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    TSMC 21Q1 is Record Breaking Quarterly Revenue, NT$362.41B (US$12.87B).
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    For all thinking about buying in before earnings next Thursday. They will report their monthly sales figures tomorrow which should move the stock more than what earnings will. Check out umc who has yet to post their earnings and who just released their march sales numbers.
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    Excellent work, TSMC!
    New record high Q1.
    New record high March Revenue.

    Expecting new high $$$ stock price.
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    I know stocks go up and down etc. but this stock could not go up more than 6% on huge news, 100B investing. If that could not lift the stock at least 10% what else can get this stock up. Earning news good or bad, will sink this stock down further because I know stocks go opposite to what people think, everyone is thinking this will go to the sky after earning but we will see.
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    People are wondering why the price is down. Here are some information for you to consider-make you own judgement: One possible reason for price down a little might be ADR is overpriced a little bit than its TW share, plus exchange rate TW-US is weaker. TSM share price in TW rises to NTD610. Some people said earning would be flat for next 4 years--while, currently TSM removed discount for long term clients--means more earnings-profits; AZ factories will soon add capacity and it would be mature 5NM or less production lines not experimental ones as others. Don't forget TSM has factories in mainland China too, for low end market. TSM only accepts noncanceable orders to avoid double orders, so the order volumn is real. About invasion-unless BJ wants to suicide you won't see it but you will hear a lot of noise or even small conflicts among BJ-JP-TW-Southeast Asian Countries before 2022. That is quite simple, to ensure someone to get the third term as "exernal environment demands". If you hold a large position on this stock, try to get information from mulitiple channels. If you are scared try to use some option hedging. Hope all of you make fortune, but not on others member's costs. I hold long position on TSM, INTEL and APPLE, and will hold really really long till retirement. Good lucks!
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    All you crybaby market timers just sell your shares already. Who else can compete with that 100 billion dollar investment. Besides food and water, semi conductors will be THE most valuable product to the world within the next few years. No one will be able to compete with TSM. They are setting themselves up for controlling the future, a smart move. Intel investing 10 billion dollars is a good thing but they'll never be able to catch up to the technology of TSM. Even if bitcoin or the ren takeover the dollar. TSM will have their product in just about everything that moves or has some intelligents. If China takes over Taiwan guess what, all that does is more than doubles their market for what they have right now with the rest of the world. TSM is in a unique situation like no other stock ever. Technology stocks may take a big hit but overall it's not going to affect TSM. Quit your crying sell your shares. this is a company that actually makes a product and has legitimate profits with no downside in sales in the near future. I'm just gonna keep on buying at these low prices no matter what price it fluctuates at.
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    Real M
    WOW! That's an aggressive move. TSMC is going to have a huge impact on the semiconductor world.

    TSMC to Spend $100 Billion Over Three Years to Grow Capacity

    (Bloomberg) -- Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. plans to spend $100 billion over the next three years to expand its chip fabrication capacity, a staggering financial commitment to address booming demand for new technologies.

    TSMC, the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced semiconductors, already planned a record capital expenditure of as much as $28 billion this year, but recent trends and developments have pushed for even more capacity. Now at the center of a global chip supply crunch, Taiwan’s biggest company has pledged to work with customers across industries to overcome a deluge of demand.
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    No worry - down on low volume. Good time to accumulate shares. TSMC is a long long-term play IMHO and was in when it was around $20+. Think so many people work their hearts out there day and night and pouring so much $$ - that's the confidence and dedication we can trust them on and stay on their side, supported by their good track records. So patience, patience, ...
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    Does anyone know why TSM is down today ? Majority of the responses from this board are bullish on TSM. I am also bullish mainly due to the most recent accountment of the $100 B expansion. I understand yesterday is a profit taking. What happen today ? Is it down because of the drought/water supply issue reported in Taiwan ?
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    False negative news that dragged down shares?

    News from Digitimes, Wednesday 7 April 2021:

    "Despite recent speculation about decreasing demand from Apple for semiconductor manufacturing services, the latest news from the supply chain has indicated TSMC will start shipping chips for the next-generation iPhones by the end of May ahead of schedule, with the foundry set to see major increases in output from its advanced processes. The Taiwanese foundry has also recently obtained rush orders from Qualcomm for making the US client's high-end 5G chips. For wireless connectivity, Digitimes recently interviewed Ignion CEO Carles Puente to learn more about the company's Virtual Antenna - a small off-the-shelf antenna booster that he says simplies the design of devices and shorten their time-to-market.

    TSMC to kick off production for new iPhone chips ahead of schedule: TSMC will kick off volume shipments for Apple's next-generation iPhone processor dubbed A15 at the end of May ahead of schedule, according to industry sources.

    TSMC lands rush 5G chip orders from Qualcomm: TSMC and Qualcomm reportedly are moving to further cement their ties, with the pure-play foundry agreeing to fabricate a batch of rush orders of high-end 5G chips for the US chipmaker, according to industry sources."
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    tsm is about to have a blowout earnings report
    yippee, im in at 120
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    The earning will be historical high, the forecast will be crazy high, the growth will be historical high, everything will be 100000% high.. yet the stock will go down.. write that is down.
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    ER coming soon, fairly sure a strong quarter and strong guidance are in the cards.
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    From my understanding Taiwan is not selling semiconductors to China right now because of the US sanctions. Taiwan needs parts and machinery that are made in the US and other non Chinese companies in Europe. these are used to mfg the semiconductors. For this reason Taiwan is honouring the sanctions against China. China is in dire need of the Taiwanese technology for the advanced chips. With the chip shortage there was no shortage of other world companies willing to absorb the capacity for the Chinese vacancy. If China took over Taiwan I am sure that they would begin selling TSM chips to China again. At the same time I don't think the Chinese are going to want to lose the rest of the world as a market. TSM would likely have to invest another 100 billion plus, in China to meet the Chinese needs for advanced chips. There will definitely be some interruption But over time TSM will be supplying both. Now this is all my rational conjecture if by slim chance China decides to actually execute the take over and win. Probably not! The world needs TSM and it is doubtful that the world will allow China to take over. If they do eventually your kids may be learning Mandarin as a required second language. if that is the case
    "circle around" to sinerio #1 above. If a takeover does happen not only will TSM stock drop but the entire market will tank for a while. If my logic is incorrect somebody straighten me out. I just wish government leaders would stop doing the wrong things for supposedly the right reasons. Great success to everyone!
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    Renesas fire is much worse now after a full review....., the minister is calling tsmc and umc for a hand, don't quite expect xmas toyotathon yet!
    good news is $100B capex includes 2 gigafactories capable of 2nm process.
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    keep buying at 120s. now to 130s
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    Intel: yeah we are going to invest 20 billion to compete with TSM. TSM: hahahahah 20 bil? let's invest 100bil just cause we can, who is Intel? LOL!!
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    From Digtimes, and considering that 5G is just starting to ramp up, I can foresee the day where we exceed 2 trillion semi's as more and more connected devices come on line!

    Semiconductor units forecast to exceed 1 trillion devices in 2021
    Total semiconductor shipments including shipments of ICs as well as optoelectronics, sensor/actuator and discrete (O-S-D) devices are forecast to rise 13% to a record high of 1.135 trillion units in 2021, according to IC Insights. It would mark the third time that semiconductor units have surpassed one trillion units in a calendar year - the first time being in 2018.
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    Any predictions about the share price 1 and 3 years from now? 200usd and 1000 usd IMO