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    I own shares and I think that both the bulls and bears are being too extreme. These stocks are still worth something because the underlying companies are great businesses. One needs to be prudent and always remember the risk of investing in China. Vie & regulations. I am not worried about the auditing standards or the delisting risk.
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    $BABA conversation
    While it is true that some investors raised questions and concerns over China's recent regulatory actions, it should be pointed out that the moves are aimed at improving market conditions and cracking down on illegal business practices so as to create a fairer market for all. In fact, similar regulatory changes have also taken place in some Western countries, where internet giants like Facebook are facing increasing scrutiny, as governments around the world move to regulate monopolistic internet giants, as they attempt to level the playing field for smaller firms.

    Investors at home and abroad are bound to benefit from a fair, well-regulated and sustainable Chinese market. Against the backdrop of China's accelerated financial opening-up, badmouthing the Chinese economy will only make those who are unable to separate fact from fiction when it comes to China appear stubborn and shortsighted.

    In the past, Soros had profited greatly by playing up panic over imminent financial disaster in a number of countries. Fortunately, the markets' response or lack of response to his latest slander against China's regulatory actions suggested that his time may have finally passed

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    $HUYA conversation
    Interesting how $tcehy $ntes are only down 2% and huya almost 9%. I bought on this dip as I don't see it in line with the sector correction. What are ur thoughts?
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    is there a mutual fund that holds these type of companies in large percentage? I like to see some fundamentals
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    Tough to buy TCEHY on margin at TD due to the large maintenance requirement (Not to mention the OTC $7 commission per trade). Any ideas on which broker may have the lowest maintenance terms?
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    $BIDU conversation
    Eventually, when it's too late, even the last ones will understand that we are being screwed with bashing China and that wallstreet just wants our stocks cheap. Look over at Apple vs. Epic. Was there a massive sell-off after the verdict? ;)
    People wake up and take the chance to buy cheap. Not at the high in a few months.
    #tcehy #bidu #jd #bili #baba
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    If you’re a day trader, you should definitely check out ( They send a watchlist covering the top pre-market movers every day before the open. It’s a great way to pick out potential trades for the day.
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    "Tencent and other companies have said minors account for only a fraction of their businesses, especially after recent restrictions. The country’s largest games company has said the revenue from minors yields less than 3% of its gross gaming receipts in China."

    they will likely have reduced ad revenue from this but not by 3% as much of the instore purchases that happen across a 20-hour week will be made up the new reduced week.

    ALSO. Since minors will be having LESS time in these games the period when they ARE playing will have MUCH higher ad prices. It's like ads playing during Super Bowl vs ads playing at Thursday morning at 3am.
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    They had some interesting insights about TCEHY on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    Who cares bro. China has 4x the population of the USA. Tencent has room to grow. Buying the dip on $KWEB
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    Every time it gets a little better the CCP just says something to make the stock drop, I’m selling
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    The Truth
    $BABA conversation
    Here are some interesting facts we've found about the Chinese regulatory environment related to big tech from Angela Zhang, who is a Chinese Law professor at the University of Hong Kong.

    1/Regulations were following a global trend to regulate Big Tech

    2/Policy swings between lax and harsh enforcement is not unique to Big Tech or this administration

    3/There are pros and cons vs. the governing style of the West. They can act faster, but the structure sometimes creates situations where quick action is necessary.

    4/The government derives its authority from 1. Economic growth 2. Nationalism 3. Social stability

    5/Chinese firms are very active to avoid damage and to shape policy which, like in the US, can actually entrench them further.

    6/China sees the platform economy as its ticket to re-balancing their economy and to future economic growth.

    7/They can't wait to regulate as there are too many dire consequences that would affect long-term economic growth, social stability, and therefore the legitimacy of the government.

    8/Business leaders in China are often rewarded for taking action before getting approval from the government. In China, regulation tends to come after innovation, which is different from the US or Europe.

    9/The recent regulation was destabilizing to the economy and it's possible that the government didn't foresee the impact it would have on the markets. If regulation is not executed correctly, it will affect the their key priorities (mentioned in #4).
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    Julius Caesar - Renaissance
    If 420 HKD gets hit again from a support level point of view that would be a great moment to buy/add.
    There is a possibility it could go below 400 HKD - even if it China removed gaming completely, the other parts of Tencent's businesses and their investments still hold value.
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    $BABA conversation
    $baba is the most undervalued china stocks out of all $PDD, $TCEHY, $JD. Will be moving to 200 by end of week. Buy!!!
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    $BABA conversation
    The meeting requested that leading platform companies like BABA Tencent Dada Meituan DIDI "take the lead and do demonstrations" and actively fulfill their employment responsibilities

    It is necessary to improve the system and mechanism to protect the rights and interests of workers, fully listen to workers' opinions and suggestions, unblock the channels for workers' appeals, optimize platform algorithm rules, and improve the income distribution system, working hours, and labor safety and health system. Establish and improve the labor complaint mechanism to ensure that employees' complaints are responded to in a timely manner and handled objectively and fairly.

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    Looks like the Chinese boogie man scare is fading.
    All the China tech stocks rebounding nicely today. $TUYA looking great as a potential 2X in a matter of days.
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    There will not be any change kids won'y be playing on their parents devices or use fake dob's. This is just propaganda for Xi's reappointment next year. No way to enforce this. $doyu $huya $ntes $bili
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    One of the best stocks out there to buy and hold specially in tech sector. Very bullish on this powerhouse
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    only 2.6%? i thought gaming is bread and butter for 10cent??