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  • C
    How nice of JPM to downgrade TTE to Neutral right on the ex-dividend date.
  • D
    Total earned $1.27 in Q2 versus an "average analysts estimate" of $1.11. How is it the average analyst can look at Total's Q1 profit of $1.10, consider that oil prices went from $60/barrel in Q1 to $69/barrel in Q2, and estimate that Total's earnings will only increase from $1.10 to $1.11? I realize that Total "beat" the estimate, but who on earth believes these "estimates" any more? I can see where Total management might want to "low-ball" estimates in conversations with analysts, but why can't these analysts exercise an ounce of mental independence and do a little thinking for themselves?
  • C
    Just received my fist dividend. Is it normal for the company to withhold so much? Received a dividend of $73 and had over $20 with drawn. Is this normal? Thanks
  • R
    My question. If the price accrued keeps going up why is this stock keep going down? I'm not asking it as a joke or a conversation. I'm curious if that is a standard reaction for stocks like total Exxon Chevron etc?
  • L
    Sorry for the newbie question.. but what difference does it make to buy this stock on the NSE instead of the Paris stock market? Thanks and GLTA
  • N
    Total performed so well even with the crisis in Mozambique. Imagine how much better the business will be after Mozambique crisis end!!
  • A
    Will there be a market for oil in 20 years? Yes. Will it be as big as it was? No.
    Total will be riding the wave to renewables, while still profiting from oil and gas with higher margins. It has a skilled management, a strong balance sheet and the company is trading very cheaply.
    I will collect the 10% divi and hold for the future.
  • A
    Welcome on board for the oil recovery flight. This is the start of the recovery over the next months. Thanks Pfizer. $XOM $BP $RDS.A $CVX
  • M
    best oil company, great outlook ... bullish ... added it to my portfolio and keep day trading too
  • m
    Does France tax Total Dividends paid to US investors?
  • P
    Just bought. Was lucky to sell in December; back in today. Not so lucky on my other oil positions, though.
  • j
    Wall Street Journal...3 separate, credible journalists on TotalEnergies state:
    1) Dutch court order/set precedent for other suits..with implications for Total, legal experts say
    2) ..suit seeks to force TotalEnergies to immediately cease exploration/cut emissions by reducing oil production by 37% by 2030
    Company HQ in France, ruled by French courts that are way more liberal vs. Dutch & 100% more anti-business...

    WSJ outlined a litany of other landmines...does this give anyone the slightest???
  • I
    FP Total dividend received 9th Oct 2020 - #$%$0.48 per share ?
  • D
    Haven't considered the Q4 results yet but this company is incredibly well run and I'm pleased I bought it even though I pay tax on the dividend. They realised oil at $44/barrel compared to BP and XOM at $38.
  • A
    Total the best balance sheet between oil companies
  • b
    this stock makes sad. they really bring so many good news and I think they have a very good strategy. Let's hope they rise again.....
  • j
    TTE is a monster of a company. I had never heard of TTE, until I bought shares of SPWR. It looks like a matter of time before TTE is majority of SPWR (if not already).
  • E
    What's going on? Q1 results of $1.10 per share beats $0.86 estimate handily. Oil prices maintain strength. September dividend confirmed. Why the weakness?
  • S
    VTNR earnings on 10th.
  • A
    Anyone know why Yahoo and others show the dividend payout as "0.22%" right now? I assume this has something to do with the payment schedule?