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Sundial Growers Inc. (SNDL)

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  • d
    Could someone clarify this for me?
    So sndl has a Market Cap of 1.66B. On 2/9, someone bought 1.2B and on 2/10, someone bought 2.58B.
    How? There is only 1.66B shares supposed to be total.
  • S
    Word of advice - never ever let what someone posts on a Yahoo message board influence your investing decisions. Trust no one - they either want you to sell for their benefit or they want you to buy for their benefit. Do your own research.
  • J
    So I am no expert can someone help. I bought Sndl at 1.00 but it’s saying my price paid is 1.36. Why would that be? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • M
    why did it go to $1.09
  • A
    Canopy trading at $28... Tilray at $19.. ACB at $9... SNDL can easily be trading in those ranges in the near future. And it sitting there at a dollar.
  • L
    Again for the third time:
    Chart shows a double bottom around 0.92 which is a bullish reversal and indicates a long term run along with the low RSI.
    We had the free fall caused by RH since we reached $3.95 but here is the end. Ton of cash, won't be delisted for staying under $1 for a couple of hours News will come from the sector, PR's from Sundial. Hundreds of millions free. Steady climbing up to $3(+) by summer.
    Have faith and ignore the noise.
  • J
    Who's still here from the $3's?
  • W
    If ever there was a stock being manipulated to stay at a buck, in order to prevent exchange delisting it is Sundial!
    What’s their threshold? Who knows?! But its working so far.............
  • H
    whomever is manipulating down has decided to manipulate it up just a bit either way some big fish is driving this bus behind the scenes maybe when they get tired of playing with this the rest of us can make some money. until then buy and hold do not sell
  • J
    Up from .92 at noon to $1 end of day. This will eventually hit at least $1.50 again. Not saying it won’t drop back down but another run is imminent.
  • S
    No way this stays down for much longer. I imagine in a couple weeks it will have settled back in around $1.50-1.80.
  • J
    to all the holders we been here before, still holding ....
  • S
    are we thinking this will get to two anytime soon
  • a
    Patience. If you hold you will be rewarded. I smell Merger news but you to have invest and wait. Short term $1.75. Long $6.00.
  • S
    Salty Grundle
    Many have been using SNDL to day trade, don’t get too excited or discouraged about the ups and downs.. we longs are waiting for the big news
  • S
    We need to squeeze! What will it take for shorts to panic? 1.10? 1.15?
  • J
    SNDL never runs on a friday i have never seen it, it has always been friday selloff. Something is up people
  • I
    The absolute best huge gains opportunity right now is WRHLF. I love my SNDL, and have been in it below .40 cents, but WRHLF has HUGE gain potential from $0.06 a share. I will be holding both for at least a year. Check this and read the catalysts. It's a 5-10x gain easy.
  • c
    charlene t
    MF hasn't made a bashing article in 22 hours. maybe they are bored with this stock now. 🤔
  • S
    Sammy Z
    Monday we could see another deal, USA enters will be coming soon for Sundial.