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    U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc in August sold 44,264 China-made vehicles, including 31,379 for export, the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) said on Wednesday.
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    Ark Invest Confirms Base Case for Tesla TSLA at $3,000 per Share

    Longtime Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) investor Ark Invest has a strong belief in the manufacturer. Cathie Wood remains optimistic about Tesla by reiterating the manufacturer's base case of $3,000 per share in a recent interview.

    Founder, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest Cathie Wood said Friday in an interview with Yahoo Finance Live that its Tesla base case is $3,000 per share. "Our estimate for Tesla's success has gone up. The main reason for that is their market share. Instead of going down from year-end 2017 to today, it has actually gone up fairly dramatically," Wood explained.

    In the spring, Ark Invest updated its price target for Tesla to $3,000 per share by 2025. ARK's bear and bull case suggest that Tesla could be worth roughly $1,500 and $4,000 per share, respectively. Of note, the firm warned that it does not factor in Tesla's utility energy storage nor solar business into its models.

    Key updates to ARK's model:

    The firm pushed its forecast price target forward one year to 2025.
    The firm refined its estimates for Tesla's capital efficiency.
    The firm added Tesla's insurance business to its model.
    The firm added assumptions for a human-driven ride-hail service.
    The firm increased the probability of Tesla achieving fully autonomous driving within five years.
    Vehicles: ARK projects Tesla's sales of 5 to 10 million vehicles in 2025.

    Insurance: ARK estimates that Tesla could achieve better than average margins on insurance thanks to the highly detailed driving data it collects from customer vehicles. If the company was able to sell 40% of vehicles with its own insurance offering by 2025, Tesla's insurance revenues could approach $23 billion annually in ARK's bear case. In its bull case, ARK estimates that, as robotaxis ramp, Tesla's insurance revenues will be incorporated into a platform fee. Insurance boosts the price target by roughly $60 in 2025.

    Human-Driven Ride-Hail: ARK's bear case now includes Tesla's opportunity to launch a human-driven ride-hail service. In its bear case example, ride-hail could add an additional $20 billion to Tesla's operating profit by 2025, increasing the firm's price target by about $500.

    Fully Autonomous Ride-Hail: ARK assumes that Tesla has a 50% chance of delivering fully autonomous driving by 2025. If 60% of its vehicles equipped with Autopilot were to serve as robotaxis, Tesla could generate an additional $160 billion in EBITDA in 2025.

    Good luck and GOD bless,
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    Fact: Tesla cut prices in China in July 2021
    Fact: Tesla sold 8,621 cars in China in July 2021
    Fact: Tesla sold 12,885 cars in China in August 2021
    Fact: Ark investment sold over $100 million Tesla shares in Sept. 2021

    September will tell a fuller story when exported cars reach their markets BUT it is clear Tesla's price cuts in China did not do much to help local sales.

    (( As a result, Tesla sold only 8,621 cars the country last month, which is a 69% drop month on month and a 26% fall YoY, according to China Passenger Car Association data that was released on Tuesday. )))
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    BEIJING, Sept 8 (Reuters) - U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) in August sold 44,264 China-made vehicles, including 31,379 for export, the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) said on Wednesday.

    Local sales of China-made vehicles jumped to 12,885 cars last month from 8,621 cars in July. Tesla's sales in the first month of each quarter are usually lower than the following two months.

