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Stellantis N.V. (STLA)

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17.75-1.03 (-5.48%)
At close: 1:00PM EST
17.58 -0.17 (-0.96%)
After hours: 04:58PM EST
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    Perfect buy opportunities, I see this easily bouncing back to 20
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    I like all the positivity in the room , but I know everyone is probably wondering when the SP will start to move north. it's been a while.....
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    Definitely a buying opportuntity.
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    $TSLA conversation
    Musk is finding any excuse to sell Tesla and move on to another project. He knows what most people are have been saying, Tesla is a car manufacturer that is running an inneficient business and it will show up in its earnings. I'll bet that the next one will be a disaster. He's playing politics as a smokescreen to selling his shares.

    The real winners will be $F, $GM, $STLA, and the others that have been doing this forever. The Rivian valuation is a total joke and the only way it will ever grow into it is a devaluation of the dollar or 40 years of development and production.
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    Besides a down day on the market, does anyone know why STLA is down today? Here's a great company with a low PE, makes money, and the stock is down. It's crazy. This can easily be a $80 stock and still have a comparatively low PE.
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    Today the PE for Stellantis is 3.89. There aren't too many other stocks that are this cheap. Perhaps the new name isn't doing it for the company but as people get to know who Stellantis is, the price will go up. This makes $STLA the best stock to own now. If you like to buy and hold, buy $STLA and hold it for a year. This will be at $100 by late 2022. Even at $100, it will still be 15 times cheaper than $TSLA and at par with the stock market average. So a $100,000 investment will be worth $500,000. Go Stellantis.
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    recall oppourtunity
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    Wall St.
    $STLA is a value stick. Look at its statistics and compare it to $F $GM and $TSLA.. Stellantis, is a company, which Banjamin Graham would love to buy.
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    If GM and F grew more than 50% in the last 52 weeks with a few vehicle brands and models, STLA must grow more than they grew. STLA will gain more and more in EV production than GM and F.

    I would see $26+ in early 2022.
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    I'm holidng $F, $GM and $STLA because they are all under valued and have the most upside, and are the least risky investments. It's hard to watch $TSLA and $RIVN with these crazy valuations but at least I can sleep at night.

    With that said, here's what I think $F, $GM and $STLA are planning to do or at least what I think they should do. $F will convert all Lincolns to EV's. $GM will convert all Cadilacs, and $STLA will convert the Maseratis. This move kill Tesla and Lucid.

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    Pent up for cars in 2022, $42 next year.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Stellantis is down 4.98% to 17.84
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    I have been a Ford stock watcher and holder for 10+ years and I have just noticed STLA recently within the last [month. Has it always been listed and I just hadn't heard or seen it? I'm curious and if anyone has any more info than is what is shone here please inform me and probably others too. Thanx in advance.
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    Just want to mention my beloved brother Daniel who comments here on stla has passed away for anyone who chats with him .. he is the one who bought stla for 6.86 a share back in 2016 ..
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    Yes, STLA has had a good run this year but just look at its PE. This is one of the most undervalued stocks on the market. Meanwhile $TSLA has a PE or over 350, almost 300 times higher then STLA. Personally I don't know what all the hype is with a Teslas. They have some nice looking models but the majority are poorly made, ugly iPads on 4 wheels. The self driving technology probably won't be allowed for another 20 years and their battery technology is available to everyone since they are mostly made by other firms like Panasonic and LG. Come on Tesalarians, what are smoking?
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    Have any dividends been paid to your account?
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    The company shows that they are green in all areas in the company, how is the stock just chillin in one place, this makes absolutely no sense at all.
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    this is were money goes to rest in peace.
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    Have they announced earnings date
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    This stock was $13 a year ago, now 19.

    GM was $33 a year ago, now $56.....