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Toyota Motor Corporation (TM)

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  • V
    So even Nissan realized their mistake and switched fully into BEVs. Toyota is truly the last one ignoring the future while BEV sales continue to rise by about 90% YoY up to almost 6M this year alone.
  • S
    Going into full production mode in about a week. They're gonna Crank out ICE vehicles and consumers will #$%$ them up. That's Kinda what they do isn't it?Folks are a little over the top with the shaming in regard to BEV's - that will happen in due time I'm sure, but in meantime they have built out an enormous infrastructure to produce Gas Engine vehicles (over Decades) Now in the span of 6,8, - 12 months people on chat boards would have them scrap all that - you know, ignoring the fact that America doesn't have the infrastructure in place to charge BEV's if they get to a double digit presence ~ It'll happen eventually. But for now, let's continue doing the business that got us to No.1 in auto sales and reliability. Let's continue succeeding.Some folks might do well to Google this query;'What percentage of cars are Battery operated'? (United States)The answer might give some Clarity.
  • I
    Well, here in NC, Toyota supposedly going to build a brand new EV car manufacturing plant but they are keeping that news from press...
  • J
    I think Toyota is going to quietly sneak up on everyone in this race. They have the most reliable and popular combustion and hybrid vehicles on the planet. The just rolled out their first EV and they have Hydrogen. Don't be against Toyota. They will ultimately take the same market share in this new revolution that they have in the past.
  • p
    $TM.V conversation
    Good news for Trigon Metals $TM/$TM.V today as funding has been confirmed for the Kombat Mine through IXM. Trigon has met all conditions precedent to funding and the first $2.5 million tranche will be drawn down immediately.

    On Top of the funding, Trigon and IXM have also signed the offtake agreement for IXM to purchase copper concentrates from the Kombat Mine.

    Shares of $TM.V have broken below the ascending triangle pattern that was forming. However, shares are heading into some seriously oversold territory according to the Stochastic oscillator and RSI so we could see a bounce back.

    $TM.V is currently trading at $.455 and the company is valued at $71.54 million.
  • d
    looking for an entry point on Toyota, they make the most sense regarding EV vehicles and i think in time their action will also make the most sense as they produce for the masses... at cost structure that makes sense for the masses. #1 for a reason.. I'm looking at Toyota for my upcoming purchase of a Hybrid or simply a regular I C E vehicle, my current 2009 camry has been a reliable cost efficient car :)
  • R
    Not invested in TM yet, but soon. I don't get the TSLA valuation at all. Not knocking the company as they do exciting things, but it strikes me that Toyota does them far more sensibly. The produced IC and hybrids at the time of cheap gasoline, and are ramping up more into EV now that gas prices are climbing and are expected to stay high. They're also way ahead of the curve on hydrogen. Tesla is the Louis Vuitton handbag of the EV market. Toyota will produce it for the masses. I have no doubt Toyota will make my first EV.
  • N
    $TM.V conversation
    awaiting new updates from Trigon on their Namibia site after they reported intercepting high-grade mineralization on-site. The happy accident was reported show visible mineralization in the cores and significant amounts of copper. I think the recent discovery lends the open mining site a lot of potential, more than it was anticipated before drilling began which is great news for Trigon! we will know more once new updates roll in!

    td, $TM.V trading at $0.47 with market cap at $73.9 M
  • Y
    Toyota is rolling out EV SUV - BZ4X, very impressive entry into EV field! Nobody pay attention to such big news? I believe such move will compete head-to-head with Tesla and GM, Ford, etc…. Any comments?
  • S
    This is the Only one.
    The Only Green in my Holdings today.
    Benefit of Diversification. TM doesn't Plummet with Market
  • J
    Sushi, Bonzi trees, Shinshin Tuitso do, Art , and Toyota. Quiet and hard at work and excellent.
  • p
    $TM.V conversation
    Trigon Metals $TM has unexpectedly intercepted high-grade copper mineralization at their Kombat project that has the potential to increase both the resource tonnes and deposit grade.

