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  • j
    Hmm. The Brex$hit "empty-shelves and no drivers" saga is getting worse than people expected. I wonder if this is priced in to TSCO.L?
  • G
    I’ve just had this message from my broker:

    After selling its Asian business, Tesco wants to return some of the proceeds of the sale to shareholders. This will be 50.93p for each share held at the end of 12 February 2021. 
    When a company pays a dividend, it’s normal for the share price to drop by the same amount. But Tesco wants to keep the share price roughly the same before and after it pays the special dividend.
    To do this the company will reduce the number of shares every shareholder owns. Shareholders will get 15 new shares for every 19 shares held. You may also get a small cash payment in early March to cover any difference from rounding.
    This won’t make a difference to the overall value of your holding. The total value of your new Tesco shares plus the money you get should be similar to the value of your current holding. But your account value will appear lower until you get the special dividend on 26 February.
  • E
    So this new special divided along with consolidation means I'll loose money?
  • C
    Do not worry they are reorganizing and they will put new symbol for the stock. They will pay dividend to all holders and most likely shares will go UP. The announced stock split on the Feb. 15. It will take couple of days to reassign shares to new symbol. Keep the shares cannot go down more.
  • B
    So you can use the dividend to buy shares at the same price and you are back to square one????
  • M
    I think Tesco has shafted me and every other innocent shareholder, my Holding of 5,500 was worth around �17k (�3.11) based on pre disclosure of a Consolidation , they have now left me 4342 Shares worth today 08/03/21 219p �9509 + Special Div Paid 26/02/2021 �2801 = �12,300So from �17k I have �12k#$%$ what happened to the �5k difference !?! Someone please tell me I am missing something here, because this is not looking good from where I am sittingMr Spence Eng
  • J

    I have 40.000 it better to sell or hold for dividend?
    What are your opinion?
    My broker after checking parameters told me to hold.
  • P
    Tesco has played a blinder.
    It look so good saying they are gonna pay all this money back to share holders because of the Asian sale.
    Well I don’t thing so?
    If we are lucky we we get back what we started with pre ex divi. We should be getting the Asian sale money plus a recognised dividend. We are basically getting back our money and no dividends for a troubled and reduced share holdings.
    I thing we should all lobby or not vote the ceo in on the next AGM. Or Report them to the FSA Or FSC or something. It just doesn’t seem fair to treat loyal share holders this way. Any way I’ve had my moan so. Thanks for reading
  • D
    When will the special dividend be priced in?Agreements to be finalised early Feb but surely some more movement in the short term.
  • R
    All supermarkets who jumped on the delivery bandwagon with overpriced vehicles and badly run delivery departments are going to pay. Morrisons, Tesco and all the rest. Home delivery was ramped up without a thought to the cost. I can present actual figures. If a delivery basket was 40 pounds then the % cost per delivery is almost 38% of the cost of the basket
  • J
    Talk on takeovers bubbling up, i imagine relating to other supermarkets being bought out rather than anything concrete, which would surely surge the sp significantly.

    Lots of private equity have lots of cash atm, something that pretty much everyone is trying to exchange for something else right now, so i think a takeover or major partnership is quite likely in the near term. Tesco covers many areas, so a 'takeover' would likely split bits off, which is something nobody wants to do atm, especially when it weakens your supply chain. Companies are looking to add, not split.

    Which has me believing some kind of partnership is more likely.

    Step up amazon, and spend some of your 80 bil youve got rotting away.
  • P
    I understand Tesco had sold their Asian business, a special dividend will be paid when the deal is completed.
  • P
    I bought 1000 TSCO.L in 2019, 225p , to diversify my portfolio. I shop there. It is well run. But the business is low margin, lots of Aldi, Lidl, Cosrcutter, etc. snapping at their heels .
  • N
    This is definitely a long term hold for me. Despite the competition in the UK grocery market, I feel Tesco will always be able to compete and retain their no.1 position.
  • R
    receive the special dividend - buy back/ more after the consolidation is probably the play here.

    Anyone agree? doing the same?
  • K
    I am new to stocks and this is the first time im encountering something like this - is the Special Dividend alongside the usual dividend that we were expected to receive? also I haven't got this special dividend yet, anyone else?
  • J
    basically this 5 billion back to investors isn't as lucrative as it sounds.. we h
    will have our shares Consolidated to a smaller amount and they will hand us a dividend with a small profit equaling out what we already had in our original shares....
    what is the point.... i was expecting a nice £1500 dividend payment and to then sell my shares but I'm reality I will have exactly the same amount more a less as I have now but a smaller share holding.
  • J
    Basically inflated the share price so we'd get less than 15 per 19.
    Lesson learnt, first time this has happened to me.
  • H
    Hugh Janus
    Tesco is the place to be ! Tech bubble and inflation don’t affect tesco at all
  • I
    Investor Lad
    Today is a great time to get some Tesco shares, only up from here :-))