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    Anyone else think Toyota will be ahead of Tesla this time next year? I love Tesla and was in Tesla stock at $10. At one time Toyota was the top investor in Tesla. Tesla's quality is coming back to haunt them. This is Toyota's chance. Anyone think Toyota would buy Electra Battery Materials Corporation 🔋 to control on the cobalt refining in the western world? 🤔 Just wondering and hoping for input. I don't even know if it would be legal? Newly listed on NASDAQ. I hope to be buy a BZ4X asap.
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    Toyota is 100x better than GM or Ford.
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    $TM.V conversation
    Exciting news from Trigon Metals ($TM.v $PNTZF) today, announcing new high-grade drill results from the East 900 area at the Kombat Mine, as well as the delineation of a new area of mineralization, the Central Pit southwest extension. $TM is up 14% so far following this announcement!

    Central Pit Extension Highlights
    - 4m @ 4.1% copper from 43m to 47m
    - 4m @ 6.9% copper from 58m to 62m
    - 17m @ 4.4% copper from 60m to 77m
    - 3m @ 10.1% copper from 85m to 88m

    East 900 Highlights:
    - Highly prospective area with mineralization open in all directions
    - 8m @ 0.6% copper from surface to 8m
    - 3m @ 1.5% copper from 11m to 14m
    - 2m @ 2.0% copper from 12 m to 14m
    - 1m @ 1.1% copper from 70m to 71m
    - 3m @ 2.1% copper from 85m to 88m

    The drilling is part of a 10,000m planned program aimed at resource definition and new exploration for the central license area at the Kombat Mine.

    Notably, the Central Pit extension has outlined newly discovered mineralization that will result in an expansion of the planned central pit. The results show the continuity of mineralization with a structure that runs the length of the central pit and occurs north of the underground mining cap with distinct properties.
    Trigon Metals Inc. (TSX-V: TM) (“Trigon” or the “Company”) announces the delineation of a new area of mineralization referred to as the Central Pit so
    Trigon Metals Inc. (TSX-V: TM) (“Trigon” or the “Company”) announces the delineation of a new area of mineralization referred to as the Central Pit so
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    $TM.V conversation
    The President and CEO $TM.V, Jed Richardson's most recent presentation touched on how Namibia and Morocco are solid mining locations for mining operations as both countries have stability, capable local workforces and great infrastructure

    Speaking on $TM's operations Richards confirmed that its projects in Namibia and Morocco are in active development and fully permitted and that high-grade mineralization was recently intercepted at $TM's Kombat mine →
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    Honda becoming the clear EV winner from Japan, not Toyota. I'm actually surprised by the missteps by Toyota, with their early success of the Prius getting into the minds of the consumer, Toyota seemingly dropped the ball to shift to an increased level of EV market share. But kudos to those who put Honda's playbook together, they clearly were thinking on their feet and are showing to emerge the clear winner through launch plans and partnerships. Honda will clearly be one of the largest EV growth stories among all the automakers. But I am nt saying Toyota won't have a presence, they indeed will. But I have shifted my holdings in Toyota and added them to my existing HMC holdings. Yes, my $$ is on Honda going forward as having the biggest potential of the largest earnings growth!
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    $TSLA conversation
    Let's assume Tesla is not just a car company 😏.
    $TM ,Toyota produced 10.5 million cars in 2021 while Tesla manufactured 0.93 millions cars. In another words Toyota produced 0.32 car per second.
    Tesla 0.029/sec.
    Efficiency wise Toyota's employees from productivity wise are 3 times higher than Tesla's employees.
    Toyota 28.27cars per employee each year.
    While Tesla employees lags behind Toyota.
    Each Tesla's employee produces 9.39 cars per year.
    Remember one thing, anyone can be a liar, numbers don't.

    "This information is widely available online and on both companies websites."
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    Ford, Chevy and Toyota....
    Three wonderful trucks. i picked up 5-79 Ford half-ton trucks to start
    our garage door company in Edmonds, Wa. What a wonderful city it is.
    22 years was enough for me to take it easy and my Son Mike is still out
    there doing a great job. 4 of the trucks have the 460 eng., auto trans and
    9" rear ends. i paid 5200 bucks for the 1st one and around 3 grand for
    each of the rest. GOD BLESS AMERICA and GOOD OLD TRUCKS.
    oh yea....
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    $TM.V conversation
    This article really contextualizes why the recent $5.5M funding for $TM is a big deal. They’ve been hard at work breathing new life into Namibia’s mining industry with the revitalization efforts done at their Kombat Mine with current resources now at 12.2M tonnes (1.94% Copper, 13.6 g/t Silver & 0.7% lead). These funds will be used to accelerate production to max capacity.
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    $TM.V conversation
    great interview of $TM.v President & CEO Jed Richardson with Market One discussing $TM ‘s unique position that enables them to succeed in the exploration & development of copper and silver in Africa

    Its a quick and brief update that summarizes $TM ‘s current market position, def give it a watch

    td, $TM.v @ $0.21 MC $35.63 M
    Trigon Metals: A copper producer in Africa with major catalysts ahead
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    Toyota produced 8,230,000 units in FY 2022 - an increase of approximately 584,000 units from previous fiscal year.