    After such a long shut down of the Kombat mine, this is some great news to see as they are getting operations back up and running.

    $TM.V shares are currently dipping below the lower trend of an ascending triangle pattern, so I’ll be watching closely for shares to retest the line and hopefully rise back above. If we can re-establish the pattern on some strong volume, this may be a great time to start establishing a position ahead of the completion of the pattern.

    $TM is currently trading at $.48 and the company is valued at $75.47 million.
  • W
    $TM.V conversation
    Came across Trigon Metals ($TM TM.v $PNTZF) youtube channel and found a few interesting videos.

    The most recent is from the President and CEO Jed Richardson regarding the agreement with IXM that provides $TM with a guaranteed purchaser for the copper concentrate that will be produced at Kombat at the end of 2021.

    I'd recommend checking it and the other videos out for more information on $TM
  • T
    Tesla $612
    Toyota was 30 years a head on hybrid cars, they are now 25 years ahead on competition regarding clean hydrogen.
    First electric car was built in 1892.
    Not by $tsla , didn't work than, it will not work now.
    Wait until there are 1 million EV cars in a single state trying to charge at the same time. Blackouts would be the norms
    China has over 3 millions cars on roads now, they are experiencing blackouts daily. Demands for natural gas and coal is soaring.
    Power stations can't cope with increasing demand for electricity.
    Sorry an other blackout, can't finish typing ....,............?
  • J
    200 $ per share , come on , this way , thats right!
  • S
    $TM.V conversation
    Trigon Metals Inc. ( $TM.V $ PNTZF ) is a Canadian exploration and development company that has several copper and silver holdings in mine-friendly African jurisdictions.

    This includes an 80% interest in five mining licences in the Otavi Mountainlands in Namibia. Another one of their assets is the Silver Hill project in Morocco.

    A recent survey of Silver Hill found new hydrothermal vent mineralization in a high-grade trench at the project. The trench returned 13m of 2.7% copper, 34.5 g/t silver and 82 ppm cobalt.

    Most excitingly $TM.V Trigon announced in mid-october that their Kombat Mine (Namibia) officially started production.

    $TM is down 3%, trading at $0.485, MC $76.26 M

    If $TM looks promising to you, you can get more info on them and their assets here:
    Copper Production in Africa. Trigon Metals is exploring, developing and producing copper and silver in Africa's best jurisdictions.
    Copper Production in Africa. Trigon Metals is exploring, developing and producing copper and silver in Africa's best jurisdictions.
  • L
    For a company with few new cars on local lot, just wondering why it is trading so high?
  • R
    Toyota projections in capturing the EV market by 2030?

    My prediction: 4%
  • V
    Toyota is led by idiots. What used to be iconic brand is now brand of dinosaurs who lost contact with reality. They spent billions for R&D of hydrogen. Everyone who isn't brain dead knows, that this is dead end. While cost and capacity of batteries keeps significantly improving, hydrogen is still a hydrogen, which means cramped space in cabin, very short range even compared to BEVs, astronomical operating costs, terrible performance, inherent danger, no infrastructure, frequent servicing and filter replacements and very high CO2 emissions. You would think that they will finally realize their mistake and abandon this BS, but they are doubling down and keep wasting R&D budget while they are getting more and more behind the competition in BEVs. Their bZ4X has terrible specs and their software is now one of the worst in the industry. Their brand name is stained and viewed as the last fossil brand. They are also the last in the race for autonomous driving. They are actually getting so desperate they acquired Lyft AV division. How bad it is, when you have to buy one of the worst AV project out there? Their solid states batteries have absolutely no commercial potential because they are not anode-free, their separator is extremely hard to manufacture and uses expensive materials and it doesn't even solve dendrites. I have no idea how can this company justify twice higher market cap compared to VW group that has higher revenues, is 2nd biggest BEV maker, has the best solid state battery tech and owns significant chunk of Argo AI (one of the AV leaders). Incredible, really.