    The company, which makes Model 3 sedans and Model Y sport-utility vehicles in Shanghai, sold 32,968 China-made vehicles in July and 33,155 units in June.
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    If tesla will worth $3000, why Kathie Wood sold $139M worth of tesla stock in the past two days?
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    Tesla May Receive #$%$1.14 Billion in Funding for Giga Berlin Battery Factoryesla may receive #$%$1.14 billion in funding for its battery factory at Giga Berlin. This high amount of funding is directly related to the number of jobs provided and the size of the manufacturer's investment in the factory.Federal Economy Minister Peter Altmaier believes that 2,000 or more jobs at Tesla's planned Gr�nheide battery plant are realistic, so funding for the facility should be high, Tagesspiegel reported. Tesla and the Federal Department of Economic Affairs and Energy have been negotiating for months on a specific amount of funding that Altmaier pledged to the company early on.At the moment, a much larger amount of funding is being discussed. Funding of #$%$1.14 billion is now expected to be agreed upon between all parties and ready for approval. Funding will come from the second European battery cell program Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI). Most of the IPCEI funding will go to Tesla. Ten other companies that have been promised or approved subsidies will share the rest of the money.The Federal Ministry of Economics, in the monthly Schlaglichter der Wirtschaftsppolitik publication in August 2021, announced that the investment in the production of battery cells in Gr�nheide by Tesla is expected to be around #$%$5 billion.Tesla's battery plant at Giga Berlin is set to be the first in the world to produce the new 4680 cells, which were unveiled in September 2020. They should provide performance improvements, be manufactured in a significantly more environmentally friendly way, and be cheaper than what is on the market today. Tesla has already applied for a preliminary permit for an early start on the construction of its battery factory.Good luck and GOD bless,
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    David ddskof
    Has anybody noticed how many Tesla's are on the road and in parking lots? This company's where it's at.
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    Boys and girls get ready for a great stock performance in coming weeks.
    Get in, think long, ignore short term noises, stay calm and enjoy the ride up.
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    i have 10k$ and i want to but tsla someone know when this stock is going to move down so i can buy at lower cost?
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    While Tesla certainly appears to have the potential to be the "big tech" of the future, and I like it's products, the problem is that it already has this "future" valuation now. And the problem with this, is that inflation is continuing to increase, which is going to eat into this "future valuation." Facebook and Amazon were not worth even close to what Tesla is when they had similar revenues and profits. They traded in the +/- 50B range which is where Tesla should be. I think Tesla will become a big tech player but it's not there yet...despite the hype
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    "Tesla rolls out Full Self Driving 10 beta with more confident decision making". What usually happens when a teenager driving a sports car, with his shiny new license to learn, get's overly "confident"? (Yahoo! filters the actual word I have in mind, rhymes with "rocky"). Tesla didn't improve FSD, it just lowered it's safety margins. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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    I can't emphasis enough on this board that Tesla has potential to become the largest company in the world...
    Here's why:
    - Tesla is 12+ startup companies in one (i.e. Automaker, Dealership, Supplier, Charging, Energy Generation, Energy Storage, Software, Hardware, Insurance and other..)
    - On energy front, Tesla will be addressing a market that is owned by top 7 out of 10 largest company in the
    world in term of market CAP. And Tesla is disrupting this sector.
    - Energy will be much bigger business than auto business for Tesla in the future.
    - Autobidder SW: provides independent power producers, utilities and capital partners the ability to autonomously monetize battery assets.
    - Price Forecasting
    - Load Forecasting
    - Generation Forecasting
    - Dispatch Optimization
    - Smart Bidding
    - Powerhub: Advanced real-time monitoring and control platform for managing storage, generation and microgrids.
    - Opticaster: Optimization engine for forecasting and improving energy use in real time to minimize electricity costs.
    - Microgrid Controller: Off-grid control software for autonomously maintaining grid stability and minimizing costs across all energy assets.
    - Powerwall: Energy storage technology second to none. A battery that stores energy, detects outages and automatically becomes your home's energy source when the grid goes down
    - Megapack: Massive Energy Storage transforms the way we power the grid—delivering giga-scale capacity.
    - Solar roof not just panels
    - Tesla Home HVAC (Future)
    - Highly, vertically integrated Enterprise
    - FSD SW based on vision
    - Dojo AI training supercomputer specially designed to train neural networks.
    - Dojo supercomputer can be used for multiple AI application in the future and licensed to other companies. Dojo As A Service (DAAS)
    - Design their own self driving Chip and SW
    - Future Robtaxi Network with vehicles that can park and plug in themselves using Tesla's self-driving technology
    - 4+ modern with high efficiency Giga factories and more to come
    - Insurance business
    - Own their own service department
    - Direct sale (Hassle free) no dealers with huge inventory and big parking lot full of cars waiting to be sold
    - Own Super Charging Network. A 480-volt direct current fast-charging technology (No third party gas stations that ICE cars require)
    - Tesla recently filed for a patent to use its name and logo for restaurant services, 50’s style diner and drive-in at a Supercharger station
    - A visionary and innovative CEO of all time and first principle thinker.
    - The best engineering work force in the world
    - Addressing multi trillion dollar market (TAM).
    - Multi year product road map and vision
    - Safest car on the market
    - Highest demand with best customer satisfaction for their product
    - Projected 50% volume growth for foreseeable future
    - Strong product roadmap
    -Tesla Models: S3XY, $25K compact car, Cybertruck, Roadster, Semi Truck, Tesla Van...
    - Laser focused and executing at high velocity
    - No PR department and $0 budget on advertisement/marketing
    - $17 billion cash on balance sheet and profitable in last 6 quarters

