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SVB Financial Group (SIVB)

NasdaqGS - NasdaqGS Real-time price. Currency in USD
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464.24+9.03 (+1.98%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
463.00 -1.24 (-0.27%)
After hours: 07:51PM EDT

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    $GSFI conversation
    $GSFI, Solar play under $.01, announced a share buyback in their most recent PR.

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  • a
    going to apply 3 day rule & look again!
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    $GSFI conversation
    $GSFI is the cheapest solar play in the market at under 1 penny. Inflation Reduction Act to explode the solar market.

    $AMC $GME $PLTR $SENS $Nio $F $Bb $BNGO $CCIV $AAPL $INTC $AMD $Obln $Gevo $GE $Nndm $OPTT $CLII $Trxc $Idex $BAC $Tell $MARA $Plug $FCEL $AAL $BBBY $Qtt $IBM $Bbd $ITUB $T $ABEV $ZNGA $FUBO $Rig $PBR $HBAN $COTY $RIOT $Msft $NOK $ACB $Mro $Pfe $JMIA $Et $JAGX $Ccl $C $CBAT $WFC $Apwc $GM $VALE $XOM $XPEV $Fb $SUNW $TLRY $Li $TSLA $UBER $SWN $SIRI $TSM $M $OEG $Ag $KMI $OXY $POLA $FCX $MTC $BBIG $DD $Dvn $VZ $SNAP $SPWR $Ddd $GSX $X $MS $KO $Bp $SOLO $CSCO $Kgc $TAK $VIAc $Qs $MU $HAL $SRNE $CMCSA $OCGN $Epd $Twtr $Slb $UAL $BABA $INO $Azn $Pcg $GOLD $Crbp $Wwr $AVGR $Jpm $SPCE $TME $Uwmc $Xl $IBn $Aeo $JE $Umc $PPSI $Apha $Clps $DAL $NCLH $VUZI $Wimi $AA $CX $CIG $AUY $Nly $Azek $Cdev $CLF $Crsr $CRM $Pins $HPE $MRNA $TIGR $Amtx $Ypf $EARS $Fldm $ORCL $Stx $WMB $Qd $CVE $Tmdi $KODK $COP $TEVA $Dis $KR $Infi $Dkng $MTG $Bcrx $Bmy $USB $Mrk $BFT $Mgi $CLVS $Lac $IQ $Seel $MGM $Wkhs $DPW $Scyx $Hst $Crnt $APA $JNJ $AUPH $Mur $Ally $CVX $Pypl $RF $Vray $Lumn $Isr $GRTS $NFLX $Ba $FRSx $Mgni $Nkla $Fti $BSX $Futu $Kopn $Hexo $V $Amcr $Vbiv $Pg $DASH $PIZZA $WMT $Tgt $GNUs $OPTI $OZSC $Clwd $Gnrs $AB $Bwen $Rlftf $Vnrx $BLSP $TRX $Mmm $sq $Sqqq $Stpk $CYDY $Lkcny $CTRM $Sndl $NAKD $Mkd $ENZC $Brtx $AMC $Rad $RLX $BAC $T $X $C $AFRM $SFIX $APPN $QDEL $QORVO $ZOM $MSTR $SIVB $Meli $BGNE $ATRI $DJCO $GSX $TOPS $shop $ship $Tdoc $RETL $NVR $TPL $Wtm $SEB $SHIB-USD $TLRY $BTC-USD
  • s
    Solid fundamentals. Buying
  • P
    good price, I like it here
  • E
    Guys, check out ( They have been crushing it lately while SIVB barley does anything at all.
  • a
    Does this pay a dividend? Do they have buybacks in place?
  • W
    $21 billion Cap, no thank you
  • t
    Today is going to be brutal I guess.
  • s
    Easy come.

    Easy go.

    Not interested.

    Investing in none dividend paying bank is against my principle.
  • h
    valuation was always a scam. its a bank
  • a
    Thinking about buying some banks to ride out the market slump! Why SIVB. versus JPM? Jpm pays a dividend & lower PE? Thoughts?
  • P
    Those incomprehensible and seemingly unbelievable, this is worse even that Boston Private Bank used to perform
  • J
    Will this company ever pay a dividend...seems to be making nice money now.
  • M
    Does anyone know why the revenue has been improving well?
  • S
    Sir John T
    Bottom looks to be in place. Worth a shot under $440. We bought yesterday at $432.50 and $433.62.
  • V
    by other stocks standard... shouldn't this be at least few times higher? So profitable
  • A
    What am I missing here? They blow away their earnings estimates. Are growing incredibly fast for a bank. Well run. Cheap. Why isn't this think $700?
  • c
    Getting crush. Maybe people are looking at the price of the shares vs tangible book value?