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    I just ordered a new Lexus RX450H being built in Cambridge On, promised delivery date of April 30/22, does anybody know how well they are doing on delivery dates?
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    I ended up buying a Toyota because right on the light switch is "DRL Off". Two government studies have shown there is NO safety benefit to driving around with your lights on in the daytime. Moreover, Forced Lighting is rude when you end up in situations where you're shining your lights in someone's eyes and you CAN'T shut the lights off on the car. There are still 400 drive-in movie theaters in America today, the ability to turn off your lights when the vehicle is in motion is essential. Yes, you can modify the vehicle to achieve these things, but why, when Toyota (and most Ford's and Tesla's) do it correctly.
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    What is the difference between ticker symbol $TM and $TOYOF ? Both say “Toyota Motor Corp”, but $TOYOF looks like it’s pink sheets OTC… could someone please kindly explain. Thanks!
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    Reason why Toyota is killing it in the market?


    Toyota sells around 1.95 million hybrid electric per year.

    While personally - I'd rather own Tesla over Toyota - Toyota is waaay better positioned to actually have a car with a battery over GM, Ford, and other legacy automakers. They have actually done it.

    Over the next 2-3 years - global internal combustion engine cars are going to collapse as they #1) become cheaper and total cost of ownership dramatically decreases compared to all others, and #2) it is a technology platform on wheels - and is fun for people.

    If Tesla could meet demand - Toyota would also lose. But Tesla simply can't. Probably next year they'll get to 1.6 to 2 millions cars sold.

    Toyota is next best option. So their hybrids will sell.... They just need to get into the EV space quicker. And not do silly investments that waste coin.

    Jim - I only ask they you please just consider diversifying a little. Maybe 10% of your current Toyota ownership into TSLA. If not - then you have your reasons... no worries.
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    Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp outsold General Motors Co in the United States in 2021, marking the first time the Detroit automaker has not led U.S. auto sales since 1931.
    Toyota sold 2.332 million vehicles in the United States in 2021, compared to 2.218 million for General Motors, the automakers said Tuesday.
    GM's U.S. sales were down 13% for 2021, while Toyota was up 10%. For all of 2020, GM's U.S. sales totaled 2.55 million, compared with Toyota's 2.11 million and Ford's 2.04 million.
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    TM was slow to rise up since 2020 and continued slow but steady climb thru 2021. Last 2 months it has REALLY gone up a lot & with very low volume. Who is buying, big hedge funds, or Toyota buy their stock back ?
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    The Volume way up on Monday because it became evident; That Toyota would De-Throne GM as Americas Largest Automaker. Those results of 21' Sales will be out tomorrow (Tues 1/04) - Maybe TM will get a Nudge up to $193-195 area - - Nice Work TM - and yeah I never get in the TSLA Debate, they are not valued as a Automaker. They're great and all that, but it's a totally different game. Apples Vs Fruit salad on that comparison.
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    As per Toyota's wikipedia page:

    "Since February 2021, Toyota has been building the sensor-laden “Woven City" which it calls a "175-acre high tech, sensor-laden metropolis" at the foot of Mt. Fuji. When completed in 2024 the Woven City will be used to run tests on autonomous vehicles for deliveries, transport and mobile shops with the city’s residents participating in the living laboratory experiment"

    This - imo - will be a pointless endeavor...

    It will be useless since future autonomous cars can simply be given a destination address - no sensors needed.

    sigh.... good for Toyota to try.... but like other Toyota initiatives - when technology becomes better than what Toyota is trying to do - Toyota just keeps investing.

    see EVs over Hybrids

    They should instead redirect funding of this sensor-laden “Woven City" into a Toyota EV manufacturing plant.
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    I hope the new Tundra will out sell all GM trucks combined.
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    Volume is more than Triple. Apparently all to the Buy side.
    Out of Growth and into Industrials ?? All the Auto's up today
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    Consumer Report rating:
    Tesla is the worst car in reliability. It ranges from the glass roof flying off on a highway, water leaking in the cabin, water leak in the head liners and on the center console, infotainment, panel gaps, misaligned trim, pain defects, back seats and seatbelts were not attached to their bases. One Tesla near my house made a grinding motor noise when back up, but not forward. The other one mad an extreme winding, grinding noise when driving. I don't own a Toyota, but if you want to buy an Electric car, buy it from your legacy company, Toyota.
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    2021 - Toyota's ADR (TM) - which tracks Toyota's Nikkei stock - was up roughly 22%

    2021 - Tesla (TSLA) was up roughly 65%

    Any predictions for 2022?

    My prediction:

    Toyota up 10% in 2022
    Tesla up 50% in 2022
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    This stock is awesome.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Toyota Motor reached an all time high at 204.65
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    Don't understand I thought Toyota out sold GM in previous years?
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    Watch the complains from Tesla owners on YouTube, you'll find out how bad Tesla quality is. Some owners could not get in the car for minutes at a time because the Tesla app would not connect to the car, and the riders in the rear seat cannot get out because the child safe lock would not allow the anyone to open, can you imagine if there is an accident or fire? There are a mechanical override to allow the occupants to open, but you need a screwdriver? Now the new Rivian truck too, the gaps and the misalignments are everywhere. I am staying with Japanese car.
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    ⭐ This is a very Bullish Chart, traders! 💰💵📈
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    Four family members just bought Rav4's. One hybrid, one plug-in, and two gas....all very satisfied. Have owned TM vehicles for many years....always happy. Looking forward to their EV's in the future.
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    Another Toyota 52 week high here!

    Congratulations longs.
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    Toyota announces 15 all-electric concepts

    all available by 2030

    now.... the hard part begins - execution.

    will these concepts become reality..... lots of effort needed.