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China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (SNP.L)

LSE - LSE Delayed price. Currency in USD
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45.21-0.70 (-1.52%)
At close: 02:30PM BST

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    Hi , i have SNP stock in ADR , i keep trying to sell it, but i could not convert or sell it. I tried with few platforms, but no one response properly. Could anyone please assist to convert hongkong shares and procedures please
  • A
    Looks like the new symbol is SNPTY on the OTC.
  • A
    I called around Interactive Brokers can trade in HKSE market to transfer your shares it's a $500 fee.

    Charles Schwab International doesn't have any major fees for transfer of shares.

    Fidelity also can trade in HKSE not sure if they have fees to transfer.

    I'm going to wait until we get official word on ADR etc. Also dividend gets paid on October 6th.
  • T
    The shares are no longer traded on NY but you still get the dividend and it goes ex div, sep 15 and you will get paid in your account oct 6th. if you have fidelity or other trading companies this ADR can be exchange for its equivalent shares in HONG KONG which 0386.HK , for every share of SNP you get 100 share of 0386.HK , if you call fidelity international trading desk they will do the conversion and
    you can sell it in hong kong, in hong kong dollar, then it will convert back to US dollar, this also trade as ADR on frankfurt , london and mexico exchange. I will be looking to exchange it to hong kong and slowly selling it. currently dollar is strong but it won't stay this strong by all the money US is printing.

    Anyway your shares will give 2.35$ us dollar in dividend in October .
  • E
    China Petroleum SNP stock now “Delisted”. On my brokerage firm Ameritrade’s posting, price and $ value shows $0. $2316 was my 50 stocks purchase price. Question: Have I completely lost the money? But why Ameritrade still shows I still have 50 stocks? Any recourse or suggestions if you have, kindly suggest please. Lot of money for me. today 12 september 2022
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    9/14/2022: I called today Ameritrade. Cust serv lady spoke to ameritrade high person first, I waited. Then She told me, ameritrade has not yet decided about our fate or our money stuck for SNP stocks. I bought 100 for $4600. Lot of money for me. Is Ameritrade looking at our concerns ?
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    Does anyone know why there is no quote for snp today. Those of you who have converted do you have a quote from the HK exchange. Thanks in advance
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    My Fidelity Research Page just posted an ex dividend date of 9/15 in the amount of $ 2.3586. Can anyone confirm. I thought this company only paid dividends semi annually
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    China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (0386.HK)
    HKSE - HKSE Delayed Price. Currency in HKD
    3.530+0.080 (+2.32%)
    At close: September 9 04:08PM HKT

    Shareholder gets 100 shares of 0386.HK for every 1 share SNP they own.
    For example, 1000 shares are now 100,000 shares in Hong Kong. Current share price is $3.53 HKD.

    SNP Share Price $3.53 X 100,000= $353,000

    Convert $353,000 HKD to USD is $44,975.38
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    Clear Head
    SNP Stocks
    I have with Ameritrade 100 SNP stocks, paid $4600. Now de-listed.
    Question: Asking Informed People: On my Ameritrade website account, I still see those 100 stocks. Under 'Gain' columns I see (minus) -$4632. What will happen to my money, or stocks?
  • M
    The trading on NYSE was halted on Friday 9/9. There is currently no information about when/if the issuer ( BNY Mellon ) will cancel the ADR. Your broker will receive dividends and there is a yearly ADR fee. In case of a prolonged time before cancel, the ADR will trade on pink sheets alt. you can trade the ADR inter bank if you are a large enough holder, this requires millions of shares and special bank status at Goldman ( or the equivalent ) so for small holders, you can chill, aka. calm down. Check this link about new information.
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    Called TDAmeritrade. They said they don’t do the conversion. Said I’d have to transfer shares to Fidelity, or other broker. Then other broker could do the conversion. Question, though: are these ADR’s still tradable in my TDA account in before and after hours trading?
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    Does anyone know the ex div date for second dividend payment?
  • d
    does anyone know what would happen if I still have SNP stocks in my robinhood account? Will I still received the dividend?
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    guys, can anyone please explain to me why are you all dealing with conversion etc and pay the conversion fee, while you can only sell SNP ADR and buy HK instead for minimum fee? what is the point? is your profit so high you want to avoid taxes?
  • S
    Converted my SNP shares to through IBKR! Fee was $588 to convert 1,800 shares. You get 100 hk shares for each ADR. Don't sell, hold and collect divies!
  • l
    Ex dividend day is 9/15. The Co. pays twice a year.
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    If I still own the ADR’s, and haven’t converted, do I still get the dividend? If not, is it too late to convert to get this next dividend? Also, do I contact TDAmeritrade to convert? Sorry, a little lost and late on all this..
  • W
    may be up to USD $5/s and dividend of $3?
  • G
    With the Form 25 filed on 29 August, will SNP be removed from the NYSE for trading ten days after that date?