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  • D
    Do you all realize that Tellurian only has to do 2.4% of total natural gas market to be valued at $51 billion? That would put the stock price at a fair value of $90. Higher if growth is expected to continue. And do you realize that Souki has already produced 20% of the USA market in his history? But now, Tellurian will be providing for both USA, Europe, and Asia markets. Morgan Stanley issued a study resulting in a Tellurian price target of $22 out the gate of Driftwood completion. That means that Tellurian will be at 25% of that $90 PPS / $51B market cap from the start of one project. Now imagine other projects, partnerships, mergers and acquisitions. Souki stated in his last video a list of well known gas companies who have already expressed interest in partnering, and we are only in the first and early stages. Souki also stated previously and some time ago that he took Cheniere from $3 to $80, and eventually it went to $140. Therefore, he is implying he can do similarly with Tellurian.

    Watch the trolls and shorts jump all over me with their false, erroneous, vague and ambiguous assertions. Nevertheless, I am presenting facts. Even at a minimum, Tellurian will easily reach $50 and at that point, the 5% to 7% dividend will be a stabilizing and welcome event for all long-term and retirement portfolios. The retirement funds are going to love Tellurian.

    I've been 100% correct for two years now in predicting Tellurian events. Mark my words, I'll be correct all the way through. We will reach $50 to $90 and, we will see a dividend at some point in time. We've entered a growing 20-year bull market in natural gas. Tellurian ($TELL) is one to hold for life.
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    @Sinopec, I’m just making sure you are joking about the Dow running on points? Points are percentages. The Dow is in dollars. It’s individual companies. Dow $30k not 30k%.
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    Chill out everyone, the market has gotten crushed and still TELL is strong and held its ground. All the news is good increased LNG of 26% and will double LNG output next 12 months. Driftwood has started and finacing will be soon. Stay long $12.00 by December and sky is the limit by 2025.
  • R
    To Robert and Clint…takeaway contracts in place following earlier 10 year deals with Gunnar, Vitol and Shell at Driftwood LNG at 9 million mt/year…
    The contracts were designed to support the 1st phase and indexed under combination of Plattsburgh JKM spot traded NE Asia and Dutch TTF Euro gas hub… delivery is fob from Driftwood…
    300 million is from available cash and financing…
    Souki indicated back in February that financing discussions with 45 non disclosure agreements in place could result in a deal by April but “bank talks may extend the process a little bit longer”….
    Recent disclosures from Souki indicate high probability that $12 billion financing and so FID will be put to bed somewhere between now and end of June…
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    Take a look at what Shell is up to and what it's future plans are in the LNG world. I think they may end up having something to do with the final completion of driftwoods and tells plans,the%20global%20LNG%20shipping%20fleet.
  • S
    Why are we still talking about raising money? Souki said financing was "The easiest thing I've ever done"
  • P
    Look at what is happening in Europe. The whole of europe wants to get rid of russian oil and gas. In the future, Europe will replace all this with LNG. I am sure Tellurian has a great future. It means you have the opportunity to come once or twice in your life. Don't waste it.
  • K
    From today's video C. Souki indicated the biggest hurdle to the financing has been the nailing down of the 4 billion dollar equity. He mentioned a number of ng upstream companies looking to have a greater exposure to lng global markets and investing in an lng facility. These include Devon and Coterra who made public last week, their desire for such investments/aquisitions. Souki said he expects the equity question to be settled in the next few weeks and to stay tunes.
  • b
    I have owned TELL twice over the past 24 months and had a large bet (for me anyway) of 70K shares. I sold today because...the sources of the financing seems to change every month and it keeps getting delayed and that seems strange in this environment that European banks are not standing in line to lend to this LNG project. In addition 1 year ago that the "bank group" would be put together by the end of 2021. Now the story has changed to 4B in equity (even preferred convertible) before the banks issue debt for the rest. This is a massive amount of dilution on top of 100% dilution already seen in the last 18 months. Im a big believer in LNG and a lesser extent TELL as well, but I see this moving lower with or without financing announcements in the near term.
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    just going up, worth a large stake,I've been buying everyday my guess too valuable ,so take over or huge buyback
  • J
    Is Joe having a stroke?

    This is a decent day trade stock to make money to @woospb credit, but I am long and I will not be caught making Pennys on the dollar and have a small position once financing is announced. Credit to the day traders making money but this stock is going nowhere but up in the next 18 months.
  • i
    This is not how you play the stock market.
    This how you play.
    You buy low, you sell high. Make profits dudes. Don’t hold like some people are doing here. It’s not healthy.
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    What could be more fun than accumulating while little SHORTS squawking about fables of doom... LOLOL.. like taking candy on subsidized discount...

    Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

    Go Tellurian!
    Go TELL Go !!
  • K
    My take is that talks are ongoing with companies like Devon for investment/financing
  • J
    Welp! It’s mid-May and my prediction of $7-$7.25 was wrong. Sorry guys.
  • k
    Okay, made a tiny profit on that last set of trades. That makes me feel a lot better going into the weekend.

    For those curious, I had bought back at 4.40, then the price dropped to 4.20 and I sold back off (lost 0.20/share). Bought back in at 3.95, and sold off again at 4.20 (made 0.25/share).

    Not as good a week as I wanted with TELL but not going to complain in this market.

    Have a good weekend, everyone
  • C
    EU vote coming up ,is a big deal for TELL, M&A deal or large investor will soon appear on "horizon", $10 a share very soon, sitting around holding your hands won't help with this company, you need to step up and soon or you've missed it
  • D
    Let me say from the start, I hope this doesn't happen, but that there is a good chance it could. I'm talking about a big fish coming in and gobbling up Tell in the pre-production stage. I think a mega size company that is hungry for more LNG exposure such as SHELL could do it. They have already shown interest by inking a contract to procure product from tell for a 10-year period. I think that Shell with its large base could come in and purchase this, and couple it with another acquisition in the haynesville such as SWN. Joining these two entities would make for some real cost reduction and become an unstoppable force in the shipment of LNG. As I said to begin with, I would prefer not to have this little flower plucked so early in its life, but I also know that it would have to be a sweet number to get approved and would bode well for the companies future