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The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (SMG)

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  • b
    the current "RESCUE" plan is not in touch with the reality of the situation and lacks urgency despite what management says. paying way too muchy for an acquisition and then having sales drop 60% is not ok, period. the balance sheet is now in shambles. they will need to wake up and raise cash through a very dilutive equity offering. watch, it's coming.
  • S
    At the end of the quarter, the company had cash and cash equivalents of $27.8 million, down around 52% year over year. Long-term debt was $3,155.6 million, up around 48% year over year.
    From zacks. Yeah no worries.
  • S
    Who expects a dividend elimination?
  • P
    Been watching this co for entry for a while and something very very wrong. Management needs replacement. Price back to 2013 level. 250 high 2021 to current 43 is pure mismanagement. A rookie would realize was making mistakes long before doing more damage and stop. Management and board all need to go. Lets start a shareholder initiative to replace board and management
  • b
    sounds like the ceo is a bit clueless. he should write a book on how to destroy a great franchise in 3 easy steps. on the conf call he talked about raising prices multiple times and then he talked about how promotional they will be starting this fall and into next year. which is it? can you raise prices or not. if you can, then why all of the talk of being more promotional? the consumer is not stupid. we need everyone out there to demand that this ceo step down...................that's what real accountability is all about. nowhere else in america would one man be allowed to destroy a franchise like this and then tell you to have some confidence in him while he still keeps his job. what the heck is going on here? where it the outrage on the part of institutional money managers.
  • d
    Time to load up the bus ?
  • a
    The storm will cause inventories to be depleted, Hawthorn sales will spike due to power outages and loss of cannabis crop across millions of homes, stock will right itself in November upon positive earnings, others will find to be a shock.
  • F
    Buying. Great stock for this correction as they started preparing for the storm WAY BEFORE OTHERS!
  • d
    I've been interested in SMG for a few months. Every time I look its lower. Seems to be a classic of trying to catch a falling knife. People were writing articles of the great 50% sale in the $80s. Now in the $40s. Should we be looking for the $20s.
    I don't dare pull the trigger. They almost have to eliminate the dividend. They should also never buy back stock while the company has outstanding debt. i imagine they wish the had those 100s of millions back.
  • J
    CEO says he is stockpiling raw materials because he is worried inflation may increase costs down the road. How much extra money do they have to be doing this? Something seriously wrong at SMG. One of the nastiest charts I've seen.
  • V
    Case study of why you don’t lever up and chase growth by taking on massive amounts of debt. Now there is a chance they go BK if they can’t fix their issues
  • R
    Waiting for $27 to start a position
  • L
    Let's not forget that the biggest payouts in the market don't comes from great performances but rather it's great promotions stay invested,diversification for streams of income is very important
  • T
    Hawthorne, just SMH. It really looks like Chris can mostly be blamed for destroying Scotts. Going into the hydro market was the stupidest idea EVER. Pure greed. If they had studied this market better, they would have learned that is it the most volatile, unforecastable market on the planet. It has no consistency in y/y revenues. And they thought they could just buy their way in by purchasing the big players. What they didn't grasp is that new trends sweep the hydroponics market often, and many brands that enjoy big success for a while always fall off and someone else takes their place - this is like a 4/5 year cycle. They would have been smarter to develop products in-house and slowly enter the market organically and actually compete for market share. All they did was chase a bunch of big goblins, bought them up, and watched a lot of them disappear. Take Luxx - ok, this deal just closed on Dec.31, and already it is practically worthless. Look at the write downs, look at the sales... this was the stupidest move I've ever seen to pay $216M for a company that was barely 4 years old. They could have hired the best engineers and designed their own lighting fixtures and flooded the market at lower prices. SMG just chasing after the shiny new object constantly... those days are thankfully over.And honestly, I think they got conned on the LUXX deal. They bought Gavita, thinking now they will dominate lighting with no other substantial competitors. Luxx springs up, grows big really fast thanks to one specific cannabis producer (JungleBoys) who promoted the lights on Instagram, and Hawthorne is like #$%$!! These guys are taking all of our Gavita market share away!!' So they just decide 'Damn, ok, we'll buy Luxx too!!' Such a dumb mistake. Sooooo dumb. I think Chris should be grounded for a month over this. No playdates, no TV, no video games. Sit in his room and think about what he has done. And, after the Luxx con job (defective products, fake regulatory listings, etc.), why isn't SMG suing to recoup some of the money it spent? They are just rolling over and taking it up the #$%$ Really smart. Meanwhile, JungleBoys guys, who were also the owners of Luxx, laughing their #$%$ off... Damn Chris and Jim - you got conned by a bunch of kids!! #$%$??But what will they do now? They are stuck with a bunch of Hawthorne acquired companies that are just all losing their luster, as new brands arise to take their place. They won't be able to spin-off hawthorne because by the time stock price recovers (hmm... maybe never?), all Hawthorne products will be obsolete and division will be close to worthless. One big write down coming... I used to respect management, but something broke with this company. Too much ego, overconfidence, 'we can do no wrong' attitude... 'We're going to take over hydroponics and nobody can stop us!!' Nobody but yourselves, that is... If they had any smart consultants, they would also have learned that as soon as they started making acquisitions in the hydroponics industry, word quickly spread in the industry that it was SMG buying all these companies up. EVERYONE in the hydro industry HATES Hawthorne. They may be forced to deal with them, but they HATE them. They had a bad reputation amongst growers far before the buyouts started due to their association with Roundup. If there's one thing weed growers/smokers hate, its toxic chemicals. So, Hawthorne was doomed from the start. People were not willingly receptive of their overtures into this market. Hawthorne will never be 'cool.' NEVER. Growers like to deal with 'cool' companies... Anyway, at this price, it's hard not to look at this stock and wonder if it can recover. But what we really need is a new discount garden products brand to enter the market and kill Scotts once and for all. Anytime I go to Depot or local garden store, I only purchase things that DO NOT have SCOTTS on the label. Thoughts?
  • D
    Doom and gloom. No reason this is back at 2008 prices. Perfect example of blood in the streets
  • A
    Wow, the "pick & shovel" MJ thesis, once I believed to be safest play, is imploding. In fact, the whole MJ space, both Canadian LPs and MSOS holdings is a toxic mess. It appears taxing and selling a weed at ridicolous price will never be profitable given a never ending black market imo.
  • K
    I’m long but this is nuts. Curaleaf market cap 3.5 billion - SMGs market cap 2.4 billion
  • K
    High betta stock - yikes. Stop losses might get triggered now.
  • R
    Imagine buying shares in a plodding, staid company like SMG and being down 70% YTD - yikes.
  • S
    $255 to $52. That's insane.
    Who pumped it to $250?
    Who's selling it under the COVID LOW?