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Smith & Nephew plc (SNNUF)

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    I bought today. To answer Leanne's question below, I clearly think it's a good time to buy. There is no specific business reason today why it should go down, but elective procedures do go down in recessions, so if there is one there will be some temporary impact. Personally, I think that Covid and supply constraints have created pent-up demand for the type of procedures SNN offers, and since I like the future prospects of the company I bought.
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    SN is currently an expensive medical healthcare stock compared to peers. it trades at 28 times for 2022 earnings, compared to 16 times the DowJ & FTSE.
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    Is there any business reason this could go lower or just the market?
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Smith & Nephew is down 4.95% to 30.71
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Smith & Nephew is up 4.91% to 33.12
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    Good time to buy?
  • R
    yikes, bearish trend...... but it will bounce back at some point
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Smith & Nephew reached a 52 Week low at 30.83
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    While the departure is surprising, I can’t see it having much effect on the company’s continued growth. I happily added some shares at this price.
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    Courtesy of Left-e

    Left-e7 days ago
    In the News:
    Osiris Therapeutics Awarded Patent for Immuno-compatible Chorionic Membrane Products
    Thu Apr 25 09:50:30 2019 EDT
    Alexandria , April 24 -- Osiris Therapeutics has been awarded a patent for immunocompatible chorionic membrane products. This invention was developed by Tom Samson , Danilkovitch Alla, Yoo Dana , Jansen Timothy , Kuang Jin-Qiang and Marconi Jennifer Michelle . The patent application number is 14/291,256. The International Patent Classification codes are A61K 35/50 (20150101), A61K 35/28 (20150101), C12N 5/073 (20100101), A61K 38/18 (20060101), A61K 38/39 (20060101), A61K 38/57 (20060101) and A01N 1/02 (20060101). Cooperative Patent Classification codes are A61K 35/28 (20130101), A01N 1/0221 (20130101), A61K 35/50 (20130101), A61K 38/1825 (20130101), A61K 38/1841 (20130101), A61K 38/39 (20130101), A61K 38/57 (20130101), C12N 5/0605 (20130101), C12N 2500/02 (20130101), C12N 2501/115 (20130101) and C12N 2502/025 (20130101).
    The abstract released by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states, "Provided herein is a placental product comprising an immuno-compatible chorionic membrane. Such placental products can be cryopreserved and contain viable therapeutic cells after thawing. The placental product of the present invention is useful in treating a patient with a tissue injury (e.g. wound or burn) by applying the placental product to the injury. Similar application is useful with ligament and tendon repair and for engraftment procedures such as bone engraftment."
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    Cementless knee replacement driving this up.
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    Cisco Squid
    Seems that SNN is down most likely because of the virus. People that need replacement parts are waiting until they can get in to hospitals to get the work done. At the end of this virus crisis SNN will do very well. Question is how much further will it drop? Neutral for now.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Smith & Nephew is up 4.93% to 32.98
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    Darn, it would have been sweet

    In April we
    completed the acquisition of Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., a fast-growing company delivering regenerative medicine products,
    including skin, bone-graft and articular cartilage substitutes. The Osiris portfolio delivered double-digit growth in the quarter
    and we expect it to improve the overall growth outlook for Advanced Wound Bioactives.
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    Geddes Gimps
    This stock should rise if they’re purchasing NuVasive
  • n
    Yeah the hips are selling, that means Zimmer is losing......
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Smith & Nephew reached a 52 Week low at 31.55
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    The Small Bone and Joint Orthopedic Devices market in the US was valued at over 2.6 billion by 2020. Currently holding over 2% of the US market, Smith+Nephew will be gaining an estimated 3.9% of Integra LifeSciences’ market share through a new acquisition making the company the sixth leader in the overall small bone and joint market.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Smith & Nephew is up 12.92% to 41.78