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  • O
    Elon’s brother sold $250 dollars per share higher. And that was less than 2 weeks ago. Who is looking smart now?
  • B
    Let’s get this show on the road. Sub $400. Sorry longs, valuation, fundamentals, and technicals always matter.
  • V
    I shorted at $900, should I cover ? I shorted all the stocks Cathie Wood buys and in 2 weeks I am wealthy.
  • H
    For people who don't understand what is happening. The FED tries to somehow defend the dollar before they are obsolete but because no one ever believed that nobody will want to buy the treasuries, the yields need to go up so somebody loads up the US debt. This means that ultra bubbles like Tesla have a heard time finding buyers because everyone is rushing to smaller bubbles since borrowing is much harder and the risk is getting much higher in ultra bubbles than it was before the yields started to rise.
  • T
    real investing is buy in when people are dumping their shares. Remember, nobody knows the REAL value of TESLA. Cathy did all the homework for us so DON'T OVERTHINK it. Enjoy the ride!
  • J
    I bought at 877 and I’m holding and added more today at 560 😎 Not selling any of my shares 🚀
  • A
    Toyota p/e is 9.08
    Tesla P/e is 934.

    I didn't forget the decimal.

    For what it's worth, Micheal Burry is also shorting TSLA since december; same guy who shorted the US housing market in 2008.

    Sorry to all longs but I wouldn't be surprised if Tesla dipped right down to $20. GLTA.
  • r
    Sooner or later the fundamentals catch up with you and this stocks fundamentals show it to be a stock worth$200 at best
    The hype is over and many new EV companies are rolling out new cars so Tesla is not the shiny new penny anymore
    I would exit while you can
  • Y
    An investment in Tesla includes:
    1. 4 EV brands (model S, model 3, model X and model Y).
    2. Solar roof.
    3. Solar panels.
    4. Cybertruck.
    5. Roadster.
    6. Semi-truck.
    7. More than 20,000 superchargers available globally. This is like adding the equivalent income from owners of gas stations such as Shell or ExxonMobil or Chevron to a car company.
    8. Home charging units installed by Tesla.
    9. The only car company with over-the-air upgrades.
    10. Auto-pilot and self-driving.
    11. Tesla Gigafactories.

    That is why Tesla's market cap has exceeded $570 billion and has reached over $800 billion. Can its market cap go higher than its present value? No one can tell. There is nothing called a no-risk investment.
  • A
    This is painful, my portfolio has been wiped 25% in a matter of a couple weeks with great stocks. Hoping for a better day on Monday, Longs. We will recover , buy when the market is fearful ! $APPL $TSLA $AVGO $AMZN $MSFT $NVDA $PYPL $SQ $BABA
  • V
    I don’t know why people are suppressed, this was 300 in September last year,no company triples in 6 months...BUBBLE
  • B
    I keep hearing about competition but Apple, amazon, Netflix, etc. have lots of competition but still growing share prices near all time highs. It’s not so easy for the competition to catch a disrupter. In fact, the rapid influx of competition the last year completely validates Tesla’s vision which everyone questioned initially. It will help speed the transition to EV which will help Tesla and create opportunities for other revenue streams. Competition is a good thing. Tesla has a huge lead and major advantages
  • K
    May 27, 2020 - Tesla cuts prices on ALL Models
    July 2, 2020 - Tesla worldwide sales fell YOY - despite the new factory in China
    July 13 2020 - Tesla cut the US price of the Model Y by $3,000

    Oct 12, 2020 - Tesla cuts the price of the Model S
    Oct 13,2020 (2 days later) - Tesla cut the price of the Model S again

    December 2020 - VW ID.3 outsold Tesla Model 3 in Europe
    December 2020 - GM mIni EV outsells Tesla Model 3 in China
    December 2020 - Tesla still dominates the US EV segment but annul US sales of the Model 3 declined by 32%

    February 2021 - Tesla cut the Japanese price of the Model 3 by 16%
    February 2021 - Tesla cut the U.S. price of the Model 3 again
    February 2021 - Tesla cut the U.S> price of the Model Y again

    February 2021 - Tesla shutdowns Fremont assembly plant
  • D
    Bitcoin is "not an investment" at best it's a gamble, it has no intrinsic value other than as a service facilitator. It's worth what it's worth because of scarcity and popularity ( mostly VIA first mover status), but scarcity of "what exactly" .. are we talking about re: Bitcoin is not unique and is extremely carbon intensive. It's not gold ie. if the gold market crashes gold still holds technical intrinsic value in manufacturing and jewellery, whereas BITCOIN WOULD BE WORTH ZERO because there are plenty of other facilitating technologies based block chain technologies that work the same. TSLA buying block chain runs counter to TSLA zero carbon pledge and looks more like a hail Mary to shore up profits as regulatory credits fade.
  • f
    Two ARK ETF, run by ETF star Cathie Wood sold over 500,000 shares of Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) shares yesterday, as the prices of those ETFs were basically flat. Each is up well over 100% in the last year. ARK Next Generation Internet ETF (NYSE: ARKW) sold 460,102 Apple shares.
  • M
    Michael Burry
    Last chance for Elon to issue more shares at 700+. Come on Elon there are some buyers now.
  • F
    My family is trying to decide if we should take a vacation this summer (pontoon boat rental / Lake Powell), or start a new EV company. We're leaning towards the pontoon trip, less crowded.
  • s
    Hi Folks, the feature is up, I have a feeling tomorrow will cross $750 for Telsa. Any Guess?
  • F
    NIO dragging TSLA up with them today. "You're welcome, Elon".
  • T
    Hey Elon, how's that bitcoin investment working out for you and your shareholders??