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Tesla, Inc. (TL0.DE)

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    Tesla will want you to pay $5,000 due immediately upon reserving, then another $15,000 within 10 days to secure your order.Tesla was one of the first companies to show a fully-electric semi truck, but since its unveiling in 2017, other companies have already released competing models, while the Semi has still yet to go into production. But now finally, five years after originally being shown with the promise that it would be available in 2019, the Tesla Semi is finally available for order.In order to reserve a Semi, you need to pay $5,000 up front, then an additional $15,000 to lock your order in. On the official reservation page, Tesla informs potential buyers thatThe initial $5,000 is fully-refundable, according to Tesla, but once you pay the other $15,000, then even if you cancel your order, you won’t get your money back. Looking around for a possible delivery time frame, we didn’t find it mentioned anywhere, and the manufacturer clearly states thatBy making your Reservation, you have secured the approximate priority for ordering your Tesla Semis. The timing of your order may depend on development, manufacturing and production schedules, among other factors. 
    Your Reservation becomes effective when we receive your Reservation Payment.Deliveries are believed to commence sometime in 2023, although we don’t know exactly when. Tesla boss Elon Musk made it clear in April of this year that 2023 will be a big year for Tesla, since the manufacturer wants to kick off deliveries not only for the Semi, but the Cybertruck and Roadster as well. During the recent Cyber Rodeo event in Texas, Musk was quoted as sayingProduction of Cybertruck is coming next year. We will be in production with Roadster, and with Semi. That’s all coming. This year is all about scaling up and next year there’s going to be a massive wave of new products.
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    The best resolve on the Twitter standoff (well worth showing to Elon and Mgt., plus legal and business handlers, and request anyone that agrees shares this accordingly.:
    Both parties save legal fees, bad press, wasted valuable time, and acknowledge their mutual go forward on prior separate businesses. This is a win with a friendly announcement. Elon does not have the time to manage Twitter after discovering in his diligence review, significant challenges for him and issues he is not best suited to address, while current management is...,Actually this is a much more positive ending to this mistake than a legal fight in Court for years, and both parties come out with a positive friendly resolve. By showing the audience the challenges he faces w/ Twitter, and his agreement to keep his focus on Tesla, etc., that builds confidence; albeit w/ a little finger pointing to stay focussed on what he does best; built stellar products, not Tweets. Below PE of 98, TSLA is well positioned to continue a stellar growth curve, and is a much more compelling value for society and Elon than his social media distractions. Building a less expensive, better designed EV CyberTruck, Rocket ship Tesla Roadster and red planet Mars Cars, or a tweet guru; Hmmmm, EZ vote. EV.
    PS. I'm for fixing Earth, and going to space...We can do boh, and need to!
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    Mr. Mango To You
    Why would anyone by any stock at these levels. So many analysts predicting summer recession and 10%-20% downward adjustment and some articles predicting a "Market Correction of Biblical Proportions". Is this really the time to go long on any stock, much less one with a PE near 100? Tesla will be lucky if it ONLY falls 50% (which combined with increased 2022 profit will bring the PE down to a still inflated 25-50).
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    Not a holder/basher, but just a thought - seems that at least in the US and Canada many folks are a diehard "GM person" or diehard "Ford person" .... How much inroad, realistically, can Tesla make into those demographics vs. imports? Seems Ford and GM have more than enough adherents to sustain their future sales of EVs...?
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    TSLA fanboys continue “averaging down” under the mistaken belief the
    EV sector is a “winner take all” market
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    I think Elon made a big mistake bringing politics into the equation alienating his customer base.
    A lot of negative sentiment out there right now. And competition is ramping up.
    Tesla PE 100+, Ford PE 4+
    Where are you going to put your money, Farley or Musk?
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    Hello,I'm new to forex and I have been making huge loses but recently I see a lot of people earning from it,can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong
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    Can someone explain why Tesla is the only company that doesn't get analyst downgrades despite having completely unreasonable price targets and their competitors getting downgraded for reasons that Tesla is actually more impacted by...
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    I think we will hit $666 this week and make new 52 week low next week. It is a car company and should be priced as a company. Remind you that Elon Musk no longer talks about Level 5 Autopilot program will come soon. He hopes people forget that the rich valuation of Tesla is most relied on L5 program becomes a reality. Without L5, Tesla is like all other car companies and should have similar valuation.
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    Elon is the smartest of all ....he sold 4 billion worth of TSLA in 4 digits at 200 PE, his brother also cashed out his TSLA at good price and then he told the herds he was selling to buy TWTR. The end game is to sell 4 bil worth of TSLA without spooking the retail cults.
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    Tesla's over-inflated price was due to his strong following, but now Elon will lose a lot of support by stepping into politics. This is the beginning of his downfall.
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    SHORTS WANT TSLA to go to $500, so then they can brag that they got TSLA back down to THE $2500 PRE-SPLIT PRICE? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    Maybe Yahoo should do a 100 bot count on its conversation board...
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    I herd a rumor that TSLA is taking orders for the new electric truck with $20,000 deposit. Any truth this?
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    Looks like Bill Gates called it correctly with his short?