shop is going to go to zero (which I dont) I cant really sell now and take the hit. So I'm just stuck in a holding pattern until things recover. I know that what I have (mostly Tesla, Amazon and Shop) will eventually recover. These companies are NOT going anywhere. But it could be 6 months to a year..maybe even longer. Fortunately, these are actual investments for me and not mo ey I need to live on so I can bide my time.
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    You have got to laugh or cry ..... either the analysts don't have a clue what they are talking about or this is pretty much the most oversold stock ever. According to analysts SHOP has got 77% upside to reach its average consensus. The lowest rating is 20% above where it is now. Its highest is over 120%.

    Whereas the past few weeks losses have been mostly down to the tech slump, todays drop is very much centred around the company itself.

    By the time the Feb results come out it won't matter either way. I am betting on them being really bad now but by then it will have been factored in.

    This will now crater to 600 and prob lower. The bears on here have been correct. Sometimes you have just got to hold your hands up and say you were correct. This is one of those times.

    Well done bears.

    I am just trying to remember if I have ever seen a stock go down 20% in a day and 50% in 8 weeks on no news at all.
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    If Shopify gg to build their own fulfillment centre, there will be huge capex spending but the real issue can they compete in terms of efficency like what Amazon did?

    That is like gg bk to what Amazon did 20years ago. Time to headhunt Amazon stuff.

    A steep learning curve and expect huge drain of cash flow for next full quarter if this is the real intention.

    I dare not predict the support price level. Too much uncertainty.

    But someone was shouting 300 to 500-- that would be a steal.
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    For all those who keep saying this is so over priced. Over $3.4 billion in income the last yr. Thats INCOME not revenue
    Shopify is extremely profitbale thats why it was priced where it was.

    P/E of 32 currently. Crazy cheap at the moment if you use P/E. U can't use P/S for this company imo. Its all about profit. Watch Shopify buy back a ton of stock if share price continues to be manipulated down