    Revenue $279.4 billion
    Net Income: $25 billion

    Toyota expect 8.85 million units to be sold in FY 2023

    Good luck toyota
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    Toyota overcharging on prices. If they can donate $55,000 to 37 GOP lawmakers who protested the results of the 2020 president election, they can lower prices.
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    Toyota overcharging on prices. If they can donate $55,000 to each 37 GOP lawmakers who protested the results of the 2020 president election, they can lower prices. Democrats should avoid Toyota?
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    $TM.V conversation
    $TM is focused on copper production and exploration in mine-friendly African jurisdictions. Its projects include copper production at the Kombat Mine (Namibia) and the prospective copper and silver exploration project, Silver Hil (Morocco).

    $TM has successfully produced and shipped copper concentrates from the Kombat Mine.

    $TM plans to ramp up the production of copper at the mine to 3,500 tonnes this year.
    - Trigon Metals
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    Less profitable than Tesla.
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    $F conversation
    How is $TSLA worth more than market caps all the auto stocks in the world?

    $GM $TM
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    Toyota's next earnings should be around May 11, 2022

    Perhaps we'll hear that topline revenue and units delivered will be much lower than expected due to "supply chain" issues.

    We'll see how much lower.....
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    $TM.V conversation
    Solid close for Trigon Metals ($TM.v $PNTZF) today, up 11% at $0.205.

    Would recommend checking out this financial post article detailing Trigon Metals Kombat Mine and its impact in Namibia:

    The recent electrification trend and undersupply of metals are driving copper prices to levels not seen in over a decade due to supply shortages caused by underinvestment and an increase in demand.

    $TM's Kombat Mine in Namibia provides them with significant leverage to the electrification trend following the recent (re)start of copper production with 3,500 tonnes of copper concentrate expected in 2022.

    Notably, the mine is benefitting the nearby town by offering new jobs and other corporate sustainability initiatives to residents. Mining generates 25% of Namibia's revenue and is a key factor in the economy so $TM's efforts are appreciated and mutually beneficial.

    $TM offers a compelling value proposition as they transition production underground allowing output to be increased to 14,000 tonnes of copper concentrate by 2024. Plus, $TM is well-positioned to become a mid-tier copper producer by expanding the resource and production potential of the Kombat Mine.
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    Not a shareholder - but own 5 Toyotas in my family. Just drove by my Toyota dealer and there are literally no cars in the lot? This is clearly from supply chain issues, will this stock not suffer short term due to the fact there are no cars available on the market right now? I asked my dealer for a RAV Prime and he said I would have to wait at least a year? I clearly love Toyota's but am puzzled as to why the stock has not gone down significantly? Any insight?
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    If one were to listen to Volkswagen, Toyota's offering of multiple car models will accelerate Toyota's future pain.

    Toyota's strategy, as expressed by Mr. Toyoda, is to offer customers a buffet of car models and letting the customer pick what they like. Like from a food buffet. They want to, and have, sold the most cars in the world. Sold most cars in US overtaking GM last year.

    Volkswagen recently announced a drastic strategy shift: they are getting rid of 60% of their internal combustion engine car models by 2025. To focus on their higher end models in the EV space: Audi, etc.



    Volkswagen recently mentioned their North American & South American cars sales make no profit. They were chasing Toyota.

    When electric vehicle prices start to become lower than internal combustion car engine price - demand for internal combustion is going to plummet.

    Toyota sold the most cars last year. Volkswagen has given up trying to chase Toyota in making the most cars.

    Volkswagen would rather survive the incredible disruption taking place in the car industry brought on by pure electric cars.

    Do you think this is a good decision by Volkswagen?

    Should Toyota follow this VW strategy as well?

    Either Toyota is in it to prosper - or they are in it to support jobs by keeping ALL their models and betting on everything: hybrids, ICE, BEV, and hydrogen.

    If they are betting on everything - imho - they will only face more pain in future and will have to rely on the Japanese government to bail them out.
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    this is not fair