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Taseko Mines Limited (TGB)

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  • l
    I expect once Florence is completely approved that a buy out offer of $5 min
  • C
    I thank management for their openness and clarity on the conference call.

    Very clear relating of the guidance they have received from the EPA on the Florence permit.

    Also very clear explanation of the reason of the low head grades in the last quarter.

    Their transparency on the conference call is enough for me to set aside the results for the last quarter and focus on the future ( and the future actually seems pretty good if you have a reasonable timeframe ).

    Best of luck to everyone
  • a
    like the CC and subsequent price drop never happened
    thats really strong boys & girls

    i'd b buying with both hands cause the mkt smells F permit approval within weeks
  • P
    Question. Assuming that the final permit is granted for Florence sometime this month which would then mean that the 45 day public comment period would begin and run most likely through September. What could happen within this comment period that could possibly cause further problems with the Florence project going forward? What could possibly be said that hasn't already been addressed by the company and the EPA?
  • P
    Just checked on the after hours volume and wanted to let everyone know that the stock is down on just a little over 5k shares traded. No volume to really speak of so can't really draw any conclusions going forward from this action. So, who knows what happens with this stock price tomorrow. Good luck.
  • D
    I wonder if TGB uses any lobbying efforts with senators, congressmen etc. to exert some pressure on the EPA to hasten the process for the Florence permit. Someone posted that the EPA chief in San Francisco was anti mining and of the green energy ilk. I would think that with all the talk of copper shortages in the future and the role it plays in electric vehicles that a resource like this is almost in the National interest to be approved . We are not talking about oil drilling or a coal fired utility plant here. I know first hand how effective a good lobbying effort can be. Like it or not it’s how the system works.
  • J
    “Over the first half of 2022, mining operations were sequencing through the lower grade upper benches of the Gibraltar pit. “

    How many times have we heard that?
  • C
    Hopefully they will strongly address the Florence permit issue on the conference call.

    No I’ll intention here at at. Not at all, either towards management or the EPA. I just think that with the passage of time since the company’s response to the draft copy it’s time for the company to explicitly tell its investors what reasons the EPA is giving for not yet having released the draft copy for public comment.

    No beating around the bush, just plainly say what is going on.

    I tried posting something like this earlier but it didn’t post for some reason, so my apologies if that earlier attempted post should also show up.
  • D
    Why the big jump
  • l
    Ho much will ll they offer Tgb once Florence is completely approve
  • g
    Richard Tremblay
    "Now, turning to Florence and Stuart already gave a permitting update, but I can make some additional comments about the process ahead. The issuance of the draft UIC permit will mark the start of a 45-day public comment period, which will include a public hearing. So assuming the EPA issues the draft permit in mid-August and the public hearing would then happen in mid-September and public comment period will wrap up at the end of September. The process is very similar to that followed by the state regulator in 2020. Following the public comment period, the EPA will then need to respond to comments received. We do not know how long that step will take and it will largely depend on the number of comments received. I expect we will have a better idea once the comment period wraps up and we see the extents of the comments."..
  • R
    personally I would love for BHP, FCX, or RIO come in and buy this for 2 or more
  • r
    No improvement in any single important metric. Even cash on hand continues to shrink.
    I think I could take a shovel out in my back yard and scratch up .17% Cu.
    The only positive implication here is that the life-of-mine is about the same as it was in January, because they sure as heck aren't bringing much of their 'reserves' to the surface.
    Overall, just another terrible quarter.
  • T
    Tom R
    Well place your bets on 2Q report tonight folks....With costs going higher (especially diesel) all year can't see a great report coming out. Other posters have it right...we'd LIKE to hear something about Florence but I would not expect to hear anything that we've already heard here before.Unless they have a mole at the EPA (not) it's nothing but the sounds of CRICKETS.....It's out of their hands...Wait wait and wait....It's the only accurate verb you can mention in this process.

    Best to longs...
  • C
    Anyone find a link to the cc on the company’s website? I can’t
  • a
    end of august for F permit (promises by EPA)
    i found cc very positive just waiting for u know who to get this ship moving UP !
  • D
    Share price bouncing around $1.00, with roughly $0.65 per share in cash. Sure the cash level has dropped based on Florence project spending, but come on man (as Joe would say) this stock is dirt cheap right now.
  • a
    they r pre spending big $$$ on Florence and it shows in their costs.
  • k
    TGB is strong buy because copper is on the move again and the experts are projecting a shortage that will drive copper prices sharply higher. The high price of fuel is accelerating EV sales which will create unprecedented copper demand that will outstrip a supply that is predicted to shrink for the next decade. This is another strong play that could yield very large percentage returns.
  • D
    The EPA district office in San Francisco stands firmly against all new mining ventures in their district, which includes Arizona. The district manager is closely aligned with ACORN and the Sierra Club. She will slow walk this permit until she receives prodding from D.C.
    That’s not likely to come any time soon. The Biden administration also stands firmly against mining. Taseko management has been derelict at best and disingenuous at worst in continuing to claim that the issuance of the Florence permit is “imminent.”
    These bureaucrats at the EPA don’t have sufficient foresight or understanding of the electricity grid to realize how important a domestic supply of copper is to a transformation of our energy supply.