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Tanger Factory Outlet Centers, Inc. (SKT)

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  • s
    2Q ER:

    1. Love the results. Company is in sound business and financial footing now.

    2. Love the company management of cash. I love a higher dividend like most of you, but paying just a bit more than GAAP income as dividends is very sound. Use the free cash flow from depreciation to either pay down debt or reinvestments shows prudent management.

    Bottom line... Sound investment and great investment hedge.

    I can care less about the current stock price. Good dividend rate and stable company are more appealing to me. Price appreciation will be there.
  • v
    I am sick of all the spam on yahoo! I actually try to stay off of the SKT message board now and exclusively use (
  • C
    Map for growth and quarterly gains
    Huge new growth in Numbers Huge new Nashville location plus the new west palm Tanger like 455,000 sq st just added plus a Huge compounding dividend
    It’s a Strong Buy with 19-21 near term target and 30s next year depending on market conditions
    Read the great articles on yahoo SKT
    Check the charts do your research
    Opinions only g luck folks
  • o
    Upped guidance 2¢ more. $17 - $18 stock I think.
  • C
    hummmmmmmm,near term price target 19-21, next year 30s possible depending on market conditions, SKT has hit as high as 40s in the past, a Much Stronger company today, plus the COMPOUNDING dividends while you hold this GEM, do your own research check past charts splits etc, ITS A STRONG BUY FOLKS, to the MoonPooperTom, Elton John Rocket Man, Shorty squeeze coming sooner then later for the smart money shorts its BUY BACK time , opinions only g luck folks
  • o
    Selling my entire stake if we hit $17.40. That's about fully valued imo, but will be a buyer below $15.
  • C
    Consolidation is very possible in today’s market place and Tanger is a prime Takeover stock in this sector
    You can own this 💎 gem under 16 with a huge dividend and huge earnings and growth forward outlook
    This is a Strong Buy for many reasons
    Do your research check the charts
    The call is 19-21 near term with momentum up to 30s next year depending on market conditions
    This November when republicans take over house senate the markets will start to roll between November 22 and 2024 Republican Whitehouse !
    Opinions only g luck folks
  • C
    Huge earnings
    Huge growth
    Huge expansions
    Huge forward outlook
    Huge Compounding dividend
    Near term target 19-21
    Opinions only g luck folks
  • C
    Retail sales up higher then expected,
    Hummm, Skt is a Huge buy accumulate plus the Large Shortys dividends , great articles out on Skt do your research, it’s a Strong buy folks
    Opinion only g luck folks
  • C
    Thought moonpooperTom was done gone, the little shorty guy has his wife in a Kia, he should be buying SKT not bashing it, go buy yourself 25 shares kido..
    Tanger Is a Strong Buy into earnings, Smart Shortys already bailed out of Skt short float down from over 20 to 9-10 now, why, Smart Shortys know about Skt numbers coming Huge earnings, Huge growth, Huge Shortys dividends, Huge forward outlook ahead even with inflation winds, Tanger discounts plus close proximity to huge consumer areas all equals
    Strong Buy on Skt, to the Moon
    Opinions only good luck folks
  • D
    What's the short term support here?
  • C
    Folks, the dirt cheap article on Skt
    Classic….Hopefully you bought at under 14 and loaded up, folks anything under 15 is still a HUGE STRONG BUY HERE , with a near term target of 19-20 as or when market makes a good run 3-4th qtrs
    Plus enjoy the Shortys dividends until you sell at 19-20 range, play on the house money in Skt, Do your own research read the Great current articles out on Skt,
    Huge earnings Huge growth Huge dividends Huge expansions Huge new Nashville Tanger coming, Huge forward outlook ahead, with the Huge Shortys shares and float which if going down as Smart Shortys know the Writing is on the wall Shortys buy back , too the KenMoonSoon opinions only g luck folks
  • R
    Are you guys still in SKT? They just got featured on the watchlist at (
  • K
    Late on Div announcement
  • M
    Maybe SKT will jump today based on SPG's results and div increase.
  • M
    So wages are up, GDP is down, retail sales are up less than inflation, almost every retailer has lowered forecast, housing and rents are up, and the markets are in rally mode. Find that in an economics textbook.
  • C
    Folks great spot here keep accumulating shares at this gift price and healthy inflation dividends, look for a 19-20$ target near term as we near November elections and Big Red wave that will send investors and markets up, Tanger has huge growth and earnings ahead, big expansions and new Nashville mall soon
    Strong buy opinions only g luck folks
  • C
    Almost all stocks are down currently
    But the remaining Shortys In Skt , like the KenMoonToms , are going to get burned again, they come out of the woodwork and post only when the Markets are down and Therefore Skt goes down, these Shortys posting Skt going to 11 range… lol… obvious Shortys that have been burned dreaming of 11 , you will get burned again soon…
    The play in Skt kidos is, buy at this gift low price , plus Shortys large dividend payouts, with a target of 19-20 near term, then sell take profits, like clockwork Skt will be manipulated down to 14-16 range depending on market levels, then Skt pops back up to 19-20 like clockwork,
    Play on the houses money, buy low here, sell high at 19 plus, enjoy your dividends in between, although almost quarterly you can buy sell Skt and make great profits playing these Shortys manipulations, decent Shortys float still in Skt , but Shortys are falling out fast knowing Tanger has huge growth and earnings ahead
    Great buy at this gift price folks, opinions only g luck folks