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  • t
    Elon sold more than 15 billions above 1000 for the fake twitter buyout. second time he con his fanboys selling his overprice Tsla shares.
  • Z
    Tesla is undervalued.People are still thinking cars.Remember he controls the “gas”(his own charging stations),plus full autonomous will be here.Back orders for years.
  • K
    (( North Carolina is getting its first car manufacturing plant. )) <<=== March 2022
    (( Hyundai plans to build $5.5B electric vehicle plant in Georgia ))
    (( Rivian Automotive is rumored to be bringing its second manufacturing plant to Georgia ))
    (( In 2018, the Japanese automakers selected Huntsville, Alabama, ))

    The majority of US auto manufacturing is east of the Rocky Mountains.
    Tesla's Fremont plant is almost 70 years old.
    Evey car company has left California.
    The Tesla CA plant has unusually poor quality.
    Tesla moved their headquarters to Texas.
    Tesla has a brand new factory in Austin.

    Closing the Fremont plant is not out of the question.
  • K
    A,) The US economy shrunk in Q1. Europe is slowing also.
    B.) Democrats are in trouble,
    C.) Fed is tightening
    D.) Elon Musk is likely to to buy Twitter even though he wants out. He signed a deal.
    E.) The Model Y is Tesla's newest product, it's about 2 years old in the US.
    F.) The tech selloff hurts many would-be Tesla buyers.
    G.) The starting price of the Base AWD Model Y is now $62.990. ($40,000 RWD is no longer offered).
    H.) Starting two assembly plants during the "supply chain" debacle is going to be expensive.
    I.) US dollar is getting stronger - this hurts Tesla.
    J.) Tesla's bitcoin holdings (if they still own) have taken a hit

    K.) Gasoline price are soaring
    L.) Tesla has a lot of cash to weather the storm

    M.) Twitter deal is on hold.
    N.) Europe will outlaw ICEVs
    O.) New incentives for EVs will happen
    P.) EVs are taking over.
  • J
    Remember Bill Gates shorted Tesla stock !!! WOW. genius!!
  • +
    TSLA is a global company. Manufacturing in Germany. China, USA. TSLA will continue selling cars worldwide and growing in popularity. Wether Elon is Democrat or Republican, TSLA is the best EV company.
  • e
    I’m not proud of this but I thought TSLA and Elon were big stock market flukes. He’s not truthful and has been caught in many lies. But the stock soared and I caught reams of aggressive replies from fanboys. Today, is different. Bad news has followed his stock down and it’s starting to coagulate. Was Twitter his Waterloo? Maybe, but it shows what little he knows about the legal niceties of acquisitions. In fact, the legal advice he’s getting is minuscule. Taking on the SEC? Money creates power but power corrupts. It’s called “hubris.” And it means a feeling you can get away with anything. Until you can’t.
  • R
    There was a time when Tesla was well served by Elon, but that was when it was a much bigger part of his attention span and he didn't have a ton of side projects. All he's doing now is using the company as a piggy bank to fund his other ideas, and the company hasn't done anything successful since the model 3 was launched. A company this important deserves a full time, non conflicted CEO of innovation and direction will continue to suffer.
  • R
    A good investor won't wait till he gets all the money in the world a investor always start investing no matter how little the money is.
  • S
    In a bear market this stock worth about 75 dollars.
  • A
    twitter will force Musk to pay $54 per share for twitter which is the most it will ever be worth.
  • J
    If you are long on Tesla the current market slump doesn't matter. Tesla will trend down with the market, but I think 2023 will be a huge year with possible 2.5M units produced including CyberTruck... all at a HIGH margin unlike GM and Ford. With their outdated dealership profit-sharing and pension plans, the best margin GM and Ford will ever see is 10%. They literally have to sell 3X as many cars to make the same profit as Tesla. F-150 Lightening looks great, but Ford will have to sell 3X as many to match Tesla's CyberTruck profits. It may be a weird, funky vehicle, but there is big pent-up demand for the CyberTruck and if Tesla has the parts supply in 2023 they might crank out 250K units... BOOM.. that would add $5 BILLION to their bottom line! Tesla is a profit monster that is just beginning to wake up.
  • D
    Go watch an documentary on Hulu, called "Elon Musk Crash Course" that talks about Tesla reality. Many Ex-Tesla auto-pilot team left the job including many that were fired tell the reality. Many crashes that didn't go public that we didn't even know, many lies that Musk made to public weren't accurate. Tesla team made several recordings on self driving to pick the best one and so much more. Glad reality is coming out so people won't treat Musk, their God.
  • P
    New short here. $500 by mid June?
  • W
    Trading with experts is the best str for newbies and busy investors who have little or no time to monitor trade
  • R
    Wall Street/hedge funds have been successfully hammering all of Cathie's portfolios for 1 1/2 years now. Making money hand over fist. Some doubters still protest: "Oh sure Wall Street & hedge funds can triumphantly short all the other companies in Cathie's portfolios but they'll never be able to bring down the Tesla stock price because Elon's great, Tesla is the #1 global EV company, ICE companies are no competition, Tesla has a 20-year first mover advantage, yadda-yadda-yadda ....... Well, it seems Wall Street/HFs have responded with: "Hold my rapidly fattening wallet, poor Cathie." It may have been a mistake for Cathie to constantly and publicly humiliate all Wall Street analysts and hedge fund managers for years, saying Wall Street/HFs are clueless about technology, therefore she's superior and Wall Street/HFs all suck. Yet Wall Street/HFs have driven the Tesla stock price down almost -50% from its recent ATH (a number of Cathie's portfolio holdings have plummeted -70%, -80%, or even -90% over the past year). Wall Street/HFs are having a field day during this huge, ongoing bear market. Then there's the continuing global supply crunch. And Jerry has barely even begun cranking up rates and dumping bonds. Also, there's the Ukraine war that Congress desperately wants the U.S. to join, even though Russia is a major nuclear power. The House Speaker even went to Ukraine to meet with its leader, Pelosi saying something like, Whatever it takes. Inflation is now up to what, 8.5%, and a number of economists say there's now a serious risk, although of somewhat lower possibility, of a major global depression. The auto media is excitedly raving about BYD's newest EV, saying BYD hasn't really been slowed by Covid. In contrast, the auto media reports Tesla's China plant has been very heavily impacted by China's extreme Covid restrictions for months. And Elon is still heavily distracted by Twitter goings-on. Given massive trading volumes, it seems Wall Street/HFs are even further pressing their anti-Tesla/anti-Cathie bets. It's obvious that Wall Street/HFs really don't like being constantly called out by Cathie.

    OTOH, I could be completely wrong about everything.
  • N
    TSLA still valued at more than the top 10 automakers combined. Insanely over-priced!
  • D
    According to Fidelity, there are 10,000 buy orders to less than 4,000 sell orders, yet this is down $40. The market is rigged. The system has to change.
  • D
    If Musk buys Twitter for $44 billion it will result in the biggest loss on a single investment !
    No wonder Twitter board is forcing Musk to keep his agreement to buy it.
  • P
    Musk says he’s protecting free speech by having his accuser sign NDA. How is that free speech?