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Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

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    Jose S
    TSLA is 2.5x the market cap of Toyota. Toyota pulled in 71 BILLION last quarter. Let this sink in how overinflated the market cap is for Tesla....
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    Great Q2, great run for the last 4-5 quarters, years ahead of any kind of competition, new Giga´s on their way, forward P/E down from app. 1200 a year ago to now 120-ish, the S-curve has just begun, and still, some people do not get it? It´s the Apple/Amazon/Facebook/Google of the future. Personally I cope with 1-2 years of consolidation, while earnings grow and the P/E normalizes. I guess I´ll be a wealthy smiling senior citizen in 5-10 years time. I´m not long to get 3-5-10% fluc´s...couldn´t care less.
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    with Fremont and China running efficiently the EPS is $6/share going forward for the year. With Berlin and Texas lets say $15/share. How does that justify the $670/share price??
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    Tesla net income was 11%! Insane. Now think about 20% of their revenue coming in from Energy and Services, neither of which are profitable. Now add in the fact that their regulatory credit income was down by 35%, and they again paid Musk another $200M in compensation. Boom, their profits would have been even higher. The bear arguments about credits being their only profit: gone. Bitcoin: gone. Losing money: gone Not making any profit on Model 3: nope. Chip shortage??? Trailing PE has gone from 1,000 to 345, will be about half after next quarter. Forward price/earnings should be around 60. To the moon!

    Note there are no bears posting after hours: : )
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    Lots of put action at $600 and $550. Maybe Burry was right. couldn't imagine holding a $545 million short position.
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    Mr. Mango To You
    Tesla trades at 122X forward earnings, whereas the average S&P company trades at 22X forward earnings. Tesla 5X overpriced. Tesla P/E is in the 650 range. Other automakers are in the 10-20 range and big tech in the 35-50 range. Tesla is 13X overpriced by this metric. No matter what they report tonight, where is the short-term upside?
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    King of Tech
    Not sure how the market will react to the earnings, but I think all the Longs who plan on holding are happy. This Q wasn't even supposed to be a good Q. Lots of great news. I'm going to be buying any weakness.
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    MY goodness... SOmebody needs to take the microphone away from Musk on the conf. call. He is single handedly dropping the stock price. Excuses and pessimism... Can't say one good thing about the spectacular quarter they had...
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    The Real Blake
    Six months ago today -- selling for $882.

    The trend for the last six months has been down or flat, only recently picking up just a bit.

    Looks to me like its ready for a sell.

    China growth will be flat to down. Xi will never allow a US company to dominate that market.

    Europe growth will be flat to down. VW and others a performing better there.

    US growth will be flat to down. The competition, GM, Ford, VW, and others, will be coming hard starting next year.

    EV credits are going to zero.

    Where is the upside? The current price implies a doubling of sales ever year for the next 10 years.
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    Mr. Mango To You
    Too funny! Yahoo has videos posted today of Tesla FSD mistaking the moon, a billboard and a Burger King sign for stop signs! Egads.
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    TSLA beat top and bottom line by big margins!
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    FSD as a subscription $200/mo
    Premium connectivity subscription
    Opening up Super Chargers to all increased charging revenue
    Mega Pacs will double in q3
    1000 Solar roofs per week. Wow
    2 or 3,000 Powerwalls / week
    PowerWalls as a grid (see CA beta test)
    Insurance is coming
    Berlin this year
    Austin this year
    CyberTruck late 2021 early 2022
    Semi truck 2022
    Model 2 unveiling later this year
    4680’s proven and in production soon
    SuperCharging factory up n running making 10,000 stalls per year
    Current Gross Margin 27% that’s with little to no S or X production.
    New record number of cars produced and sold with 1,000,000 in 2021 a possibility. I’m buying more on every dip. If you still think Tesla is overvalued then I guess your a hopeless insignificant Fly on Teslas gravy train.
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    Fred E
    My small position in TSLA is worth more than my large position in XOM. I will check back in ten years. Good luck to all longs!
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    "Tesla will have over 1 million robotaxis on the road next year"
    -Elon Musk, 22 Apr 2019

    Days elapsed: 826
    Days late: 207

    Robotaxis on the road: 0 (0% of target)

    Robotaxis missing: >1,000,000
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    Only 200,000 vehicles and a tiny profit adjusted for regulatory credits . Volkswagen sells 4,000,000 unit per quarter. It's not clear why market cap is nearly $700B.
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    tomorrow is the day.. tsla better make .98 cents a share and count any losses from Bitcoin like the gains were counted.
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    Just bought 50 more shares.. this will be a great next 2 weeks for tesla. $800 by september.
  • j
    CNBC thinks the 23 million impairment charge deserves a headline. Paragraph 8 they mention 1.14 billion in income.
  • s
    Tesla is going to be ruined.Because I bought this stock...All my stocks are -60%...sorry