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Tuesday Morning Corporation (TUEM)

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0.5700-0.0251 (-4.22%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
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  • J
    Will TUEM make it or not? I thought the new leaders were supposed to be really experienced and good.
  • L
    Quarterly results are coming on Thursday.
  • w
    just too much debt. nobody can buy it maybe convert the debt to common would help but someone would have to infuse more cash doesn’t make sense given supply chain issues. go in the stores look at inventory. they’ve had the worst luck
  • B
    Definition of Lost Cause: See Tuesday Morning.
  • B
    The Life Alert "I've fallen and I can't get up!" award goes to ...

    (drumroll please)

    Tuesday Morning (TUEM)
  • L
    Look at all the people trying to buy at $1.

    The trend is down.

    The recent buyers are weak hands. They will jump ship quick. The s.p. Will continue down with them pushing it lower.

    What's needed is a high volume capitulation to achieve a bottom.
  • J
    TUEM on the precipice of falling below $1.00.
  • A
    missed estimates not the story here
    march was ahead of expectations
    ,more liquidity
    not going bk
    enough liquidity for foreseeable future
    all this adds up to the 6mm shorts have to think it aint going to zero
    at least 1.25 here!
    rally still in play
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    If they give an award for MOST OVER-VALUED companies, Tuesday Morning would have to be a top contender- hoping for one more good dead-cat bounce before liquidation.
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    ok raise the bid
    the great dragon awakes!
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    a real boomerang,snap back, a real possibility tomorrow
    slingshot city
    realistically im looking for 1.25 fairly easily
    this stock has been withering on the vine
    new life
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    back in after long absence
    if they get a no surprise report and guidance
    1.00 stock easy
    probably 1.25
  • A
    i think we get good nos.
    new company
    a new stronger tuesday morning
    dont forget
    this is a new version
  • T
    @Twitter ATTENTION ALERT WE GOT A CHANCE TO MAKE THIS STOCK RUN 26% SHORT INTEREST 0.91 cent stock price a little volume what a run we can get BUY BUY BUY TUEM TUEM
  • A
    the final puking of shares b4 the dawn of a gigantic short covering rally!
  • A
    could be sitting at 2 tomorrow afte earnings
    how bad can earnings be
    relief rally over 1.25 the worst
  • A
    we gotta light a fire
    undrneath this stock
    give me the lighter
  • G
    Just bought at $0.21 for the following reasons

    1. They will turn at least $50 million of inventory into cash over the summer as they close stores.

    2. The store closings don't need a discounted sale. They can just move the already discounted merchandise to their other stores.

    3. Comp store sales are running 10% above last year.

    4. Pier 1, a competitor is closing its stores.

    5. sufficient liquidity for now with the DIP financing and lower inventory

    6. They will be able to negotiate store rents down. They are purposely holding off in naming their second wave of closings to see what they can get in the negotiations.

    7. Still should be at least $125 million in tangible net worth, probably closer to $150 million. Granted some of that is worthless FF&E but there is real estate too.

    8. They have real estate worth at least $50 million which they will borrow another $25 million against.
    All the above gives them time and a real shot at emerging as a viable company. If it doesn't work, they can keep closing stores and still have a surplus.
  • S
    Went to a TM store the other day and reviewing the items the 2.8 inventory turn Becker talked about is very apparent. Yes there was some current product (August 2018) and some in the couple previous months, but overall, much of the product has been there for many months thus the average of 4.3 months in the store/company wide is apparent. With that low of an average, many of the items have bene in the store for months. Becker always talks about cost and improvements within their distribution operations. However the experts he brought in, and him, seem to not comprehend the basics and compare TM to other companies and logistics. Simply put, with 2.8 inventory turns, speed of delivery to a store is not paramount, thus if the item arrives this week or next week, it makes zero difference in sales and turns. Tm opened a DC in Phoenix and was supposed to delivery $10 M in savings, but seems to have cost an additional $10 M due to many issues. Tm has added many pool delivery points, basically sending 8 to 12 (or so) 15 stores on a truck to one point, unloaded, and delivered to the stores vs three stop truckloads. Yes the stores have weekly deliveries but it nearly doubles the landed transportation costs to the stores and has made zero difference in sales and inventory turns. If the average item, other than specific sale date items, arrives this week or next week, it still is in the store 4.3 months. Thus faster delivery only increases costs with no benefits. Since Tm sold their main receiving buildings 1/2 mile form their production areas and now use a facility near the airport about 15 miles away to unload a lot of product and reship Becker and his experts may have sealed the fate of TM and not be able to reverse the financial distribution disasters they have implemented. They can do away with the pool shipments to save some money, but can they close Phoenix (Farmers Branch if run properly has the capacity for the 730 stores), but receiving so far away will not be an easy reverse. TM will be talking about cost control and "measures" for the next several calls, but with no results.