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    Its not just about car companies creating EV vehicles. Rather, its about state of the art manufacturing facilities and processes and the ability to crank out large volumes of EV vehicles that people want. I have said this before which is Musk is analogous to Bezos. 20 years ago stock analysts would criticize AMZN for no earnings and Bezo's response was that he was going to build distribution centers. No company is going to catch up to amzn. Try order ordering clothes from Kohls or some other retailer and see how long it takes to get them. Typically, 3-4 days as opposed to AMZN next day. Same hold true for TSLA. Musk is building massive, futuristic giga factories all over the world. Whether you like TSLA's products or not it is undeniable that it will be extremely difficult for any other car company to catch up with tsla in terms of manufacturing capabilities.
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    For those who said that Tesla will not meet earnings estimate here is the report without regulatory credit.
    RE: Seeking Alpha.

    In Q3, Tesla's total revenues were $8.8 billion, up 39% Y/Y, and above the Street consensus of $8.3 billion. If we exclude $397 million in regulatory automotive credits, then Tesla would've still met the analysts' expectations. In addition, the company generated $1.4 billion in FCF, above the consensus of $1 billion, and its automotive margin increased to 27.7% against expectations of 24.1%. Considering such a good performance, Tesla is on track to have another record year.
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    Everyone will hold at least till November 4th, which is ten days. Tesla could be 550 by than or 380

    I like nkla xpev for bigger gains eventually, (may take 60 days)
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    SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched 60 more Starlink internet relay satellites on Saturday, boosting the total number launched to date to 895 as the company builds out a planned constellation of thousands designed to provide global high-speed broadband service.
    Running two days late because of an on-board camera issue, the Falcon 9's twice-flown first stage thundered to life at 11:31 a.m. EDT, pushing the 229-foot-tall rocket away from pad 40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. It was the California rocket builder's 19th launch so far this year and its 15th Starlink flight.
    The climb out of the lower atmosphere went smoothly and, as usual for SpaceX, the Falcon 9's first stage flew itself back to landing on an off-shore drone ship. After two second stage engine firings, all 60 Starlink satellites were released to fly on their own, chalking up the company's 95th successful Falcon 9 flight and 100th overall.
    SpaceX's Starlink operation has regulatory approval to launch more than 12,000 of the small satellites in multiple orbital planes, providing commercial users with line-of-sight access to space-based broadband signals from any point on Earth. The company already is testing the service in selected areas.
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    Tesla now talking about going into India!! That’s 1.3 billion people!! All wanting Teslas!! Imagine that!! They can produce 100 million cars a year and still won’t be able to meet the demand!!

    I can even begin to think what the share price will do. $50,000? Maybe $500,000?? Could be still too low an estimate.
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    Thanks to Tesla, Copper is up 14.5% this year to $3.20 per pound. Largely because of Electric Vehicle demand. It is estimated that by 2027 there will be an additional 24,000 Kilotons of copper used in the production of electric vehicles and the additional grid infrastructure needed to charge them. Total world production of copper from 2010 - 2020 was only 41,000 Kilotons. Where will the copper be found and how high will prices have go to supply all of this new demand? Silver demand will benefit from EV's solar as well with nearly an ounce needed per solar panel and 2 ounces in every EV.

    What companies will benefit as the EV and solar industries move mainstream?

    The obvious copper producers are Codelco, Glencore, BHP Billiton, Freeport, and Southern Copper. But the worlds 7th largest undeveloped copper/silver deposit is Agua Rica which is owned by Yamana Gold and is being developed in an agreement with the worlds second largest copper producer Glencore and the worlds largest gold producer Newmont.

    The best feature of this mine is its environmental footprint has been minimized by building a 35 km tunnel and conveyor system to take the ore to a nearby depleted mine for concentration. Compared to other mines Agua Rica is downright friendly as the concentrate is then removed and processed in industrial areas.

    It is a huge win for Yamana Gold as there are 11.8 billion pounds of copper, 7.4 million ounces of gold, 101 million ounces of silver and 731 million pounds of molybdenum contained in the proven reserves and another 40% more in the measured and inferred categories.

    Tesla is on track to produce 500,000 vehicles this year, GM has sold out the new Hummer, Ford has sold out the new Mustang EV and it is likely that EV's will dominate car and truck sales by 2017.

    Teslas solar projects are going parabolic (no pun intended) and world energy production is shifting rapidly to take advantage of new technology.

    Electrons transported through copper and silver are the key common elements...

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    Tesla to be traded on Moscow exchange beginning November 2nd.

    MOSCOW, Oct 23 (Reuters) - The Moscow Exchange said on Friday it would offer access to shares and depositary receipts from an additional 20 international companies on Nov. 2, part of a wider drive to expand its foreign share offering.

    The trading of new shares, which will include China'sAlibaba(BABA) and Baidu(BIDU), will bring the overall number of foreign issuers' securities on the Moscow bourse to 40. The exchange said it plans to take this number to above 50 by the end of the year.

    The Moscow Exchange began offering access to shares from the U.S. S&P 500 index in August, a break-through for its long-awaited project, which was slowed by western sanctions. Russia's largest bourse had originally planned to offer trading access to around 50 U.S. companies in the third quarter of 2018.

