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Synchrony Financial (SYF)

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  • D
    When Amazon sends me a bill for purchases, the check is made out to Synchrony. That alone gives me confidence in this stock. The quarterly dividends are really good too.
  • T
    <$29. I sold this when it was $40. Thought I missed out on the run to $50.

    Just need to find some dry powder.
  • P
    Book value is around $25. THAT is where I'll start Investing.
  • J
    If one where to look at the Income Statement on Yahoo Finance - specifically the credit loss provision, it does not making sense that it is so low in 2021 given we are in a recession and credit card debt is at a all time high. I think this stock is over valued and the losses are going too be large in the next year or so. Does anyone see that too?
  • J
    So $SYF is getting crushed in part because of the anticipated recession? I'm holding on until unemployment numbers start to escalate, and given the current labor shortage I don't see that happening for a while. I believe this is a $50 stock, with $40+ reasonable given at 5x multiple. So maybe it's in a trading range. I'll be glad to buy at $32 and sell with a short-term 15% profit. But I'm not trashing the stock...not yet, anyway.
  • T
    Amazed this stock trades where it does given the authorized buyback and yield.
    But forward looking, the expected recession is weighing on this.

    Waiting to add more at <$30. Not far off.
  • m
    $1.77 eps last q, $2.8 bbutback 5% increase div......unreal....added here
  • J
    $19.55B market cap when it came public 7 years ago. $14.8B market cap today. Stock buybacks are doing little to slow the bleed.
  • N
    Nick P
    Could be time to sell soon enough. Superfast on a single news, even though we might have a global recession. Things have changed in the last couple of years.
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    Nick P
    My comment from yesterday was deleted. SYF repurchased 15 million shares between 14th and 18th April. Buyback at low prices is good capital allocation discipline.
  • M
    Stocks going in the toilet.
  • J
    Barclays is buying a $3.8 billion portfolio of Gap retail credit cards from Synchrony Financial... any thoughts? Is this good for SYF?
  • w
    Have you guys ever heard of ( The picks on there are way better than SYF
  • A
    Guys any thoughts on the react price actions. I'm still long, and will continue to be unless something like fraud happens in the company, I'm pretty confident. Just some weird stuff going on. Stock didn't participate when bonds rallied up to 1.7 something and instead has been correcting. I assume this correction will actually be beneficial. Many funds, especially momentum funds, have to rebalance next week and I think this recent move from 42.50 to 39 is just giving these guys a better entry point. Still maintain my price target of somewhere between $60 and $70 by the end of the year.
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    This is a $60-70 stock this year easily and I'm looking for triple digits within 2 years. When you look at the investment thesis with this stock, the list goes on and on.

    1. It's breaking out of a 3 year pattern where it found resistance at the same level we are now in arguably the best shape it has ever been in.

    2. The stock and financials in general has underperformed the market for too long. It doesn't matter what percent its up from November, relative to the market it still has a long way to go.

    3. The stock is tied in with the economic recovery and especially the consumer, providing loans and credit to every single sector. As consumer credit improves and stimulus helps bridge the gap the company will only generate more revenue.

    4. As the company is extremely tied in with the consumer, it had to hold tons of money for reserve, even more than J.P. Morgan and Goldman. As credit and the consumer improve, just think about how much cash they can release back into their operations.

    5. Synchrony Financial is clearly shareholder friendly, looking to boost the value of the people truly believe in the company with the 1.6 Million buyback. Additionally, when they release their reserve money, look for them to buyback even more stock as it trades extremely cheaply.

    6. Just look at the 10 Y T-Bill, all financials will benefit from rising rates.

    7. Unlike many financial stocks, Synchrony actually focused on establishing organic growth for the company post-pandemic. The Venmo card it launched with PayPal essentially links it with the largest virtual bank and the millions of customers PayPal has. This provides a nice runway for double digit growth in the next 2-3 years and sustained single digit growth following that.

    8. A majority of the stores who issue cards with Synchrony have contracts with it extending past 2025. We know for certain that this thing is going to be a cash cow till at least 2025.

    9. The only things that will stop this stock is if either the consumer doesn't recover fully or the economic growth we are going to see for the next 2-3 years stalls and hits a wall. I significantly doubt both. With all the stimulus in the market and the surprisingly positive February jobs report, we are heading to one of the strongest consumers we have seen. Furthermore, an accommodative Fed that would that sell their soul to achieve the employment rate that they wish should dispel any fear of a weak consumer. The more likely outcome for some of these financial, energy, and industrial stocks is if economic growth stall and would likely lead to a sell-off. Then stock picking will be very important, and if you own this one, you're going to be in a good spot.

    One more thing, I see that a lot of people were talking about firms upgrading the stock and giving price targets, that doesn't matter. What are they going to do if the stock runs to $60, downgrade it? The thing trades near 9 times forward earnings and PEG of just under 0.4. Forget about what these firms say, everyone who is in this stock is a smart investor, not one of these reddit investors who could care less about valuations and fundamental analysis. Stick with your gut and believe in your pick. Sit back and enjoy the ride with this one, its going to be a nice 4-5 years with this stock.
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    cost per share 14.4-19.8 = -5.4 , so they give you five bucks when you buy this share and it earns five dollars a year. It is a good day to be alive and looking for deals. I'd love to put my whole portfolio in this but there so much else that is a fantastic deal. Come what may this will be harder and harder to beat as the best deal on the street.
  • B
    I am laughing in buying this business that will generate profits for years to come with increase interest charges if people is out of work temporarily. The interest charge from the increase that will well offset any loan loss provision.
  • N
    Maybe 35 going toward 40 once the hedge funds and institutional traders chime in
  • T
    earnings coming out soon - hoping for a large share repurchase to be announced with the capital freed up from reserves for the Walmart portfolio sale. I think up to 6B will be available over the next few qtrs.and the board was exploring options during the last conference call