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AT&T Inc. (T-PA)

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  • L
    Luck Matters
    T is doing share buybacks each month, careful being short and longs something to feel good about. 143million shares for buy back and more late 2023 into 2024 after 2.5 x’s EBITDA. Sweeeet
  • r
    New trader watchlist was published by these guys and it featured T. (
  • J
    So let me see if I have this right. In the year after the announcement of the Discovery deal, T stock cratered to reflect the loss of the WB asset. In returned we received shares of the new company to offset the loss and those shares crater getting cut in half. And all of these monumental losses are sold to us as 'unlocking shareholder value'. I cannot remember any management of any company that performed as poorly as T management has in the last 10 years. I believe T stock was around 30 dollars prior to the original WB deal, and now we are at 18. So any way you cut it T management is the worst, starting with that idiot Randy, followed by the slightly less incompetent Stinky.
  • D
    Desert Rat
    Buffet eliminated all shares of Verizon from Berkshire in Q2, T-Mobil pays no dividend, AT&T dividend now north of 6% and a fixture of T's corporate mindset. Buy the dips, hold the rips.
  • O
    Today tells you everything you need to know about current T market sentiment.
  • C
    Stankey needs to go. What would happen to the stock price if Stakey was let go? When the answer is go up the CEO MUST GO.
  • R
    I'm in 11 shares here wish me luck
  • A
    Att and vz should stop discounts to iPhone then things will change automatically, market will focus from apple to att and vz
  • D
    Dividend heading for 7%. But what good is a dividend if the stock continues to drop another 20%.
  • D
    Move back to value
    Fwd PE: 7
    Div. Yield: 6%+
  • W
    I have AT and T as my provider for internet and T.V. In the last 4 years they are constantly raising my rates or bugging me to pay for other premium services like HBO. If they raise me one more time I am heading to Spectrum. Why don't they offer a competitive package, it might increase their memberships.
  • c
    I don't if you folks know this but T was an $18 stock in August of 2002 and it's still $18 twenty years later. It hasn't even added a dollar to the SP in twenty years of trading.
  • J
    If I ever hear a CEO promising to unlock shareholder value of a stock I own, I will be selling immediately if not sooner.
  • A
    Basically, if you're buying at here at $18, you are buying a 6% bond, except the tax implications are better (dividend vs interest). Thats the worst case, imo. I think with a sentiment change or change in leadership, the stock will move into the 20s.
  • B
    I sold half of my GOOGL position today (good profit and I was didn't like that it was 30% of my portfolio).

    Keeping most of it in cash. The rest I spent on another 2000 shares of T at $18.21 to bring my average cost per share down to $18.90.

    My average price is looking a lot closer to the market price. I'm loving the trajectory.
  • J
    why is this board and ceo still here
  • J
    Shareholders want a clear debt reduction plan for the next 4 quarters. No share buybacks in a rising rate environment. Reduce the debt !!!!
  • D
    Shareholders have lost billions in T while Stankey gets compensated to the tune of 10 million plus a year. If the normal working stiff lost that much for the owners of a business, he would never find a legitimate job on the planet and would face 100 law suits.
    —Lose billions. Walk away with millions.
    —Work 40 hours a week honestly and competently. Unable to afford a two week vacation or pay your son’s college tuition.
  • J
    T just signed huge contract with Oracle
    No movement
  • M
    T is the only red stock in every single market around the world.
    How is that we have the same management?