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Tellurian Inc. (TELL)

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2.3900+0.0700 (+3.02%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
2.4100 +0.02 (+0.84%)
After hours: 04:33PM EDT

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  • N
    This actually has increased volume and a bid under it....probably wont hold but maybe sumptin cooking w india meetings last few days!!!
  • D
    What percentage complete is the new processing facility ?
  • o
    DW is still in play. Construction is continuing. Been there saw that. The only ones that will lose is the ones that give up.
    I Took advantage of the opportunity and averaged down .80 c a share.
  • L
    Cheniere UP 7bucks on news of NG rising in EU + Nord Stream 1-2 explosions
    TELL appears to be missing the boat.
  • J
    Today Jim Cramer tried to save his buddy Souki’s reputation (and his own) by stating Fed policies are responsible for canceling Tellurian’s financing deal. Does anyone know what “deal” he’s talking about?
  • K
    There's indications that the sabotaged pipelines may never be able to be repaired. If true, this puts an end to the idea that peace between Russia and the Ukraine will go back to business as usual for Europe and Russian gas. More ominously though, if Putin did it, which is likely, it indicates he has to intention of making peace with the Ukraine or Europe ever, i.e. Alexander Dugin's dream scenario..
  • s
    TELL will soon find a partner if not will be bought out with all the permits in place to build. I am holding my shares and will wait. Good luck to all
  • m
  • K
    Word to the wise, you better have your strategy nailed down for when these revitalized deals with equity partner/s are announced. My plan has always been to ride it out, adding to my position along the way, to 2026.
  • b
    Can FERC sanction the lunch tent as an investor homeless shelter?
  • T
    This will take time, relax.
  • S
    Got to love the Souki video talking about how much their gas production would be worth at TTF pricing. Completely ignoring costs to liquefy, pipeline, royalties and shipping costs.
    This is how Souki pivots.
  • N
    last week massive flush to 1.56 was bottom..the energy crisis is real!! just waiting for news on equity partnership!!
  • E
    Go TELL !!!
    There's a reason they call him the GOD FATHER of LNG !!!
    Go TELL !!!
  • r
    Soukis two minutes and admitted 2 mistakes begs the question when will DW be constructed and operational… 2027 maybe 2028?
    Souki is tweaking his financing model starting with loss of 2 - 10 year spas and probably terminating 10yr Gunnar at 12/31 exp.
    Upstream assets will be emphasized to grow gas production as marked by adding pipelines and increasing well/ drilling portfolio…
    All leading into deemphasing staying on a schedule that would’ve constructed DW 2026…
    My understanding since Souki declarations in March, April thru summer was finance 1/3 eq and 2/3 bank loan on 12b project cost… 2 min chat tells us that is changing but I’ll be darned what’s different in the model as previously outlined…
    What I see now for the remainder of the year is gas p&e burning cash to fortify Upstream operations with what assets are to be made available…
    Short term future prospects would then indicate Bechtel const will continue until money runs out by end of year and Bechtel announces construction shutdown.
    The entire scenario changes if timely Tell financing occurs under the “tweaked model”….
    In the meantime, Tell is at best a $2-$3 trade share subject to ups and downs inherent in the gas sector that will assert volatile
    movement in a bear market…
    I am 140000 tell shares committed starting back in Jan thru April buying in at 2,3,4,5 for asp $3.45…. Needless to say I am long and do know I committed to Tell as a risk growth play DWLNG…
    Realizing now Mr Market will treat Tell as another gas producing company “with growth prospects” enables me to sit tight for a couple years and reap a fine financial reward later than anticipated… ah, I guess that’s what makes it risk investing for me over 25 yrs… in the end Tell will do well by and for all of us…
  • L
    Nozzleman… I like your positive outlook! You and I are in alignment. Sinopec….time for a visit with your Neurologist????
  • K
    I highly recommend those that are investing in the company subscribe to the ferc docket. This is why I'm cool as a fan right now. This board is like watching a bunch of kids play during recess sometimes lol. Enjoy
  • M
    Management has no credibility. Next step to sell more shares…within the next few weeks.
  • T
    Shorts all spewing the same tired old narrative. No one said it was going to be a smooth or fast ride to the top.
  • B
    Bill ONE
    The problem is Souki wants to sell his own LNG from his own LNG facility. As a lower cost provider. That is problem. His LNG facility would not do business with the broader market. It would only sell natural gas from Tullurian. This means he cannot really negotiate or go into business with larger gas companies. Everything is on his terms.