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Solana GBP (SOL1-GBP)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in GBP
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134.49-4.09 (-2.95%)
As of 09:58PM UTC. Market open.

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  • M
    Trading with an expert has been the best way of making huge returns from crypto currency
  • P
    When I started investing I had no clue what I was doing! Thanks to, I was able to build a healthy portfolio with the help of their daily emails!
  • t
    Will we see $200 this week?
  • H
    Can you buy this in the stock market like you do with Ethe and GBTC? If so, what is the ticker?
  • e
    eric g
    Everyone is panicking to buy Sol. $250 tomorrow
  • T
    ada or sol?
  • R
    Solana Baby, 200 SOLs. First bought at 14. Let’s get it.
  • K
    SOL will rule the crypto market!!! Do your own research!!!
  • A
    If you missed on Eth you get a second chance with solana.
  • A
    where is sol price
  • t
    78% of sol circulating supply are staked. Hodl for glory.
  • J
    Sol was advertising upto 65,000 tps. Crashed at 400,000 tps. Now patched. 400+ defi projects on the system. Visa can only handle 24,000 tps. Visa charges approximately 2% per transaction to retailers. Solana less than $.01. The existing financial system is so inefficient it is difficult to comprehend what a game changer blockchain is. As much as the dinosaur financial industry tries to stop the emerging financial system they won’t succeed unless the government (politicians) steps in to protect their donors. There will be ups and downs, regulations will add costs, but in the end the financial system is going to radically change and Solano has some of the most transformative system tech that is active today.
  • d
    This will be $100 in the next 3 months
  • C
    Clive Redington
    Why are portfolio Solana prices frozen as of 17th Dec? Solana tickers have been removed from the platform. Why?
  • A
    Im holding almost 18 ETH coins. How many should I convert to Solana? or just hold
  • r
    $500 CAD by the end of the year .. does anyone agree please comment
  • A
    I bought 1037 SOL at $110. See you guys to the moon 🚀🚀
  • D
    Crypto is like the stock market on 100x speed. Lol. Love it.
  • L
    Is now a good time to buy Solana? Or wait for a bigger dip? Does this truly have great long term potential
  • B
    Brian Petersen
    Fix our ticker please