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    When it comes to the world of trade and investments, most people don't know where to start. Fortunately, great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance. You might want to ask, who are the great investors to guide us?
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    I think COST will report similarly to BJ's as they have a very robust membership and if I recall last time COST reported they did quite well in gasoline sales. They report May 26th. Keeping my fingers crossed after my other retailers missed the mark so bad on expenses and margin deceleration. Many analysts have brought down the numbers after WMT and TGT missed so badly so perhaps the damage is priced in already.
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    "CNBC Investing Club"
    "Cramer rips Target for blindsiding investors"
    Investors? Do any of those exist in this market? If Cramer really wanted to help his viewers, he would tell them preservation of capital is the most important thing in this market. He needs to stop telling viewers to incessantly buy stocks, even with a recession/bear market here. He tells people not to sell, instead of being honest and suggesting they cut their losses before their stocks go lower.
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    Target really does have great discounts. Just bought my first few shares at a 25% discount. ☺️
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    Some are saying this is a great buying opportunity. Others say we will be in recession before the end of the year. Who do you believe?
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    Brown V
    Not able to understand the reaction for yesterday and today. Everyone knew that the interest rates are going up by 50 basis points. Why the markets went up 3% after the FED announcement and then came down 5% the next day? Makes absolutely no sense. It looks like as if we got hit by something unexpected. One thing is sure the market will keep swinging wildly before it sets a direction.
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    I don’t understand why people would be upset with Target for blindsiding investors. They are reporting results. Sure they give guidance but wall-street analyst set expectations for earnings. If anything direct anger at them for setting unattainable goals/expectations. Anyone with an ounce of logic could look at the current diesel cost and expect an operation heavily dependent on transportation was going to see their margins get clobbered. The fact that the consensus EPS for Q2 was more than Q1 is a joke. If you didn’t anticipate this you’ve been living under a rock. This earning report wasn’t reflective of a failing business. There are many ways to offset rising transportation cost. Step 1 is to revisit your transportation strategy and identify areas of waste and invest in planning resources to move more volume per load and eliminate empty miles. They will figure it out. Good opportunity to buy a good stock low.
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    Lots of downgrades this week, do the analysts have it right? Any thoughts on how TGT overcomes current challenges?Have owned before and will probably wait to enter around $140-145 if we get that low.
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    Don't cry Brothers. Stocks boom and they crash too. We can't always predict everything. Target isn't going anywhere. It's the best brick and mortar retailer in the country. A delightful shopping experience. Target's real estate holdings are very valuable in and of themselves. Take it easy today. Go get a 1 hour foot massage at a foot massage studio. Enjoy life and be happy. Target will be fine in the long term.
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    🛑🛑🛑Can somebody explain to me how can They lose 1/4 of the market cap in one day???? Target makes million from sales everyday!!!
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    3 retailers report in ah. kohl’s Ross and Decker but they don’t do groceries or sell fuel. Not sure how much they will affect the retail stocks. ETF relationship perhaps
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    Energy prices are going to wreck this market all summer long
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    The consumer is spending more money on fuel.leaves less money for Target and Wally Mart
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    What’s funny is that CNBC analysis last week said on tv target was a great buy lol.  Hope nobody believed him and bought in
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    When the ports got backed up starting late 2021 they had trouble getting products is the main reason. Then as these orders did arrive the season for most of this stuff was already over leaving company with huge inventory. US needs to produce in the United States and not have to rely on others.
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    How are they going to maintain that 22 cent dividend increase when eps fell 88 cents? Yikes
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    So let me get this straight, you all saw Walmart miss earnings citing supply chain issues, costs, etc. Then thought to yourself, there's no way Target would have the same problems with their earnings? Maybe you need to learn how to read or something, I don't know.
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    Just yesterday Crammer stated that Walmart was poorly run and he shifted his money into Target.
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    bought my current shares for $60 a couple years ago during the "bathroom" issues. May get a chance to start buying again.
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    Targets biggest sale ever 25% off everything and I mean everything. I did watch the CEO on CNBC. What I came away with was this a snafu or a brilliant marketing move. We tried to not raise our prices for our beloved customers and we took a bath because of it. But we’re forced to raise prices as you can see to provide a great customer experience to continue. Nothing has changed they are still the shopping experience for the masses. JC Penney is all but gone, Macys has closed a ton of stores, I don’t know about Herbergers and Sears. I bought today and will wait to see what’s under my Christmas tree come December.