    Remember, DO NOT bet against Elon Musk, he is a rocket lander.
    Think long, ignore short term noises, stay calm, and enjoy the ride up.
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    Tesla is the only thing worth buying the next 4 years.. Maybe crypto but that could go to zero. So many coins all hype. Tesla here to stay and dominate with world class innovation and real growth. Portfolios should be at least 50% tesla
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    BYD ~ 61,000 EV sales in China in August
    Tesla ~ 13,000
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    ((( Volvo’s Polestar 2 Outsold Tesla’s Model 3 In Sweden And Norway In August )))
    ((( Tesla Is Being Outsold in China By a $4.5K Electric Car )))
    ((( These Electric Car Models Outsold Tesla Model 3 In China Last Month )))
    ((( Volkswagen’s ID.3 Leapfrogs Tesla, Renault In October European EV Sales Charts )))

    The fun here is realizing that the large OEMs are beating Tesla at its own game.
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    Hi Guys! Do you think Elon will be interested in Nano One--with its patented, highly-efficient, environmental-friendly, powerful, and cost-effective battery technology? Who knows? He maybe on it already, albeit quietly. What do you all think?
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    And now, the rest of the story.....
    The sales amount to around 3% of ARK’s Tesla stake and the firm still holds well over $4 billion, making it one of Tesla’s top 20 holders. ARK regularly trims winning positions to reinvest the cash in new targets or existing high-conviction names.
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    Fact: In July Tesla cut prices in China.
    Fact: In August Tesla only sold about 12,000 copies of the new Model Y in China.
    Fact: In August Tesla only sold about 1,000 copies of the older Model 3.
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    Tesla files to expand Model Y production lines at Fremont factory

    Tesla plans to expand Model Y production lines at its Fremont factory in Northern California, filings submitted to the City of Fremont reveal.

    The Model Y is Tesla’s newest available vehicle and also the company’s most popular car in several markets, including the United States. The all-electric crossover is produced at the Fremont factory in Northern California on production lines known as General Assembly (GA) 4.5 and has been since February 2020. Tesla installed the GA 4.5 line just outside the Fremont plant’s main facility in a “spring structure,” or tent, which was also the home to some Model 3 production since February 2020.

    In February, Tesla officially filed to have the spring structure made permanent by filing with the City of Fremont to add a 64,000 square foot expansion to the factory. In July, Tesla officially started making GA 4.5 a permanent part of the company’s production facility by adding underground sewer connections for plumbing and creating foundational work for the spring structure to sit on.

    Tesla’s project to make GA 4.5 permanent at Fremont is underway

    Now that the GA 4.5 lines are permanently installed in the factory, it appears that Tesla is attempting to expand the production capacity of these lines specifically. New filings from the City of Fremont reveal Tesla has filed for “4.5 Expansion,” along with several other filings, including “GA4.5 South Expansion Shell & Utilities,” and “GA4.5 Battery Marriage Tool Improvement.”

    Tesla has been making tremendous strides toward improving GA 4.5, especially as demand for the company’s vehicles has increased over the past few years. Tesla is currently struggling with keeping up with demand because it has just one operational plant in North America. Tesla has been able to avert production stoppages from semiconductor shortages by developing its own microcontrollers in-house. However, demand has pushed the projected delivery of some vehicles back to 2022.

    According to the company’s most recent Shareholder Deck, the Fremont factory currently produces 500,000 Model 3 and Model Y units per year. Because the two vehicles are Tesla’s most popular products, the company is working on expanding the production capacity to keep up with growing demand. Tesla will soon have assistance with Model Y production for North America as Giga Texas will begin manufacturing the all-electric crossover later this year. Additionally, Tesla’s global production rate of the Y will expand once again later this year when production at Giga Berlin, the company’s first European production facility, begins.

    Tesla has continued to dominate the EV market across the globe, and the Model Y is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, contributors to the cause. Expanding the manufacturing efforts of the Model Y is in Tesla’s best interest as it continues to battle through parts shortages and increasing demand for its vehicles.

    Good luck and GOD bless,
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    Ford's "hands-free" driving system :

    Pay thousands of dollars extra to be able to take your hands off the wheel but only on certain select highways but even then you still have to manually change lanes. What a joke.