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    Nice pop today!👍...I'll assume some big money wants in.
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    Expect approval of the Tejon Indian Casino with the Hardrock Casino by June 6
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    Not a big deal, but Toweview recently added to its TRC position.
    It sure seems like some of the "news" on Y.F. is generated by A.I. (for sure for Zacks!--I avoid clicking on any Zacks "news")

    This is from Benzinga Insights; either horrible writing skills or the text was created by a non human:

    "A Form 4 filing filed with the SEC on Tuesday, September 15 showed that Towerview Llc bought 2,500 shares of Tejon Ranch Inc (NYSE:TRC) at an average price of $13.60. The transaction moved the executive's stake in Tejon Ranch Inc. to 3,767,500 shares. Tejon Ranch was trading 1% higher from the previous closing price."

    "the executive's stake"?

    2500 shares = a .066% increase in Towerview's position--why even bother? According to a Bloomberg, a 9/11 filing shows Towerview had added 33,149 shares. I guess it buys shares piecemeal so as not to upset the (meandering) share price. It currently owns 14.36% of TRC and is the largest holder.

    Yeah, at times I'm too stubborn for my own investing good, as I still hold a tiny position. Made a few bucks when I sold some shares years ago, but in hindsight....

    As glenn has noted, "management" has been the only winners. I wonder what their typical day is like lol.
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    Frawn Morgan joins the TRC board 1/1/21 she comments”’m honored to be part of the Tejon Ranch Co. Board of Directors," said Morgan. "It is easily the most significant real estate asset in California and I look forward to joining with other board members to guide the Company as it unlocks the value inherent in the land for the benefit of its shareholders and stakeholders, while working to preserve the Company’s rich legacy and position in California history."
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    Sad to watch this continue lower. There is no upside catalyst that I can see. Management should sell the company
    as a land preserve or as a corporate hunting lodge for some mega-billionaire who could donate the land to the State
    of California to do something creative with it. Management would not risk their lucrative positions for anyone wanting
    to sell this for the benefit of shareholders. The shareholders must be sick of watching their investment erode over the
    years. At least TPL is debt free, cash rich, and very profitable...But stay invested here in TRC..
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    TRC has stayed under $20 over the past year. TRC is "dead money." Management will collect excellent pay and perks
    and when the cash runs low TRC will do another round of a dividend in reverse...the shareholder will pay money to the
    company...again and again! STOP THE MADNESS!!! Get out and into something with real (solid) earnings and growth.
    Consider TPL. TPL owns over 900,000 acres of surface lands in Texas...over one-half of one percent of all the land in
    Texas. TPL makes money! Lots of it! TPL has zero debt! TPL has essentially doubled from its lows a year ago. Look
    at my advice on this over the years. TRC has some great land but management will not sell the company.
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    watching for leveraged buyout
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    New green energy initiative coming to the ranch ?? Hmmm
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    Google just paid $2.1 billion for a 12-story office building in NYC. So by current market valuation, that one office not-so-fabulous building is worth more than 5 times Tejon Ranch's 270,000 acres, which is a good chunk of the private land between LA and Bakersfield, 422 square miles, along with multiple retail outlets and commercial developments at Grapevine, and very valuable water rights. This market brings to mind the saying that it "knows the price of everything and the value of nothing."
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    A $600 million dollar Casino project with the Hardrock Cafe for the Tejon Indian tribe is tentatively scheduled for approval next month by Governor Newsome. This casino is only 4to 5 miles from the Tejon Ranch and when this approval is received construction will commence in early 2022. This development will dramatically increase the surrounding property value of the tejon Ranch yet never any mention from the management of Tejon. This stock is so undervalued it is a joke and the Tisch family knows it! This stock could easily double over the next six months with no possible opposition from our primary nemesis the CBD. There is nothing but upside for this stock”they have only just begun” monetizing this incredible jewel.
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    glenn no TRC folks have come to it's defense, LOL. Last time I looked up tne progress of the "Centennial" Project, the EIR was only a preliminary draft, with requested additional research. How long does a final version of an EIR take? I guess the good old Hollywood actors are so very concerned about those historic California Live Oaks? This will again go under $20 a share. Where is "wooglin"? most likely happy in TPL these days,😆. Unforunately I missed out with my "limit orders" in TPL, again, 👹. I'm in PBT and a little in SJT...both better than TRC, I might add. What do you think of SJT, I'll buy more under $7.00 a share, might not happen anytime soon though. TPL,🔝.
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    New Low today..What a surprise....NOT!
    Good land in the wrong state at the wrong time.
    Management should sell as a corporate hunting lodge.
    (Will never happen as management gets paid to run their own private country club.
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    Towerviews Tisch buys 32,000 shares 7000 on 18th and 21st 25000 shares
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    Good to see TRC up today. Even better to see TPL up $130 over its low earlier this week.
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    These environmental activist groups will never be appeased. Management should have never made the agreement they
    thought they had with these groups. My solution was and still would be to have Tejon sold off in large pieces so it could be
    acquired as a corporate resort and hunting lodge by some billionaire(s.) This solution would give some billionaire a large
    ranch and land preserve to serve their gigantic egos that they are saving the environment as well as flaunting their power
    and wealth. Sadly, management here has a knack for not doing those things that would benefit shareholders because they
    would lose control of the ranch and ultimately their jobs. Too bad. This is not the investment that many here think it is. TRC
    is nearing a new 52 week low and there is no catalyst to reverse it. I would recommend holders here consider selling and
    take a look at TPL which holds 900,000 acres of surface lands, mineral rights on some acreage, and water rights. TPL has
    zero debt and is cash rich. Upside ther is round $1500 a share within a few years time.
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    Yet another new surprise will not sell the company.
    Why bother when the shareholders pay them to run their own private country club.
    Sorry, there are no upside catalysts here.
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    I thought this will hold over $18 since it was full subscribed at 18.
    I sold at 22.5 and 23 and 24.
    I bought back at 22. And 19
    I am tempted to buy more at this level
    Hard to believe it will go much lower
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    Glen where are you with your take on Tejon Ranch’s recent upward move?