    American Airlines (AAL), Coca-Cola, General Motors(GM) , Tesla and Walmart(WMT) are among the shares that the Moscow Exchange will open access to in November, the exchange has said.

    "In the future the exchange will widen the list of available assets, analysing client demand and also the wishes of banks, brokers and management companies," it said in a statement.

    It said the shares of foreign issuers were traded and settled in roubles, but dividends on U.S. securities would be paid in U.S. dollars.

    The exchange's chief executive Yuri Denisov told Reuters last week it was betting on rising numbers of retail investors, and was ready to offer more foreign securities, denominated in roubles, to ensure convenience for Russian investors. (Reporting by Andrey Ostroukh and Elena Fabrichnaya; Writing by Alexander Marrow and Mark Potter)
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    Could someone explain why Chinese government recalled 30,000 Tesla model S and X made from 2013 to 2017, but the US government did not?
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    Company that makes no profit, that is valued at 400 billion while competition is ramping up. Sounds about right,
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    Auto Insurance market entry in the future for TESLA...

    Musk says “It’s going to cost less and be better,” Musk said of potential auto insurance from Tesla.

    With all the artificial intelligence and data crunching at his command, it will be a treat to see his prototype which will make the labor intensive insurance standards obsolete.
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    Billy Ray
    Tesla sold 76 thousand cars in China as of Aug 2020. 50k recalled. That's 66% fault rate.
  • c
    Since all these recalled cars are made in US, should the same model cars being recalled in US as well ?
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    is anyone getting paranoid that the stock price hangs around 420 every week... is this stock price HIGH or something?
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    "Tesla Inc. is recalling about 30,000 imported Model S and Model X vehicles in China because of suspension problems, a setback for the U.S. electric-car maker just as it faces intensifying competition in the world’s largest auto market."

    Why doesn't TSLA have to recall these cars in the U.S? I guess its OK to sell cars with known defects in the U.S.
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    slowly gaping up from 420 , that has a strong support that always comes back, once stimulus and vaccine approved will break 500 again
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    When you look at earnings report such as this, just look for one thing: cash flow. Tesla’s cash flow is fabulous. Every long term investor should be happy with it - your company is expanding business while increasing cash flow.
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    Cynical Engineer
    FSD Beta. Would you pay $10K for this software which Elon swears requires "almost no driver intervention".
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    Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked to expand a tweet from yesterday. In it, he stated: "Tesla should really be thought of as roughly a dozen technology startups, many of which have little to no correlation with traditional automotive companies."
    Tesla wows on latest numbers
    In short, he explained there are over a dozen startups in Tesla, and he views every product line and plant as a startup. It's an interesting point of view from the top of Tesla, a car manufacturing company that also builds batteries, home solar panels, and among other things, is looking to offer car insurance, too.
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    Here's how the covid19 thing works for those of you who cluelessly believe SenileOleJoe when he tries tostutter his way through blaming Trump about "you know the thing".

    In the beginning democrats called Trumpxenophobic andracist for A. blaming china and B. shutting down all travel to and from first china then europe, where in either Italy or Spain there was a large outbrake because of a bunch of chinese traveling back and forth.

    Then the "experts" came out and said 2.5 million people in the USalone would die from the virus if something wasn't done. That we needed to "flatten the curve" , not find a cure, for this incurable disease so as not to inundate the medical system.

    And sure enough Trump, going against SenileOleJoe and NancyPelosi and the rest of the nanct boys inthe democrat party, flattened the curve. He flattened the hail out of it.

    And what was thought to be adisease that had amortality rate of 5 to 10%,... with all of the testing that's been done in the US thanks to Trump, we now know themortality rate is around 1% or less.

    And still thecluelessdemcorats arerunning around saying we have to shut down the economy. That 200,000 people havedied because of Trump.

    No,... here are the facts. 1. Trump saved2.2 million people, with the travel ban, the production of PPE, ventilators, extra hospital beds that went unused, and a buld up of the testing infrastructure. 2. Those that get the disease and most have symptoms no worse than a cold or flu, after they recover, have antibodies to fight if not give them immunity to it.

    With amortality rate around 1% and that's for those with other issues, the approach until we get a cure (which again thanks toTrump is about to happen) should be rather than continuing todestroy the economy open it up such that that hospitalization rate remains under control and allow herd immunity to happen as nature would have it.

    I mean thevirus exists, thanks to china. It's going toinfect the entire population of the world one way or the other until a vaccine is released. And until then the only natural way to fight it so we can return to a normal life is to- 1. Protect those most vulnerable,.. 2 accept that the rest of the population infection and then immunity will be ongoing.

    Shutting down the economy and forcing everyone to slowlydie in a3rd world existence (except for the democrat elites who get paidtheirtax payer andRussiaChinaBurisma funded salaries whether they work or not) is at best just kicking the inevitable can down the road.

    Here's one thing for sure,... if SenileOleJoe were to be elected throughdemcratsballot rigging, thevirus will be barely mentioned in thefarleftwackomedia and everything will be just rosey.

    Let's see ifyahooallowsthis through.
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    The real question is how many of you can afford to buy a Tesla car?