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Tata Steel Limited (TATASTEEL.NS)

NSE - NSE Real-time price. Currency in INR
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112.65+3.55 (+3.25%)
At close: 03:30PM IST

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    TATASTEEL.NS looks like it is about to drop. Be careful guys. I have been reading ( and their stocks have been doing way better.
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    Julie A.
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    Mukesh Kumar
    Split date for tata steel shares may be announced today during AGM of tata steel. After split date announcement, tata steel is expected to have a gap up opening tomorrow. It's good for long term investment and may result in huge gains for investors
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    Mukesh Kumar
    I observed that Tata Steel share is a rare case wherein all big market analysts of Indian and foreign funds(FII & DII) have been recently recommending to sell the tata steel shares citing various reasons like high inflation, increase in export duty by Indian govt, worldwide recession and lesser demand of steel in china and European countries in the next two quarters which can reduce the earnings of Tata Steel by around 40%. However, when I did some research, I found that none of the(FII&DII) funds sold even a single share of Tata Steel since last one year. They rather increased their stake aggressively in tata steel during May 2022. They just want retail investors to sell their share before split so that they(FII&DII) can make huge gains after price goes up post split.
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    Just found out that TATASTEEL.NS got alerted by ( Seems bullish
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  • s
    sagaani 3, [31.07.18 11:19]
    buy tata steel 545 for the target of 552-558-563.5 with stoploss 541.65 safe traders can exit if call failed at 543
  • A
    Anoop singh
    is it safe to invest in tata steel at present